Baby #2: 34 Weeks Pregnant.. Lightening Strikes!

34 weeks pregnant,

I'm (sort of) late with this update again as although I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant, I turn 35 tomorrow and that leaves just five weeks left. How that's happened so quickly, I really don't know. But I'm racing towards that finish line now and my body is really starting to feel it!

I've been unwell this week with a sinus infection, so it's been a tough old week again anyway, but on top of that I really feel like my body is starting to gear up for labour. I don't think it's going to be anytime soon, though for some reason I do have a suspicion that he could come early, or if not early, perhaps faster than Ethan did. But that's just a feeling I have - I could end up being completely wrong!

I've had a great deal of lightening pain this week, far more than I ever had with Ethan at any stage. I can feel baby pushing down quite a bit and more so when I'm up walking about. The pains are often so sharp that they take my breath away for a second and they're so random, I don't know when they're coming and embarrassingly they tend to happen a lot in public! 

I've got to that stage where it's uncomfortable to sit and eat dinner in the evening and even sometimes uncomfortable to sit on the sofa or in bed. I wanted to write this post last night from bed but my lower back pain was so intense that I just had to leave it, lay down and call it a night. 

I did have a few days this week where even though I was having the lightening pain, I wasn't really feeling baby move that much. I spoke to the midwife about it when I went in for my whooping cough jab (which they refused to give to me at the time because of the sinus infection, as they said it could make me feel worse) and she gave me some advice on how to get him to move and also advised me to go in to the hospital if it didn't work. Luckily enough, ever since then baby has been back to his usual self - wriggling and dancing about. In fact whilst I'm writing this, I've got a baby limb poking me in the ribs continually!

Other than that, I'm still feeling really really excited about meeting my second little boy. I'm going to be packing my hospital bag very shortly, I'm just waiting on a few more bits to arrive before I do. 

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  1. Oooo not much longer now! I miss all the kicks and moving about but the kicks in the ribs were the worst!

  2. Shame its getting uncomfortable now, especially if its getting in the way of dinner ;)

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Oh Alex, sounds as though you have had a tough week! Hope you are feeling better now and if you can find a comfy position, try to get some rest. Not long to go now - how exciting! xx

  4. Aww I hope you feel better soon. Those pains sound very ouchy!!!! xx

  5. Sorry to read that you've been unwell, and having pain too! My midwife told me that second babies are often earlier and it was true in my case x

  6. You are making me so broody! God I remember those lightening pains!!!!! Xx

  7. Sorry to hear about how much pain you're in, I hope that it clears soon! Not long to go now :) xx

  8. Hope you're feeling better! Those lightning pains are not something I'm looking forward to xx