Baby #2: 40 Weeks Pregnant.. You're late!

40 weeks pregnant, 40 weeks, 40 week bump,

I'd felt so sure that I wasn't going to get to this update, I really thought he'd have arrived by now. That's just shows you what I know! Though even the midwife was sure that I wouldn't go over, but here I am at 40+2 weeks, the same amount of time I was pregnant with Ethan, he came at 20:04 at 40+2, but I think his little brother is going to make us wait a little longer. He wants to make more of an entrance I guess. He's keeping us waiting and I'm beginning to climb the walls (yes even at only two days overdue!), but I just know that the wait will be so worth it. It's funny because even though I am only two days over at the moment, it feels like it's been forever and that for the first time in years time has for once slowed right down. I always think that I want time to go slower, but the wait and anticipation is driving me just a little crazy! It's also the not knowing how much longer I will be waiting for.. will it be tonight? Tomorrow? Or two weeks from now? (please no - I really hope not!)

My stomach feels like it's really starting to feel big now and that scares me, Ethan was 9lb 9oz and I would really like this little guy not to be any bigger. But I know that what will be will be - just like whenever he decides to make an appearance. 

I've been having so many of the end of pregnancy signs that you'd expect this week. Today I woke up with serious period-like cramps and a horrible feeling of nausea, I then started to get some braxton hicks and shooting pains down there. I was so sure it would be today, but then everything trailed off and just completely vanished.. my body is such a tease!

Adam and I are waking up everyday at the moment thinking that perhaps today will be the day, but really there's just no way of telling! I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow afternoon, one both my midwife and I thought that I'd never make it to. In fact we laughed together about how unlikely it was.. but it looks as if I will in fact be making it. She said that at 41 weeks they offer a stretch and sweep (I think it's called?), so I don't know if she will be able to offer me anything tomorrow as I'll only be 40+3, but hopefully she can help somehow! 

My fingers are firmly crossed that this will be last bump update I write and share with you. before I have my littlest boy in my arms. But I sort of don't want to curse myself by saying that! ;)..  

Come on little guy! We're so looking forward to meeting you and becoming a family of four!

40 weeks, 40+2, 40 weeks pregnant

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  1. Oh gosh, it's horrible waiting isn't it! I must admit, I never reached full term, I was induced at 39 weeks (I had gestational diabetes and they were worried Squidge would be a big baby - he was 6lb 9oz :P) - you're looking amazing with it though :D I hope he makes an appearance soon for you - can't wait for your next update :D

    Mummy Pixie

  2. I have my fingers crossed that baby will make an appearance soon! Thinking of you x

  3. I'm wishing you all the best. Two little boys. So exciting!!

  4. Ooo that wee monkey baby! You are right though, he'll come when he is ready to come and it is always worth the wait. Hope he doesn't keep you waiting much longer though.

  5. I hope baby boy doesn't keep you waiting much longer! Good luck for when the time comes!

    Emma x

  6. I went into labour on my due date so don't know what it feels like to go overdue, must be very frustrating though. It's the not knowing that gets to me haha, but hopefully it isn't much longer! Xx

  7. I am 39+5 weeks pregnant and can't wait to see my little one too! So worried about giving birth though... You can check out our family on http://www.mylifemypassion.co.uk/

  8. Everything crossed that your little one makes an appearance soon Alex xx

  9. Come on baby boy! Best of luck when he does make an appearance!xx

  10. Good luck Alex! It can't be too much longer and I hope for your sake it isn't xx

  11. I went overdue twice too and i was so frustrated xx