Baby #2: 39 Weeks.. Feeling Pressure and So Ready!

I'm sitting here writing this update at 6am and at 39+3 weeks pregnant (Due Monday 22nd), I woke up at 5am today, I couldn't sleep. It's so hot outside and I'm feeling warmer from being so pregnant. I have had a constant ache in the bottom of my back for a couple of days now and am feeling so much pressure down below. For the past couple of days I've not been able to do much, asides from lay on the sofa. I'm feeling pretty rough and even nauseous and I wonder if this is my body's way of saying 'Slow down and conserve your energy for labour'. I keep hoping each day that today will be the day as I really do feel so ready to cross the finish line now a
nd meet my little boy. 

I had an appointment with my midwife on Tuesday and she told me that doesn't think I've got long left. She also said she doesn't think I'll go over my due date, but I know that it's impossible to tell so I'm trying not to hang on to her words too much. She booked me an appointment for next Thursday but I hope to be able to cancel it, due to having my little guy in my arms already.

I can't stop googling my end-of-pregnancy symptoms, I'm sure this is something most expectant Mums do at the very last stage of their pregnancies. There's just such a mix of impatience, uncomfortableness and willing of the baby to come. I lost my plug a week ago today and since then I've felt more and more symptoms, but am yet to have any real contractions. In fact - my braxton hicks have even slowed right down. Baby is still as active as ever and every time he moves, it almost feels like my stomach is tightening as he feels that big now. I think the lower back pain in my tailbone is coming from his head being so low and him perhaps leaning on some nerves down there.

I'm still as excited as ever and feel as prepared as I ever will be to become a Mum of two. I just hope my little sweetheart doesn't keep me waiting much longer. Daddy, Ethan and I are all so ready to meet you now little guy! My 39 week bump update with Ethan: 39 Weeks: How close?!

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  1. Ah so close now! So exciting :) xx

  2. Oh I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you aren't waiting too much longer... it doesn't sound like you will be. Rest up, good luck and I can't wait to hear the news he's arrived! x

  3. Oh my word you look AMAZING!! And it sounds like you'll have your second baby by this time next week. I have two girls but if I'd had a boy first I'd have hoped for another boy. I think two of the same gender keep each other company so nicely. There's two years between my girls and they just adore each other. I am so excited for you that you're about to become a mum of two. I hope the birth goes just the way you want it to.xx

  4. Oh I hope you don't have to wait too much longer now! Hurry up baby! You look fantastic by the way!

  5. Oh my goodness so close. If he arrives on the 23rd (tomorrow) he will share the same birthday as me :) I will be regularly checking your twtter and instagram to see if he has arrived. I have loved these updates Alex, and it's really helped and prepared me for when we are blessed with baby number 2. :) x

  6. Eeeekkk. So close now. Maybe he will come on Parkers birthday (23rd) x