Baby #2: 26 Weeks Pregnant.. You're so Active!

I'm currently 26+5 days pregnant and boy do I feel this little boy moving around! He's an active little man that's for sure. Perhaps he can hear his big brother being a cheeky little monkey on the outside and has decided he wants to be in on the fun too?! Whatever it is he's a busy little bee and likes to make and keep himself known. I've noticed that he's a bit more active at night than I remember Ethan being - I hope that isn't a sign of things to come! ;) Perhaps this baby is more active at night as that's quite honestly sometimes the only chance I get to sit down and really feel and notice the movements?!

26 weeks pregnant,

My back is still the same, though I'm sort of getting used to being in pain with it daily again and learning my limits. I'm also learning how to manage the exhaustion - I know a glass of orange juice and a little food, even if I've just eaten, will pretty much instantly make me feel a little better. I'm not quite sure what it is about orange juice, but I'm pretty addicted to it during pregnancy!

My stomach feels huge lately and it's very very obvious that I'm pregnant. My belly button is sticking right out -  I always say that it looks like a mini satellite for the bump, it's so obviously big! I do have stretch marks - in fact I have quite a few, I can't really tell if they've got any worse this time around, as I had a lot still there from growing Ethan. I'm not going to pretend that I'm completely okay with how ruined my once flat, non stretch-marked stomach is, but if I'm totally honest being a Mum is completely worth every stretch mark, every vein (of which I seem to be covered in) and even having a belly button the size of a small mountain. So it's just not something I dwell over. 



  1. I have to laugh about your belly button, so cute how you wrote about it :)

  2. This baby is active of a night too....eeek!!! lol.

    You're really blooming now!! So lovely xx

  3. Can't believe how quickly your pregnancy seems to be going?! Hope your back is doing ok. My sister also has scoliosis and I know how much her back hurts her sometimes.Ah how i sometimes long to have my flat stomach back again- but then I look at my little boy and think it's so worth it! xx