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Happy 6th Birthday Ethan

In a way, I can't really remember life without Ethan. But in another way, I can't really believe that he's just turned six years old. That, Adam and I have a six-year-old. It's a funny age, on one hand, I think six is still so young, but I'm also aware that Ethan's also starting to become a tad more grown up. It's amazing to watch his personality and knowledge of the world develop more and more, but I'm always aware of what so many people with older children tell me - it all goes so fast and then before you know it they're in college/university and all grown up themselves. So Adam and I do our best to always try to create memories with the boys that will last a lifetime for us all. 

It's not always easy to create those special memories though of course, parenthood is no walk in the park, in any sense of the phrase. We're winging it most of the time, just as I believe most parents are. And sometimes there are times that I know we both feel we could have handled things differently, but that's parenthood, in a nutshell, to be honest - we're continually learning and Ethan as our first, leads the way in helping us to learn first hand what parenting entails. 

For Ethan's birthday this year, the theme was Pokemon. He seems to have a different theme each year,  - so far we've had planes, dinosaurs, cats and now pokemon. He's hugely into Lego also and takes after his Daddy in that respect, but Lego seems to be a running theme throughout Ethan's birthdays. He loves to create and to collect and Lego and Pokemon cards are ideal for that. 

Creating A Special Birthday Surprise

When it comes to occasions, I honestly don't think it's possible to beat something that's been handmade. Handmade gifts are so special, they're completely personal, totally unique and the thought that goes into them is a sure way to let somebody know that you truly care. 

Ethan, my eldest little boy turned 6 on the 17th and the day before his birthday my youngest little boy, Logan had been a very busy boy creating something really special in the form of a handmade birthday card and some very tasty Pokemon biscuits to celebrate his big brothers birthday. 

A Fun Family Day Out In London With Keetoo

I don't think there's anything better than a family day spent together. Sometimes we spend our days at home in our pyjamas playing board games, sometimes we spend it going for a walk somewhere pretty, other times we treat ourselves to a bit of a treat day out and will take a bit of an adventure somewhere new. This last weekend, we decided on a trip to London to show the boys some of the great attractions London has to offer. 

London With Keetoo, Kensington Palace, Keetoo app, Family days out London,

Coping with Kids on a Tight Budget

*Guest post 

Having children is an expensive business, we all get that. No matter how much you and your partner bring home each month, there’s always something to spend it on. There are the clothes that your kids seem to grow out of every five minutes, the formula, the toys, the classes and the shoes…oh yes, the shoes… 
If you find you have difficulty keeping your spending and your finances, you can try Creditfix for help and advice, even if you feel you’re already in a sticky situation. To start you off, though, here’s seven tips for saving money or coping with a small budget when you have children.

Designing And Bringing To Life Logan's Dream 'Rubble' Horse

If you're a long-term reader of this blog then you might remember the time that Ethan had the opportunity to design and create his very own dream horse - turning his imaginative drawings into a cuddly soft toy. If you don't remember the post then you can find it here. We worked with Petplan Equine Horse Insurance to create Ethan's dinosaur-themed horse and he was over the moon with it. And now that Logan is that bit older, they've very kindly given Logan the same opportunity - to design and create his very own unique dream horse. 

In The Mood For Spring

The clocks have gone forward and the lighter mornings and evenings are here - Spring has arrived! And with it brings the promise of days and evenings spent outdoors in the warmer weather again. Spring also means less wrapping up as we can finally say goodbye to the jumpers and hello to maxi dresses, t-shirts, shorts and lighter jackets (or even no jackets at all, yay!).

This weekend was the first weekend of the year that we left the house in shorts and t-shirts (and a maxi dress for me) and it felt great! We sat overlooking the lake, with a mini picnic playing eye spy with the boys just watching the world go by in no particular hurry and it gave me all the spring/summer vibes.

I am so ready to pack away the big coats and oversized jumpers and go back to my favourite sorts of outfits - spring/summer outfits. I find that during the winter, I lose my sense of style quite a bit as I tend to consistently opt for whatever is warmest and most comfortable. Whereas during Spring and Summer, I look forward to picking a nice outfit and feel so much more confident in what I'm wearing. 

Today, in collaboration with Fashion World, I am sharing a few pieces of clothing and some accessories that inspire me to really get in the mood for Spring. I'd love to know what clothing or accessories are your go-to when it comes to creating a 'ready for Spring look'?

The Ordinary Moments - Mothers Day Weekend

I've really been wanting to write more posts like these - the ordinary moments. I think it's so easy to assume that what we have now we'll have for ages, but the reality is that things can and do change so quickly, especially so when you're raising children. I look back at some of my ordinary moments blog posts I wrote and I can't believe how quickly the boys have changed and grown. It makes those posts feel really precious and special as with a click of a button I can access moments I may have otherwise forgotten about.

This weekend it was Mother's Day on Sunday and because I prefer to celebrate occasions when it's not super busy and because the weather was absolutely amazing (especially so for March), we decided to do something to mark the occasion on Saturday instead. We have National Trust memberships and not too far from us is a beautiful NT place called Stowe, so we decided that as the weather was so nice, we were going to spend the day wandering around Stowe and then go for a drink or a meal afterwards. 

It turned out to be the most wonderful day - the boys did so well walking around as Stowe isn't a small place, but then they, as they've always been, are in their complete element when they're outdoors exploring. And then afterwards we drove over to one of my favourite pub restaurants and had a really lovely meal and it was the perfect way to end what had been a pretty perfect day. 

It was so nice to get outdoors again and not feel overwhelmingly cold. It's a little crazy how here in the UK you can be in your thick coat, gloves and hat and the next be in shorts and t-shirts or a maxi dress. The sunshine makes everything feel better and it's days like we had on Saturday that make me feel excited for summer days and summer evenings. Days outdoors in the sunshine will always be our favourite.

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