Baby #2: 37 Weeks.. Mama's Feeling Fit To Burst

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It literally only feels like I wrote my 36 week bump update post two minutes ago, but somehow it's been a week already! These weeks are speeding up, don't you think?! I mean, how is it even June already?!

This week I feel like my bump has grown again and now I feel like I am literally about to burst like a big over-filled balloon. I can feel baby moving about inside and he feels huge - like proper baby-sized! Yeah, I know.. he is a baby.. duh! But what I mean is, he really is taking up a lot of room and things like limbs and even his head feel like they're constantly battling around inside of my body trying to squeeze in to tight corners of whatever space is left.

I'm so excited everyday now as I know I'm so close to such a big life changing event. I think about what life will be like as a family of four constantly and I even find myself secretly hoping that baby will come earlier than his due date. I feel like I'm waiting in line for such an exciting moment, one that scares me obviously.. (who isn't scared of childbirth?!), but one that is going to start a whole new chapter of our lives. It's hard not to spend every moment of everyday thinking about it, especially so when we're so almost there. 

This week, symptom wise, I've felt the usual sort of pressures down below. I've had moments of pure energy (which are the ACTUAL BEST) and then moments of not being able to get off the bed through utter exhaustion. I've experienced time-of-the-month type pains and even had one occasion of my vision going completely off - I could see flashing zig zag lines on the right side of my vision, but it only lasted for about 15-20 minutes. I also have a bruising sort of pain on the side of my head, again on the right side. It's been there for about 2-3 weeks I think, after Ethan accidentally head-butted me, but it remains really sensitive, where as usually I would have expected the pain to have gone. So I'm not sure if it's actually related to being head-butted or just one of those many random pregnancy things?!..  Baby has been hiccuping lots and lots again this week, he does it so often that I've nicknamed him 'hiccup'.

Asides from that, all is really well and I'm loving the excitement of the big build up to babys due date! Read my 37 week pregnancy update with Ethan: 37 Weeks: Full Term Baby!

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  1. It really does feel like yesterday I read your last update! I'll be keeping my eye out for an announcement anytime from now :) xx

    1. Ah, I can't wait to share the news of his arrival :) xx

  2. That's so cute that you've named him hiccup! I can't wait to hear what his name will be. Your bump is amazing! Not long now :) xx

  3. Aww it's all so exciting!! I gave birth 9 weeks ago and I miss my bump lots, though obviously the aches and pains that come with it aren't missed so much! Not long now :)

    Helen x


    1. Ah congratulations to you! And yes I know what you mean there! ;) xx

  4. Ahhh so exciting!!! I feel like its going to happen soon :) (Watch you'll end up 10 days overdue now I`ve probably jinxed it lol!)
    How do you look healthier and more glowing every week?!!! I looked steadily more knackered!! You're not human! ;) xx

  5. Not long to go now Alex - lovely to hear the excitement is kicking in now - this last trimester is a tricky one, so I'm looking forward to that. So cute when they get the hiccups isn't it!? xx