Moving House When You Have a Young Family

Moving house when you have young children has got to be one of the most stressful things that you can do - ever. I mean, moving house in general is tough enough!

We moved house just before Ethan turned one and were lucky in that we had Grandparents we could call on to help with taking care of him. I think the key to moving house with a young family is to be as organised as possible. So with that in mind, here are some of my own tips for moving when you have a young family to take care of too.. 

1. Call on help if you have it! - If you have family or friends around that could help with childcare of even help you with the packing or moving, ask them for a favour. Going it alone is possible, but if you have people that could help - there's no harm in asking. 

2. Hire some help with removals - The best thing we did was hire some help with our removals. It made life so much easier. If you do a little digging you'll be able to find a good price, get a few quotes from a few different companies  by searching on Google. If you don't need a whole lorry's worth but still want a little help, try searching something like Man with a Van, London or the town wherever you live.  

3. Prep before hand - If you need to get your own boxes and bubble wrap, do that a few weeks before you move. Don't leave anything last minute as you won't need the stress if you accidentally forget something. 

4. Write on your boxes and have an open me first box - Make sure you label your boxes by which room they need to go in and I'd advise making up a box of things you're likely to need as soon as you get to your new house - this is your open me first box. :) 

5. Redirect your post - For Royal Mail you can do this online on their website, you can choose how long you would like mail to re-direct for. It buys you some time if you haven't had a chance to change all of the addresses on everything before you move. 

6. Plan your food for the moving day - Don't pack all of your food without making sure that you have a plan for food during the moving day and drink - it's thirsty work moving all of those boxes. 

Have you moved house with little ones? What advice would you give?

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  1. We moved house when Alice had just turned 2 and Holly was 10 weeks old! It was stressful, but totally worth it. I agree the best money we spent was for removals, they took apart our beds and built them again in the new house, meaning Alice was never not in her bed. It made our lives a lot easier. x

  2. These are lovely tips, Alex! I am preparing for a move very soon with my husband and our toddler. Luckily, I also can count on my parents to help with taking care of my little boy and I have already hired a moving company (http://removalvancamden.co.uk/), so I am mostly relaxed about the whole thing. I am just looking for something that I am forgetting like redirecting the mail and plan the menu. Thank you for sharing! :)