Why My Views On Going On Holiday Have Changed

I'd never been one for holidays, I wasn't bothered about going on them and could quite easily take them or leave them. I'd always been such a homely sort of person, I still am actually. But things have changed since becoming a parent and now I really do see the value in family holidays. I finally get why people save so hard all year for them and why they count the months and days down until the night before arrives. Life can be routinely and holidays give us something that changes up that feeling. As parents they also give us an opportunity to experience new and exciting things with our children, they give us the opportunity to see our childrens faces light up. They give us a break from the cooking, the cleaning and all of the other chores that, as parents, there never seems to be enough time in the day or week for. 

During the past two years, we've been on a few little holidays including one abroad to Greece. I've watched Ethan wake up excited every single day whilst we've been on them, eager to explore what's next, or even do some more of the same like spend all day with Mummy and Daddy in the swimming pool. We've recorded video memories from all but one of our little holidays since Ethan was born and we've all watched them back countless amounts of time - Ethan especially so. He loves to sit and watch our holidays back, his face lights up everytime and as each video ends, he'll signal me over to put it back on or to press play on the next one.

Though, I know that I'll always be a homely sort of person, my views on going on holiday really have changed so much and it's for all of these reasons. Family time really is the most important time -  it's what we all work for. Getting through each work day and then getting to be together is what makes it all worth it. The time goes by so quickly though and a few hours in the evening can sometimes feel almost like just minutes, which is why holidays, for families, or at least for me, now feel so important. 

And as much as sometimes they may seem like it, holidays don't need to be super expensive, there are so many choices and packages out there these days for cheap holidays which means we get all the same experience and family time without breaking the bank! From experience, I find sites like First Choice offer a great choice and even have a top ten list of places to go with the family over on their site, which I personally find really helpful. A few years ago, I never thought I'd say this with such excitement myself, but I often find myself on there having a browse trying to find some inspiration for what might just be our next family holiday! 


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  1. I have always been a holiday person and perhaps this is because I grew up travelling the world with my parents. So I do think, if you can, it is important to enjoy family holidays whether they are abroad or in the UK. It's amazing for children to see different places, enjoy different foods and learn about different cultures.