Baby #2: 20 Weeks.. You're a BOY!

20 weeks pregnant, bump update

I have been so looking forward to week 20. Not only did I get to find out baby #2's gender, but I also got to see him again! And I got to know that everything is as it should be. The anomaly scan showed us that I have a healthy little baby boy growing inside of me which offered that last little piece of reassurance that I needed. Now that I can feel baby moving daily, I worry so much less than I did in those first few weeks. And it's such a good feeling.

You hopefully all saw the gender reveal I posted up on my blog on Thursday, but if you didn't you can see it here. We're so excited by the thought of having another boy. We had no preference at all as I said before in my gender preference post, so would have been thrilled either way. I can't wait to have two boys and dress them the same. I love the fact that Ethan will have a brother with a 2 year age gap that he can become best friends with and play games with and well, pretty much do everything together with. Ultimately, I absolutely cannot wait to grow our family again and give Ethan a sibling! 

As you can see from the photo - Ethan wanted to get in this weeks bump photo. It's funny because he usually gets moody whenever he has a camera pointed towards him, but I think he's been watching me every week and has decided he wants to be a part of it all too. 

Symptom wise I've felt okay. I've definitely been hungrier and I think this is because the baby has grown so much. Though you can't tell from the photo as I'm standing at a funny angle to hold Ethan, my bump has got a lot bigger! I have needed the toilet more and keep saying that I can't breathe, but what I mean by that is that everything feels so squished towards the top of my bump. Bending over is the worst! 

At the scan the sonographer told me that my placenta is at a weird angle. There's an official name for it but I can't remember what it is (and I can't be bothered to move and go and get my maternity notes), but basically it's blocking the exit for baby so unless it moves I'll end up having a c-section, which is a little worrying as I don't fancy the sound of the length of the recovery time afterwards. And so to see if my placenta has moved, I will be re-scanned at 32 weeks. Here's hoping that it moves to wherever it should be sitting!

(Hello baby boy!)



  1. Aww look at Ethan!

    Its placenta praevia - I had it with Tyne! They kept scanning every so often to check if it had moved up enough or not.

    Planned C section recovery times are really not that bad at all, I was out shopping 3 days after mine and I was walking around as normal in the hospital the next morning! I thought it was an absolute breeze! And I am a WHIMP! lol.

    You hear a lot of horror stories about them but when you ask, you usually find that the people who have difficult and long recoveries are people who had emergency c sections - I think there's a HUGE difference in the recovery for a planned and an emergency!

    Fingers crossed it moves for you but don't panic if it doesn't, just don't listen to the horror stories! xx

  2. So excited for you to have another little boy! It's going so fast! Xx

  3. Ah lovely news. Boys are best :)

    I had a planned section and it was a fab experience

    Cat x

  4. So thrilled for you having another boy - Ethan is going to be such a fab big brother. And yay for matching outfits!! :)

    Hope the placenta moves so you can have a natural birth but I'm sure you'll recover quickly if you end up having a c-section. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  5. It's been a really exciting week for you, and I'm so glad you can relax now and properly enjoy your pregnancy. It will be lovely for Ethan to have a brother.

    I had to have an emergency c-section without going through labour at all. Everything happened very quickly, but it was an incredibly positive experience. A big part of me would like to have a planned c-section next time, but we'll see. I didn't have any problems with recovery and stopped taking the painkillers provided within a few days of coming home. Of course, you have to take it easy for six weeks afterwards, but that's quite nice as you can really focus on bonding with your new son. It may be harder with a toddler to take care of as well, but no doubt Adam and your family will give you all the support you need. I don't know if that's any reassurance for you, but you'll be fine, whether you have a planned c-section or you're able to have a normal birth. I hope, whatever happens, you have a wonderful experience xx

  6. Congratulations Alex! Another little man! It's lovely reading your updates every week. You can now relax knowing all is well with your baby.

    I am 26 weeks and they said the same thing at the anomaly scan, that my placenta was lying a bit low. Thankfully in most cases it moves up towards the end of the pregnancy. I'd love to give birth in the midwifery led birth unit and am not thrilled at the idea of having to have a c section :( They've scheduled my next scan at 36 weeks which sounds a bit late to me... a few people I know are having theirs at 32 weeks, I am going to ask if it could be moved forward when I next see the midwife.

    In the meantime, let's practise positive thinking and visualisation to encourage our placentas moving up :) xx

  7. Congrats on having another little boy! I babysit two little boys that are two years apart and they are best friends. They are 2 and 4 and play together all the time so you have a lot of fun ahead of you I am sure. Congrats, I am only 15 but I love reading your blog and your little family is adorable.

    Juliana Grace | www.julianagraceblogspace.blogspot.com

  8. I can't quite believe you're half way through - that has flown by! x

  9. I had 18 months between my first two boys and their bond is amazing. 2 years this time and I can't wait to give them both a little brother. You are looking great and I know that most placentas move up so hopefully yours will be out the way before the big day!