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Spending the Day In Lille, France | Eurotunnel Road Trip With Kids - Day 2

Day two of our family road trip with Eurotunnel saw us travel from Boulonge-ser-Mer in France to Lille, also in France. The journey in the car took us just an hour and a half and we very easily managed to find parking in the town centre.
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Lille has so many different places that are perfect for toddlers and young children, including a zoo, a Natural History Museum, a bus tour and even an amusement park (Parc les Poussins within the Citadel Park). Right next to the amusement park there is also quite a large children's play park, that our boys spent ages playing together in, on the several slides, a see-saw, the several climbing frames and a fun train.

My YouTube Story and A Huge Thank You!

It started back in 2012.. it was the year I got married in fact. I'd discovered The Shaytards on YouTube, - an American family who videoed their lives every single day and who had become enormously popular for doing so. And then a few months later, I found The Saccone-Joly's, an Irish couple who too had started videoing their day to day lives. And I totally fell in love with the concept. I loved the idea that via youtube they were capturing not only the special moments in their lives, but the ordinary too.

As I've got older I have realised that often it's the ordinary moments that can be the best and sometimes we don't realise that at the time, perhaps not for a long time after. But it's often these ordinary sort of moments that shape us and make us into who we are. So how incredible it was for these youtuber's that I'd grown to love watching, to at the push of a button be able to access those memories frame by frame.

I became enchanted with the idea of capturing thoughts, emotions and moments. I was 23, about to get married to my childhood sweetheart and have my first child - I began to see my life as journey and I realised how happy I was at that point in my life. I wanted to capture my journey, so that then I could always go back and and feel like I remembered it all, not just what my own memory would allow for.

The Sibling Project - The Boys in June | 2017

For once I had so many photos of my boys together from this month to choose from.. I think it's to do with the combination of the lovely weather which means we're doing more, getting outdoors more and I'm having my camera out more. Plus the fact that Logan is very nearly 2 (his birthday is the 30th June), so the boys seem a lot closer as Logan learns and understands more. 

Logan has shown us that he really is understanding what we're saying to him this month. He can point out things in books and communicates with us just like his big brother did at his age. Logan has followed Ethan's developmental stages pretty much exactly the same - Ethan was a late speaker, and I think little Logan will be the same. Although, Logan does say a few words to us, where as Ethan pretty much said nothing until he was nearly 3, despite understanding what we were saying to him. 

Travelling To Boulogne-sur-Mer, France & Visiting Nausicaa Aquarium & The Beach | Eurotunnel Road Trip With Kids - Day 1

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I often say how much of a fan I have become of travelling and seeing different places in the world since becoming a Mum. I've gone from being this total homely sort of person with no interest in holidays or travelling, to now having this flare for exploration and for adventure. My boys, both being outdoor-loving sort of children, who are most happiest when they're off running free and discovering different places, have been a big influence in my change of heart when it comes to going away from home. Through the eyes of a child, adventure is as exciting as it gets and their excitement and passion for exploration has definitely rubbed off on me in a big way. Combined of course, with the fact that I now see how important time away from routine and everyday life is, when you have a family and a busy work life. 

A little while ago now, whilst we were in Devon visiting my good friend and also fellow blogger, Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks, I was sent a really exciting email from Eurotunnel inviting me and my family to go on a road trip via the Eurotunnel to France, Belgium and The Netherlands! We were so flattered to have been asked and so grateful too and we jumped at the chance. I'd never been on the Eurotunnel before, in fact, I'd never even visited France and I was so excited to get to go and discover some new places that I'd never been before and take my family along with me.

Motherhood and all it's intensities

Being a parent can often be so intense. Sometimes intense in a good way and sometimes intense in a bad way. I feel like lately, with my boys being aged just four and one life is often intense. There doesn't really seem to be much 'chilled' out peaceful time with them. It's full-on and always 'go, go, go'.

And I don't mean that in a bad way, because sometimes that full on feeling and the feeling of always being on-the-go is in the very best way possible... sometimes it brings tears to my eyes and freezes me to the spot just for a second, forcing me to take it all in, all of the happy memories and moments and feelings of pride.

But then sometimes those tears are, 'I'm so overwhelmed' tears, sometimes it's guilt, sometimes it's frustration, sometimes it's from questioning myself.

It's true that as a parent, you can experience every single emotion in the space of an hour. There's no 'same days' as such, despite often same daily routines. I've found that when I wake up in the morning, it's as if I step right on to a rollercoaster for the day - it's up, it's down, it's fast and there's no just stopping for a second whenever you feel like it.

Hearing protectors for babies and toddlers With Alpine Hearing Protection

Our babies and our toddlers ears develop substantially in their first few years and for that reason their little ears are really vulnerable. As parents, we of course do our best to avoid exposing our children to loud noises, but the fact is, that it isn't always possible to avoid it. Our little ones ears need to last them a lifetime and the Dutch brand Alpine Hearing Protection understand this and so have just launched their Alpine Muffy Baby - an earmuff specially designed for babies and toddlers, to not only prevent hearing damage but also to help provide rest. So that parents can take their babies to busy events without worrying about the noise and their baby can sleep quietly and undisturbed. 

A Vegetarian Bank Holiday Summer BBQ With Robinsons

The sun can make such a difference to a day can't it? I'm so glad that we're in our warmer months here in the UK - I'm such a sun-loving summer person (despite how pale my skin is!). 

So far I've loved being able to spend more days outside, I've enjoyed the fresh air and being able to go out on adventures and to explore more. I really like being able to use the back garden again - having the backs doors open wide just opens up the whole house and the boys love being able to play in the garden, because they're both such outdoor-loving children. 

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One thing I always look forward to in these summer months, is going to my in-laws for summer BBQ's. They have a lovely garden, a proper barbecue and we always have such a nice time together. Last week Robinsons emailed me and invited us to take part in a family BBQ to run alongside national BBQ week from 29th of May - 4th of June. They sent us a kit to use at our barbecue and three bottles of their squash. We always buy Robinsons squash as we're really big fans of it, especially the boys and I like that Robinsons squash contains no added sugar and real fruit in every drop, plus there are lots of really nice flavours to choose from. 
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