Baby #2: 28 Weeks Pregnant.. I Cannot Stop Nesting!

28 weeks, 28 weeks pregnant

This week I turned 28 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and two things have hit me.. 1. Third trimester exhaustion - I've seen lots of my bed again this week during the daytime. And 2. Pregnancy nesting - like an insane pregnant woman, I haven't stopped cleaning and moving things about then moving them back again. I just ave an urge to change things or as I see it in my head - to, 'improve things'. I'm pretty sure it's driving Adam crazy, as well as Ethan because it's certainly driving me completely bonkers! I've gone completely OCD about things and am struggling to relax when really I need to rest the most. 

Asides from that, like I said.. I've been pretty knackered. There have been days this week where I've tried to catch up on things like my day to day blog work whilst Ethan has napped but I've ended up laying on my bed the entire time feeling really rough. I was supposed to go to see the midwife this week but I ended up cancelling as I felt too awful to go. 

My back pain is pretty much the same, though it comes and goes. And baby is still very very active and I still feel his little toes poking out towards the side of my stomach. Sometimes he moves so quickly, it shocks me and can be a little painful. This week has also marked the start of the 'needing the toilet after what feels like just 10 minutes of already having been' phase!

I always find myself looking at Ethan, imagining him as a big brother and wondering what he'll make of his little brother when he comes along. I feel so lucky to be only just over two months away from meeting my second child and watching the bond between my children begin. It really feels like such a wonderful, exciting time and I'm so ready for it.

Ethan's shown such an interest in my growing stomach lately and he always attentively touches and strokes my bump when we tell him that there's a baby growing inside there. 

For comparison, this is what I looked like and felt like at 28 Weeks with Ethan.

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  1. How on earth are you already 28 weeks!? That's just flown by! Your bump is perfect! xx

  2. I'm now 17 weeks, and I think I have hit nesting already!! Been a bit crazy with the housework! I'm so itching to find out whether our bubs in pink or blue - then I think I will be going all out getting the room ready! Its been lovely to read your bump updates too, takes me back to when we were all patiently waiting for Ethans arrival! Time Flies!


    www.mummyburgess.co.uk xxx

  3. I luckily didn't get the nesting thing last time, I can imagine it makes you a little crazy haha. Such a sweet picture of bump and Ethan xx

  4. Your pregnancy seems to be going so fast! You look great and I am sure Ethan will be a fantastic big brother

  5. Ahh such an adorable photo of Ethan and Bump! Hope the tiredness eases soon! xx

  6. Ah so exciting, time is going so fast baby will be here in no time!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  7. You look so lovely Alex, pregnancy really suits you. I hope you can get some energy back soon, I know how awful it is to be confined to your bed when you have things to do. Don't worry about the nesting, I do that and I'm not even pregnant, haha! :) x