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My Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Sleeping Well

If you're a parent then you'll know that getting a good night's sleep isn't always a luxury awarded to parents of younger children. How often our little ones wake up during the night isn't always something within our control. But whilst we can't always guarantee a full night sleep, we can do other things to help our mind feel at it's calmest to help us switch off at night to allow for a good nights sleep. 

Creating a bedroom style that reflects calm by doing a few simple things is something that we can all do and today I am collaborating with the House Of Fraser homeware department to share my own tips on how I create the best ambience in our own bedroom loft conversion to help us to achieve a better nights sleep (when we're lucky enough to be able to sleep through that is). ;) 

An Exciting Fun-Packed Family Trip To Hampshire

Last Friday we took a long weekend trip to Hampshire with Hampshire's Top Attractions and we had such an amazing time. What began as a three-day weekend trip turned into feeling a bit like a mini-holiday to us where we made some incredible memories and came back feeling refreshed and recharged. We stayed at two amazing hotels, ate at some incredible restaurants and visited some fantastic attractions. Below I am sharing our favourite parts of our trip, but be warned this is a photo-heavy post as there were quite a few favourite moments! ;)

A Family Day Out In Cambridge With National Rail PlusBike

For us, the perfect way to spend a family day out together is simply being outside and exploring somewhere new. Both of my boys are incredibly active and would much rather be outside running around, digging up mud or finding secret hidey places to explore than spend the day at home. So when National Rail asked if we'd like to work with them to help them to promote their PlusBike tool by taking a trip to somewhere new and hiring bikes for the day, I knew it would be the perfect collaboration for us.

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Top Tips For Family Road Trips & How To Keep The Kids Entertained

As a family we've been on a few road trips, in fact, we actually have a UK based road trip coming up in just a few weeks time. Our biggest family road trip so far was a trip that we took to France, The Netherlands and Belgium via the Eurotunnel last year. Before we went on that trip I do remember worrying about the how boys would find it and how we'd survive the long car journeys, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. With a little planning, the boys actually loved it. I think moving around from place to place and exploring new places was actually perfect for my young boys. The car journeys were therefore so much easier than I'd anticipated them to be.

Below I am sharing my top tips for family road trips and what we do to keep our children entertained whilst we're travelling in the car.

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Our Family Trip To Cornwall - What We Did, Where We Stayed, What We Loved And What Didn't Quite Go To Plan

It's been a little while now since we've been back from our trip to Cornwall with my in-laws and my sister-in-law Ellie. I shared a video of our highlights from our trip on my youtube channel, but I'm only just now getting around to sharing some of the photos I took. With all the renovation work that we've had going on, plus my gastro issue that's decided it's going to flare up again, life has just sort of been whizzing by. 

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Leesa Mattress Review And What Makes It Different?

If you know me then you'll know my favourite place in the world is my bed! There's no better feeling in the world than curling up under the duvet, on a comfortable mattress and snuggling at the end of a long day. When my boys fight bedtime, it blows my mind. Who doesn't like being in bed?! 

For over a month now we've been testing The Leesa Mattress which has a massive 12,000+ 5 star reviews worldwide(!) and comes wrapped up tightly in a box. Read on below to find out our thoughts on it after a month of sleeping on it. 

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Big Renovation Update! Kitchen, Extension, Bedroom, Garden & Driveway

Working, living and parenting two small children here throughout the process of having our side extension added, kitchen ripped out and a new one added in, back garden and front garden re-done and Logan's room made bigger has been a bit crazy. We did it on a smaller scale when we had the loft converted and the kitchen was probably our biggest challenge yet. But we did it! - Or we nearly have.

We're so close to finishing now. The kitchen needs to be painted and some electrics need to be done in there too. And then we have the furnishing part to do. We've ordered a new table and chairs, we need to decide on a sideboard and Adam wants to get a keyboard for our new dining space too as he loves playing the keyboard and wants to show the boys how to play it too.

We're thrilled with the space we've gained from having the front two storey side extension added on. It's opened up our kitchen dining space so much and Logan's old room feels like a completely new room! I watched our before video back earlier and I realised just how spacious it all feels now. Our house really does feel like a home we can live in for the foreseeable future as a family now.

Below I've shared some photos to show you where we are currently up to with the renovations and the space that we've gained from having it all done. Once the rooms and garden space are all finished I will be sharing room tours and a full garden post and video to show you how we've decorated and to  let you see all of the finishing touches we add.

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