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Don't Quit your Daydream (Even If It Feels Impossible)

Nine years ago, back in 2010 (how has it been nine years since 2010?!), I used to spend many hours a day in between working my job as a station officer at the police station with my head stuck in a daydream. I'd stumbled across YouTube and then I'd stumbled across family vloggers such as The Shaytards and The Saccone Jolys and I felt instantly drawn to what they were doing. I loved how they were capturing life in all of its rawness. How they'd make the ordinary moments seem like the moments that were worth capturing and how they had this portal of memories they could instantly look back on. 

At that point in my life, I was finding out what true happiness felt like. I had just married my childhood sweetheart and we were expecting our first baby. If there was ever a moment in time I wanted to capture and bottle up, it was then. So I felt drawn to creating my own videos, capturing my own moments. Not at first for anybody else (the sheer thought of absolutely anyone watching the videos I might create was utterly terrifying). And not as a business at first (I hadn't even really thought of it that way when I started). Just as a way of capturing that happiness I was feeling for maybe one of the first times in my life. 

My first few attempts of creating a 'vlog' on the camera on my phone didn't go to plan. I won't call them failures because those attempts led me to where I am now - earning a VERY decent wage and working for myself as a blogger and a vlogger. But they didn't go to plan and I realised that despite my passion for wanting to capture everyday life, I had to seriously work on my confidence. 

Accessible Bathroom Design Ideas

I talk a lot about home decor here on my blog, I love sharing tips that I've picked up over the years of renovating our family home. And today I've been asked bu Mobility-Plus to talk a bit about how I might style an accessible/inclusive bathroom for those with reduced mobility such as elderly family members or those with injuries, disabilities or conditions that make mobility more difficult. 

One thing I've noticed is that the options for accessible bathroom designs are continually growing and that's great to see. Not only are there many clever interesting products on the market to make independent living much easier these days, but there are also lots of choices to suit different styles so that accessible bathrooms designs can suit peoples decor tastes far better than they used to. 

When it comes to designing an accessible bathroom I think the first thing to look at would be space as that will determine things like whether or not a walk-in-bath would be an option or whether a walk-in-shower would suit the space better. 

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8 Products I Loved When My Children Were Newborns/Babies

Knowing what to buy can feel a little overwhelming when you're expecting your first child. I remember looking at tons of reviews and lists when I was pregnant with Ethan, I as a new Mum, of course, wanted the best that my budget could afford for my new baby and when I did commit and start buying for him, I found it so exciting imagining the time that he'd be here using the things that we'd got for him.

I remember fondly how proud I was when I managed to get the exact pram that I'd been hoping to get after reading really good reviews on it, for a bargain price, despite the fact that it was new. And I remember the first stuffed toy that I got for him - a little multicoloured toy cat from Mothercare. I remember placing it inside his cot that we'd built and was ready and waiting for him in his newly decorated nursery. I don't think you ever forget those little moments. 

Essential products for Newborns and Babies

Our Stay At The Kings Head Hotel & A Drive Through The Cotswolds

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Last week we were invited to stay at the Kings Head Hotel in Cirencester in the Cotswolds and so we decided to go along just Adam and I as a bit of an early birthday treat for him as he turns 31 on Wednesday. I've wanted to visit the Cotswolds ever since I saw our in-laws go there a little while back. I am a complete country/village girl at heart and I love nothing more than the quaint and quiet village life. 

When we looked at pictures of The Kings Head Hotel online I thought straight away that the hotel seemed really different - the decor looked like it was a mix of old with new, something that appealed to me right away and the rooms all seemed unique and interesting. We were so excited for our stay. 

The Truth: Two Children Two Years Apart

1. They allow each other to take it in turns to take the centre stage. And when I say centre stage, I really mean, they take it in turns to send us a little bit more grey one tantrum at a time. It amazes me how when one stops, the other begins and then when they stop, the first one starts back up again. They're in perfect sync! 

2. They're either sworn enemies or best friends. There's literally no in between in our house. 

3. The boys in their 'we're now best friends with each other' state, seems sweet eh? But what it really is, is them becoming a little force together. And when I say force, think a tornado moving through the house, think a blender without a lid on. It gets messy fast. It gets loud fast. It's usually always best to run and hide at this point.

Fun and simple ways to enjoy spending time together as a family

As a family, we love spending quality time together. Whether it’s taking the boys to a local park or snuggling up on the sofa and watching a film; nothing beats spending time with your loved ones. The summer holidays are well and truly over and dare I say it, but Christmas is only round the corner. Whilst the little ones are enjoying their time off school, it can mean numerous days out to keep them occupied, which can mount up in cost.
Although the summer holidays are over, we have October half term only a matter of weeks away and the Christmas countdown will begin before we know it. The final months of the year are where we want to make a conscious effort to save money, as well as spending family time together. As the weather turns colder and more miserable weather arrives, we often find ourselves resorting to indoor activities such as bowling or a trip to the cinema; which as we can all appreciate, doesn’t always come cheaply.
With the winter weather now approaching, I wanted to share with you some fun and simple ways you can enjoy spending time together with your loved ones, in the comfort of your own home.

Big Boys Do Cry

Big Boys Do Cry. Male Mental Health

I guess I could be seen as being a bit late with this after all mental health week has well and truly passed, but then you know what? Mental health doesn't just affect people one week of the year and the conversation is one that should always be ongoing.

I won't pretend like I know my facts or that I've done my research when it comes to this (I feel the results of the research would terrify me), but something that has been playing on my mind more and more lately is hearing stories of people having very sadly committed suicide. I'm terribly fortunate to have never have been affected by this personally, but hearing of people who have felt that they have no other choice but to take their own lives sparks a sadness within me that I just feel like I can't ignore, especially so when the majority of people that I've recently heard affected by it have been male and I am a Mum of two boys myself.

Suicide is such a sensitive, complex subject to approach and I'm not sure that it's my place to discuss that here on my blog, but what I do feel like I want to talk about, especially so being a Mother of two boys, is male mental health. 
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