Baby #2: 22 Weeks Pregnant.. Cravings!

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I am now 22 weeks pregnant and this week has yet again flown by! I've had pregnancy cravings this week in the form of orange juice. I've craved it since before I even took the pregnancy test. It should have been a good indicator that I was pregnant really, as I craved orange juice when I was pregnant with Ethan and apparently my Mum craved it whilst pregnant with me! 

I actually sat in bed last night feeling really tired, yet totally restless, whilst baby #2 was having a little kick-fest and then I randomly and very quickly started craving crackers with cheese and pickle on at ten o'clock at night. I NEVER get out of bed to go downstairs and make food in the cold, but I had such a craving that I actually had to. And then when I got back in to bed and had eaten the crackers, I suddenly had a huge urge to drink some late night orange juice - which Adam very kindly went and got for me. Very odd! 

I've felt a little more emotional this week too and I've done some crying over silly things, when it's just me being over-sensitive really. Sometimes I think I just need a good cry to feel better!

It's not easy being pregnant and having a toddler who needs consistent entertainment and attention. It's knackering and it doesn't help that Ethan has been quite the grump lately. He still isn't talking (he's 22 months). And although he understands pretty much most of what we say to him, I feel he often gets frustrated and grouchy, so then we end up getting a little grouchy back because he's moaning excessively at us and when you combine that with being pregnant  - it's a little tough sometimes. But then, we have our good days too :)

It is getting harder to get out of the car and up off of the floor and things like doing the hoovering are very quickly draining away any energy I get. Adams very supportive and at home a lot due to his home business so I'm quite lucky to have him around for extra help.

We've started to buy bits and pieces for the baby now and it's such an exciting time to imagine him in the things that we've been getting for him. <3 



  1. Aww that's a gorgeous happy pic Alex :)

    How funny that you and your Mum have had the same cravings!

    It's definitely no easy task being pregnant with a toddler to run around after xxx

  2. Bump is looking gorgeous- and I craved orange juice with Mads too. Not a real craving as such but I always fancied it. With Mads I craved ice so much- I got through a whole bag every night! xx

  3. Your pregnancy seems to be going by so quickly! It is such hard work being pregnant and having to run around after a toddler you have my sympathy as i struggled with that in my last pregnancy as there is 14 months between my children, I think it is so lovely that you are craving the same thing as your mum did xx

  4. You are making me so broody. Looking gorgeous x