Baby #2: 17 Weeks.. I'm Feeling You Move Everyday Now!

I'm a little late with my update this week as tomorrow I turn 18 weeks pregnant, every week seems to be just completely flying past!

I've felt so good since hearing the baby's heartbeat, it gave me the reassurance I needed, as the time between the 12 week scan and first feeling the baby move felt so nerve racking. I now feel so much more confident that the baby is okay and I cannot wait for the next scan at 20 weeks! I really hope to be able to find out the gender and like I said in my post about our gender preference - we will be totally happy either way, which is a good feeling.

I've felt lots of movement this week, it's gone from 'flutters' to actual movement or 'kicks' which I am able to feel with my hand. Adam even felt a little movement the other night. Baby seems to be most active around 8.30-9.30pm at the moment, which is when I'm usually all snuggled up in bed watching TV so I get to lay there just enjoying the feeling.

I've felt less dizzy this week thankfully, but am still getting headaches. I've had some heartburn again, but not much. I'm still tired but I'm learning my limits and I'm learning to sort of live with it for the foreseeable future. I feel a lot larger this time around than I did with Ethan, and I know that's totally normal, but it's sort of strange feeling that squished feeling around the top of my stomach so much earlier this time. It makes it harder to bend over without feeling short of breath and even to walk up the stairs - but hey that may just be because I'm totally unfit! ;)

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  1. I might have to stop reading your pregnancy updates... You're making me broody! X

  2. Hearing the heartbeat is such a lovely milestone. You're looking lovely! x

  3. Looking lovely as usual! You're the third 17/18 week pregnancy update I've read today - there is going to be a blogger baby boom!

  4. Its funny how hard just the simple task of walking up the stairs becomes isn't it haha! You have a beautiful little bump xx

  5. I know exactly how you felt in that awkward inbetween, from your 12 week scan to the baby's movements or hearing the heartbeat. I am 15+5 and I felt fine for a week or so after the scan, but now I'm in panic city. I keep trying to feel movements, and think I may of felt flutters but I can't be sure if it's in my head. My midwife appointment isn't until the end of the month so I won't get to hear the heartbeat until then. But I have a private scan booked in next week. I'm incredibly nervous!
    When did you feel baby kick in your first pregnancy?

    Your bump is the cutest! xx

  6. Eeek! I'm 16 weeks pregnant and can't wait to feel baby move next week !!

  7. Not long until you find out the gender eeek! Can't believe you're nearly 18 weeks already. So many bloggers due around the same time as you too! You are looking great and I love your bump :) xx

  8. want him to move more, let him enjoy some music ^^! it's good for two both of you <3