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Big Boys Do Cry

Big Boys Do Cry. Male Mental Health

I guess I could be seen as being a bit late with this after all mental health week has well and truly passed, but then you know what? Mental health doesn't just affect people one week of the year and the conversation is one that should always be ongoing.

I won't pretend like I know my facts or that I've done my research when it comes to this (I feel the results of the research would terrify me), but something that has been playing on my mind more and more lately is hearing stories of people having very sadly committed suicide. I'm terribly fortunate to have never have been affected by this personally, but hearing of people who have felt that they have no other choice but to take their own lives sparks a sadness within me that I just feel like I can't ignore, especially so when the majority of people that I've recently heard affected by it have been male and I am a Mum of two boys myself.

Suicide is such a sensitive, complex subject to approach and I'm not sure that it's my place to discuss that here on my blog, but what I do feel like I want to talk about, especially so being a Mother of two boys, is male mental health. 

More Than Just a Photo of my Child in Their Uniform on the First Day of School

It's a new school year, it's that time of year where our social media feeds get filled with pictures of children smiling in their smart new uniforms whilst stood on the doorstep of their home. A few will mumble and mutter about how they'd rather not see so many children in uniforms covering their feeds. But please do stop for a minute and allow us this moment to proudly and emotionally share our photos of our children as they embark on the next chapter of their lives and as we as their parents do too. 

It's not just the children that are having to be brave on the first day of school, us parents have to bravely hold back the tears as we guide our children - our babies who we've given everything to since before they even entered the world, into the school gates - a place not yet familiar and into the care of their brand new teacher. 

For years we've held on to their little hand, pouring our hearts and our souls into consistently guiding, teaching and protecting (and constantly questioning whether or not we're doing it right). And so suddenly the school years have arrived before us and as if by sudden we're forced to let go, to trust, to be brave. To hope that they are able to make friends easily, able to open their lunchbox contents okay, to use the toilet without help, to feel that they can ask for help when it's needed, to speak up if they fall behind with something.

Top 10 Incredible Home Decor Ideas of 2019

When it comes to designing the interior of your dream home some of us dream of having a garden or a even a pool, while others might dream of a beautiful modern interior with lots of natural elements. But no matter what design fantasies we have for our dream homes, somewhere it always falls short when it comes to completing the interiors of a home. Which is why I've decided to share a few ideas to help you get a kick-start from re-designing your old area or designing a new home. 
With something as simple as a photo on a canvas to metallic prints you can make your entire living space fresh and refined in no time. You'll be able to complete a few of these ideas within one day, but the outcome will look like it took way much time to pull off.

A Special Anniversary Weekend As A Couple In London

couples weekend in london

This month Adam and I have been married for seven years and in October we would have been together for seventeen years having met at school when were just 14 years old and so to celebrate I wanted to do something special for him and so I arranged us a couples trip to London for two nights. Adams parents, my in-laws, very kindly agreed to look after our boys and on Friday morning we set off on the train for what turned out to be one of the loveliest weekends that we've ever had.

A Day At Paultons Park | Review

We've visited Paulton's Park in Romsey several times now and each visit has been just as exciting as the last! We initially started visiting Paultons Park for Peppa Pig World when our boys were younger and Peppa ruled their world but we've found that even as they've grown and their interests have changed Paulton's Park is still one of our favourite places for a family day out in the UK because there's so much to see and do to suit all of the family, no matter the ages!

Paultons Park has been voted as the number one theme park in the UK on TripAdvisor and as somebody that has visited with her children many times I can see why! The park itself is very well maintained and the theming and little touches all around are brilliant, from the life-like animatronic dinosaurs in the Lost Kingdom to the cleverly shaped bushes all around the park and all of the attention to detail given in zones like Peppa Pig World and Critter Creek. The park is kept to a really high standard. 

How We're Encouraging Healthier Screen Time Habits With Our Boys

When it comes to screen time and the boys, I think we've been quite fortunate in that the boys have only very recently shown an interest in using the iPad or our phones and spending time on 'tech'. I say fortunate, not because I think screen time is in any way bad for children, I actually believe that if used in moderation it can often be quite educational and it can aid and encourage children to learn to use devices that will no doubt be a part of their lives and even possibly their careers when they're older. I mean fortunate in that we've not had to set restrictions or encounter battles to encourage them to use screen time in moderation.

But now that the boys are asking to use technology more often and showing such an interest in it, we've found ourselves feeling the need to set restrictions on the use of screens, as we know ourselves as adults, especially as we both spend a lot of time online for our jobs, just how easy it is to lose track of time whilst online.

Our Stay In Newquay, Cornwall At Hendra Holiday Park

A little while ago we were invited to Newquay, Cornwall to stay at Hendra Holiday Park for four nights and we absolutely jumped at the chance having heard and read amazing things about Hendra Holidays via Tripadvisor and other blogs where the reviews and photos of the park had also been amazing. 

Cornwall from where we are in Buckinghamshire is about 4 and half hours and the journey there last week was smooth as the boys are at a great age now where they will happily entertain themselves in the back until we get to where we are going. 

On arrival at Hendra the first thing I noticed was how lovely the park looked, there were beautiful colourful flowers everywhere and the park looked really clean and looked after. A member of staff was waiting outside the reception to greet the cars coming in and he ran us through what we needed to do to get our keys. Once we had our keys, we followed the map that we'd been given over to our static caravan which was a 3 bedroom Porthminster Premium and when we got inside we were all blown away by how incredibly lovely and spacious the caravan was. 
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