Baby #2: 35 Weeks Pregnant.. You are Engaged and Mama's Shattered!

Just like at 34 weeks pregnant, I've been feeling lightening and pressure again this week from where baby is potentially laying on a nerve and/or pushing his head down. It tends to happen mostly when I'm up and about and it always serves as a reminder to me that I'm really not too far off of the end of this pregnancy now. 

Thinking about reaching the end makes me a little sad, as much as my body is truly and honestly ready for a break. This could be my last pregnancy (though that's not decided) and although it's been utterly exhausting mostly due to the fact that I have his two year old brother to run around after daily, I sort of want to hold on to these last few weeks and enjoy my last moments of having a bump and feeling my Son wriggle and move about, because once he's out, he's out. 

I'm pretty sure that I felt my first braxton hicks a few days ago.. I was having time of the month type cramps in my stomach and then around ten minutes later, the pain sort of intensified and my stomach tightened. This happened a few times and at the time it did strike me that it could have been the beginning of an early labour, but just as I thought they would.. the lightening's quickly faded away.

I feel like it's all I ever seem to say lately.. but I really am utterly exhausted. I only work two days in my regular job (Monday and Friday) and then I run my blog the other days of the week and at the weekend. I was due to finish my regular job on the 5th June and was then going to take annual leave up until the 22nd (my due date) which is when I'll start my maternity leave from. But I can't quite seem to keep up with life at the moment - I'm really not very with it. Which is the main reason my blog posts may have appeared to have slowed down a bit. So I've decided to finish a little earlier at work, just to cut down on the amount of things I have filling my weeks up at the moment. 

I'm feeling so much better, asides from being tired this week. My sinus infection has cleared up and it feels amazing to be able to breathe properly again! Sadly, I seem to have passed my germs on to Ethan and whilst he did have a rough few days this week - he too seems to be on the mend!

I've just literally finished receiving the last few bits and pieces for my hospital bag, so next on the list is getting it all packed. I'll be filming a video and writing a blog post about what I'm packing, so if you're interested to know what I'm taking with me, be sure to keep an eye out for that. :)

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  1. Great that you're finishing work a bit earlier, it must be exhausting with the pregnancy, blog and Ethan to run around after too. I think the extra time will do you loads of good!
    Get that hospital bag packed though, you never know when he might make an appearance! ;) xx

  2. I totally understand what you mean about work, blogging and looking after a toddler - it's exhausting! Glad you've finished and have a bit more time to relax :) xx

  3. I'm a stay at home mom and have a little one to run after myself and it exhausts me. Just imagining having to go to work and do everything else ... tires me out. I sincerely admire your strength at keeping up with everything. It sounds like it's about time to get that hospital bag packed, you never know when those Braxton Hicks turn into the real deal!

  4. Wow, I cannot believe that you're already 35 weeks! I remember you announcing as if it was yesterday! You look fabulous Alex, it's almost time to meet your baby boy :) x

  5. Oh bless you, it really will be time so soon won't it? Crazy how fast the time flies. And I'm sorry that you are feeling so rubbish. I know that I felt ace all the way to the end with BB, and then felt crumby at the end with BG and was a total misery guts because I was just so uncomfortable and so exhausted. But that little man will be here before you know it, and it will all feel like a distant memory. x

  6. As of today I'm 30 weeks and I definitely love feeling those little movements from my little girl. I can also tell that I've been feeling more tired on some days then others. Keep up the good work! Time is passing by quickly that your new little baby will be here in no time.

  7. Eeeeee, getting close now!! I can't wait to be nearing the end. So exciting! x