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A Saturday Spent At Paradise Wildlife Park + Their NEW World Of Dinosaurs

Life's about moments and memories, isn't it?! That's why as a family we try to make the most of the world around us. We spend a lot of our days off together exploring the places around us, be that with a simple walk somewhere that we've never been or on a day out or on a trip somewhere. The world is a big place and we hope to explore more of it in the coming future, but we also love to explore the UK and we love it when we find little gems on our doorsteps.

At the weekend we visited Paradise Wildlife Park for the first time after they invited us along to check out their brand new World Of Dinosaurs zone. I had watched a documentary not long ago on big cats which featured the Big Cat Sanctuary owned by Paradise Wildlife Park, which is dedicated to the captive breeding of endangered cats and helps to support big cats from all over the world. It was really heart-warming to watch and it made me keen to go and visit Paradise Wildlife Park. 

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New Mum Worries + How I've Kept My Bond With My Husband After 2 Children

For me, becoming a parent for the first time and even the second time, was such an exciting but nerve-racking time. As a pregnant first time Mum to be I knew that people had said life would change, but I wondered and sometimes even worried about just how much it would change.

I was so excited for the new chapter in our lives and to start a family with the person I'd met and fallen in love with at school, but there was also a slight worry in the back of my mind about how much having a baby, a third person in our relationship, would affect the close relationship Adam and I had always had. 

Having been together since we were 14, Adam and I have always been best friends and we'd pretty much always done everything possible that we could together. I knew that having a baby together meant that we would be forced to do more things separately to fit around looking after our child. Not having as much one-on-one time with my Husband was something I'd thought about a lot. I remember one time being on a walk together and we were going over how we could make it work financially to allow us to still have a day off together after our baby was born. We were determined to keep our close connection. 

Losing Track Of Time, House Renovations + My Baby Turned 5! | Me and Mine March 2018

I can't remember what it was, but a few days ago I was looking at something that said February-March 2018 and I actually had to stop and think about where we are in the year. I didn't get that usual feeling of 'Oh that's past', it was more of 'Are we in Feb/March/April/May?' I just didn't know. That was pretty strange I have to say, but then to be fair to myself I've been a thrown a bit out over the past few months. I'm still in a weird place with my health. I mean I'm feeling SO much better than I was, it's just that the symptoms haven't completely gone and I have new symptoms that might not really fit with the H.Pylori diagnosis.

Moving on and getting over the past few months of worrying about my health hasn't been helped by a rude Doctor I spoke to on the phone last week, who was quick to tell me he didn't really know and he'd be happy to make me an appointment with another Doctor or send me for any further tests I want. When I replied that I wasn't sure which tests to go for as I don't know what my symptoms could be symptoms of, he quickly blamed my new symptoms on my anxiety despite clearly saying he didn't know what they could be. And despite saying to me the first time I met that he didn't believe my symptoms were caused by anxiety alone. And despite diagnosing me with H.Pylori a couple of weeks before. So yeah that hasn't helped and has left me feeling like I'm banging my head against a wall. I'm grateful at least that my physical symptoms aren't so severe anymore.

9 Little Touches You Can Do To Create The Perfect Guest Room

Creating the perfect guest room will make your guests feel relaxed, comfortable and allow them to feel more 'at home'. As an interiors lover, I am always thinking about decor, be it the bigger things like wall paint colour and flooring or the smaller things like the accessories and other little touches. Today I want to share 10 things that you can do to help you to create the perfect guest room in your home.

House Renovations: The BEFORE + Plans: Two Storey Front Side Extension + Kitchen and Garden Makeover

Saving to create the home we dream of for our family in the village we love so much has been a goal of mine for a while, because despite my love for travel and adventure, I am such a homely sort of person and love having somewhere that is ours and that is our 'root' as such. 

Just over two years ago we managed to save up enough money to have our loft coverted turning our three bedroom home into a four bedroom home, which then gave us a bigger room for our office. My Husband and I both work from home, he runs a business creating and selling LEGO figures and models aimed at adults and I run this blog and my youtube channel

Since the loft conversion, which has worked incredibly well for our family, we've been saving hard again for the next stage of our home renovaitons. This time we are focusing on the bottom of our house and we've decided to go for a two storey front extension which will make our kitchen bigger and pretty much double the size of our youngest little boy's bedroom, which is currently our box room. We decided not to take the extension to the back of the house as the space it would have given us on the back would have been a bit awkward layout-wise. So we're saving money by simply knocking down our garage (which is currently behind where the new extension will be) and replacing it with a large shed.  

At the front of the house we will be buiding a large porch and will be replacing our current front door which currently is on the side of our house with a new modern black one. Inside we will having our kitchen ripped out and replaced with a new one, we haven't finished finalising details around extactly what we're having but it will (of course be) white as we're such big fans of the scandinavian-style white decor. 

Our current kitchen

Where To Eat As A Vegetarian At Disneyland Paris

Before our trip to Disneyland Paris, I tried to do as much research as possible into the best places to eat as a vegetarian family. I found a few helpful articles but ultimately I was surprised at the lack of recommendations and so I ended up checking and rechecking a lot of the menus via a website called which I found to be so helpful in terms of laying out the different restaurants available at Disneyland, the menu's for them, the type of food that they serve, the general cost and more. Using this site I worked out which restaurants would be best for us as vegetarians with particularly fussy eaters. And I'm glad to say all the research and planning paid off! Our Disneyland Paris dining experience was really positive and we all ate really well. 

Today I'm going to share which restaurants we ate at and would happily recommend. We had a Disneyland Paris dining plan which was the free half board plus plan, it got included in our package when we booked and I would say it was perfect for us. We took tons of snacks with us and I made up snack packs (I talk more about these and what I included in them in my 'What to Pack for Disneyland Paris with Kids' video).

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5 Years Of Being A Mum - What I've Learnt

5 Years Of Being A Mum - What I've Learnt

There was a time that the idea of being a Mum didn't appeal to me. I was never maternal as a little girl. I didn't have a doll that I pretended was my baby and I always felt a little awkward around babies and children as a teen. I wanted to marry my childhood sweetheart but I never envisioned us with children.

When I got to 23 I was struggling with back pain from scoliosis and the pain killers I was taking gave me side effects which felt very similar to what I knew to be early pregnancy symptoms. At the time I thought that perhaps I could be pregnant and so I spoke to Adam about it. And it was at that very moment that we both realised that we actually hoped I was. We were ready - we wanted to be parents and start a family.

Of course I wasn't pregnant at that time, but fortunately it didn't take long before we were able to begin a new chapter in our lives with our first baby growing in my tummy. We announced the pregnancy on our wedding day just after Adam's wedding speech and my gosh it felt totally and utterly magical. I realised then that we were on the right path and that perhaps I was always destined to be a Mummy.

Five years on and here we are with our five year old Ethan and our second little boy Logan who is three at the end of June. And life has honestly stayed just as magical as it was on the day we got married and told everybody about our little baby bump.

Don't get me wrong - parenthood is absolutely no walk in the park, it's the scariest 'hood I've ever been through, but there's nothing more rewarding. And there's nothing that can top the memories you make together as a family. Even the ones where you're 2 year old screams an entire four hour flight and kicks your drink everywhere . Even then the other memories you make have the power to make you forget the challenging parts. It's a bit like childbirth you could say.

So what have I learnt in my 5 years of being a Mum?
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