Baby #2: 29 Weeks Pregnant.. Increased Toilet Trips!

29 weeks pregnant, third trimester, 29 weeks

I am well in to my 29th week of pregnancy by now and have to say that this is the week that I've noticed a rather big increase in the amount of times I am rushing to the bathroom..This growing baby is putting quite a bit of pressure on my bladder! Sometimes I feel like I might as well just move my bed in to the bathroom!

Baby has been moving lots and lots as usual.. I can feel every single movement and I sometimes think that he's a lot more active than I remember Ethan being. As I've said previously, baby #2's movements can be very strong and extremely vigorous and sometimes they startle me when I'm sitting down or laying in bed. Sometimes they even hurt a little, but I don't like to complain as I feel lucky every single time I feel my little guy moving about. There's nothing worse than not feeling him move for a few hours and having a little panic that something could be wrong, when really he's just asleep. So I'd much rather feel those kicks (and punches) than not feel anything. 

Space sort of seems to be running out inside my stomach now, though I know I've still got ten weeks to go and baby has therefore somehow got ten more weeks of growing to do. I find the evenings after eating dinner the most uncomfortable time of the day, when everything starts to feel a little cramped right up by my ribs. But on the whole I really really do love having a bump and being pregnant, I feel so proud of my bump and I love that it's now proudly on display for the world to see. I love when people comment on my growing stomach and ask me what sex I'm having and when he's due. 

One thing I really am disliking is the fact that my breasts are (still) growing. I've always loved having not very much there.. not very much works for me.. big breasts do not.. not at all! I can't wait to go back to how I once was and how I prefer to be! 

But asides from that.. I am so happy to be a few days away from being 30 weeks pregnant. Even though 30 weeks seems so far gone to me and I don't quite know how it's come up so quickly! I remember so clearly taking the pregnancy test and planning the meal out to surprise Adam with our special news. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy seems to have gone so far. I will really miss being pregnant when the times comes to meet my little guy but I also cannot wait to finally get to see him.. I feel so ready for newborn cuddles again. 

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  1. OMG LOL Even after delivering 6 babies, I actually still experience those times even when not pregnant! All I can say is I really do advise you to do those pelvic floor exercises afterwards!! I wish I had done!

  2. I can't believe you're 29 weeks already Alex! It really does seem to have gone so fast! x

    Abigail Bryony | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  3. Ah I miss being pregnant (mine are 3 and 1 now). I especially remember the uncomfortableness of the evenings after dinner :( I had SPD around 29 weeks with my second. A couple of weeks I would not like to repeat!

  4. Enjoy your last 10 weeks of pregnancy :-) You must be so excited!

    Laura @ http://www.firsttwothenblue.com

  5. Ahhhh 10 weeks to go! How exciting! Try and get in as much rest as you can. I'm with you on the breasts issue lol!! Glad to report they've gone back down although they didn't get very big to begin with haha!!


  6. Time is really flying, really on the count down now :). I remember that full feeling last time, hope it goes for you soon! Xx

  7. I hated the stage of more toilet trips. It was so uncomfortable and controlled my daily life.

  8. I miss my bump with both my girls! I can't wait to fall pregnant again *next year hopefully*


  9. Feeling baby kicks is the best part of pregnancy, i miss feeling them and my bump now my son is seven months xx

  10. Lol. Totally get the "getting a little cramped in there" comment! I'm nearly 33 weeks and can't possibly see how there's still 7 weeks of growing to do! Exciting times though, and you're looking really well!

  11. I love reading your weekly updates and seeing your bump grow :) It reminds me of things I'd forgotten I experienced when I was expecting Little One. I remember the nightly toilet trips- I remember seriously considering sleeping in the bathroom in one of my crazy moments... How are you 29 weeks?! It seems to be flying by! Bring on 30 weeks- only 10 weeks to go till you meet your new little man then! xx

  12. Wow, is it 29 weeks already, where does the time go? You are looking so well! Not long to go now...

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches