Thursday, 30 October 2014

Win a years subscription to OK Magazine!

Hello everyone! And happy Halloween eve! That's a thing right? ;)

Today I am hosting an exciting giveaway and the prize is a whole years subscription to OK! magazine courtesy of sparkling drinks company Shloer! 

So why have Shloer very kindly agreed to giveaway such an awesome prize? Well if you're a Shloer fan already then you may already know that at the moment you can claim a FREE copy of OK! magazine when you purchase a promotional bottle of delicious sparkling juice drink Shloer! (For a limited period only). So whether you’re having a relaxing night in for one, or a night in with the girls, you can have the latest issue delivered straight to your door. Chill your refreshing grape-based Shloer and put your feet up to enjoy some ‘me time’!

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Things to Consider when Buying a Fridge for your Family

It may not be the most enthralling topic in the world, but making the right decision when you buy a fridge is really important as it’s one of the main appliances in your home. It’s made a little more important when your fridge is a main part of your family’s life and diet, as you will need something strong, reliable and efficient.
Therefore we’ve put together a bit of a guide of things to consider when buying a fridge for your family to hopefully make the process a little easier!

Storage capacity and size
The storage capacity of the fridge is usually the main component when choosing one as you will obviously want one that will be adequate for your needs. It’s important to think about not going too OTT however and buying one that will be too big, as it will not only be more expensive to buy but it will also be more expensive to run. Evaluate how much food you put in your fridge each week (and where you can cut back!) to properly get an idea for how big it will need to be. 
Where you are going to keep your fridge will have an impact on the decision. Freestanding fridges from sites like Electric Shop are great as you can put them anywhere you have the space and a plug! Therefore they tend to be the most common and popular option.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to Get the Kids Organised During Half Term

Half term is finally here and for busy mums, there’s no better time than the half term break to get the whole family organised in the home. If your house is in need of a major spring clean, half time may not be the best time to tackle this (we all know how tough it is juggling more than one kid whilst watching the stove and balancing the phone on your shoulder!) but you can sure make a start. This is prime time to start clearing out old junk, and whilst the kids aren’t at school, you may as well keep them distracted with a fun and practical exercise. 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “tidy room, tidy mind”; we can’t always be on top of the housework (especially with school runs, bottle feeds, work and getting dinner on the table every night) but we can make time for a big clear-out when we have all hands on deck.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Our Favourite Toddler and Children's Books for Halloween 2014

Yet another Halloween-themed blog post for you today (Can you tell that I'm a fan?). 

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Today I am sharing some of the spooky books that are my personal favourites and are one that's I've purchased for Ethan this year. As a child I always remember the more spookier books as being my very favourites, they always stood out more to me and so purchasing Ethans Halloween books has been a bit of a nostalgic experience for me, which is always really lovely. I even purchased myself a halloween Goosebumps book from eBay purely for the nostalgia and because I was having so much fun remembering all the wonderful books I used to read. Oh and I should make a special mention to my good friend and fellow blogger Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks who posted some of these books on her Instgram last week and who reminded me of some of these amazing childhood classics! How could I forgot the likes of the amazing Funnybones?! Thanks Hayley!

Here are our favourite halloween books for children this year..

WellVine: Your trusted health partner through the ups and downs of pregnancy and motherhood*

WellVine launches free health Q&A service, connecting to you to real doctors for bespoke support

Once upon a time, in a land not far away (well, actually…just down the road from you), lived a mum with her husband and two little children. She was once pregnant like you, she loves her children intensely much like you do yours, she is passionate and driven as you are about the things that matter and frankly, like you - she probably deserves a ‘superwoman of the week’ award one of these days. O, and one more thing – she worries. She worries about balancing children, family, friends and all that life throws at her. But most of all, she worries about the health and safety of her children. This may sound familiar because these are the stories we heard from women like you.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Reducing the Risk of Family Pets Going Missing*

We've either experienced this moment ourselves or know someone who has - that gut-wrenching moment when you think your family pet has gone missing. Luckily, more often than not, your pet turns up pretty fast, whether they’ve discovered a fantastic hiding place behind the sofa or have gone for a wander down the road, but for some families a pet can go missing for weeks and even forever. When you have a young family this loss can hit them especially hard, and they might not be able to comprehend or deal with the possibility that they may never see their best friend again.
Locating your pet can be a costly and time-consuming experience and can put strain on even the most secure relationships. Minimising the risk of this happening is simpler than you may think, and by making sure your dog or cat is collared and tagged, they can be returned to you much sooner. If not, your pet may be mistaken for a stray and it will be a much longer process to reunite you. Here are some simple measures you can take to make sure your pet is returned home safe and sound.

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