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There's far more of us, than there ever will be of them.

Where do I start? How do I word this?

I almost feel like this isn't mine to write about and that this perhaps isn't the place, but there's a feeling in my chest and there are words just jumbled about in my head. I can't quite be sure if it's a feeling of sadness or of anger or of confusion, or of a mixture of all three.

My head hurts and my heart feels heavy and sad. I've spent so long today scrolling through social media, reading about the atrocities that have occurred in Manchester. Seeing picture after picture of scared and frightened people in a place where there should only have been happiness and excitement and a feeling of safety. I've seen photographs of smiling children who have since had their lives, which they'd hardly begun, stolen and ripped away from them and I can't now get their faces out of my mind.

I've tried to go about my day as normal today, all whilst hugging my family a little tighter, but I keep on being brought back to this feeling of sadness. I've just come up my room to get in to bed for the night and before I did I went and checked my boys before I came up here - I smiled looking down at their sleeping faces. I made sure that they were tucked in and that they weren't too hot or too cold. I felt sad for the parents who weren't able to do that tonight and with tears in my eyes, I almost whispered "I'm sorry" to my eldest little boy. I'm sad that though his Dad and I do our best each day to teach both of our children how to be good human beings and about how important it is to be kind, there are 'people' in this world who incite hate and terror and I can't explain why. And when he's old enough to ask me about it, I wont know where to begin to even start to explain such evil.

Travel Bucket List: Five Things I'd Love To Do

I say this a lot, but ever since becoming a Mum, I've been well and truly bitten by the travel bug. There's just something about getting outdoors and seeing more of our world that excites me. I love being able to explore new places and I love going on adventures with my family.

I find it so exciting to be able to fill up my calendar with travel plans - be them big or small and I love dreaming of where we might go and what we might do as a family one day in the future together. Below are just five of the things that I currently have on my travel bucket list.

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Tales Of A Crazy-Cat-Lady In Collaboration With BISSELL

There's no denying that we're a nation of animal lovers with around 16.5 millions dogs and cats being kept as pets in the UK! And it comes as no surprise then that less than half of our furry friends actually sleep in their own beds, with us women being the most likely to invite our dogs or our cats to snuggle up with us in bed - I know I do! 

A Tudor Obsession and Anniversary Plans!

I don't know why exactly, but I'm really in to royal history lately, particularly the Tudor age. I have been watching and absolutely loving The Tudors on Netflix and have got so in to it that Adam and I have actually booked a one nights stay at Hever Castle (the childhood home of Anne Boleyn) for our anniversary in August. 

It's slightly expensive, but it will be a real experience getting to stay overnight in a castle together. Plus, it's definitely allowed since it'll be our five year anniversary and a small, but still significant milestone. I was reading up about what sorts of gifts are 'traditonally' given per wedding milestone earlier and I've learnt that our one, at five years, is traditionally wood. And then when it comes to 10th wedding anniversary gifts, it's tin or aluminium and then by 15 years of marriage you start going up to crystal and beyond. So for our fifth anniversary, I'm planning on finding a nice little wood close by to Hever Castle to snap a picture of us in, just to stick with tradition without incurring any further cost! ;) 

Vegetarian What I Eat In A Day With Tesco Better Choices

I have to admit, that even as a vegetarian, my diet isn't usually the healthiest. Like everyone else does, I enjoy food. And good food to me usually consists of carbs and generally too much sugar and salt. 

It's always in the back of my mind to eat healthier and I'm always telling myself off about not eating enough fruit or vegetables, or eating too many bad things. It's down to me I know it is. I can blame it on the fact that I'm usually busy with the boys or busy with work. But it's not an excuse, I should take better care of my diet.. and my fitness too, which honestly, is just awful at the minute. 

The thing is, is that given the choice I've always been one to reach for the unhealthiest option, whether that be a biscuit or a banana or the lower fat product or the full fat. It's become habit. 

The Sibling Project - The Boys in May | 2017

What I love a lot about my boys is how full of energy they are. How full of character and personality they are. How independent they are. How cheeky they are. How happy they are (where they're not tired and hungry of course!). 

I love how much spark they both have to their personalities. I love how even when they're tired, grumpy or hungry, they're still full of energy. Always on the go - always on the move. 

Kids Room Ideas: Car Themed Room

car bedroom, car themed room, kids car room

Both of my boys have been massively in to cars as their first proper 'more grown up' toy. 

I think the fact that little toy cars are just the exact right size for carrying around in their little hands hands is why. Plus there's the fact that these little toy cars that fit ever so nicely into their hands also come with wheels, which make for lots of fun pushing back and forth. And then there's the fact that having their own little car that looks just like Mummy and Daddy's proper grown up car is probably pretty darn cool to them. 

My eldest Son Ethan, now four, has been in to lots of different things over the years - he's gone from cars to planes to now dinosaurs and I'm pretty sure Power Rangers is starting to creep in there too now. And then my youngest little boy Logan, who is two at the end of June, likes Peppa Pig and is massively in to cars. 

Back when we did their rooms, we chose an aeroplane theme for our plane-obsessed Ethan and for Logan, who was just a baby at the time, we went with a star themed nursery, which I really adore and will be sad to change. 
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