How it started..

Adam and I met at school and started dating when we were just 14. At 23 we got married in the most beautiful setting in bright sunshine overlooking three lakes surrounded by our family and friends. Around two or so weeks before that day we had found out the best news - we were expecting our first child together and as you can imagine, life felt pretty amazing - I felt at my most content and most happiest and so I started a blog as a way to capture those happy emotions and moments.

Ethan was born in 2013 and then his little brother and our second Son, Logan was born in June 2015. I've continued writing and capturing moments in my life through this blog and also through video now too, because I don't want to forget the everyday moments that make up our memories as a family. And because I've discovered such a lovely online community that I may not otherwise have ever been able to connect with through doing this too.

Our family..


I'm a vegetarian, a crazy cat lady and I feel passionately about animal welfare. My other passions and hobbies include british history (especially anything Tudor related), cuddling cats, taking photos and making videos and generally just exploring (be that via holidays and travel or just general everyday days out, I love finding new places and getting lost in the moment!). I love going to comic cons and I enjoy building Lego! 

My Husband is one of those people who is really good at anything that he puts his hands to. Back in 2012 he combined his creative spark and his Lego interest and created his own business Demonhunter Bricks - he creates and sells his own custom lego lightsabers after watching and then becoming slightly obsessed with the Star Wars films. Adam works from home like I do, which is amazing as we get to see a lot of eachother whilst both working on things that we love to do.  He's an incredible Dad to our boys and the absolute best Husband to me! 

Ethan who is 10, loves anything to do with Lego, Minecraft, Pokemon, Zelda & Mario at the moment. He loves days out, theme parks, Lord of the Rings, holidays and cats!

Logan is 8 and loves all things Super Mario, Minecraft, Pokemon and Lego (like his brother)! 

Plus our cats!

Some favourite family photos from over the years..



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