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A Family Trip To Limassol, Cyprus - Atlantica Oasis Resort

**This was not a review/press trip -  we paid to go to Atlantica Oasis ourselves, but I thought I'd tell you a bit about the hotel that we stayed at for anyone who might be interested. :)

A few weeks ago we took a family holiday to Cyprus - somewhere that we'd never been before and we ended up having a bit of a bittersweet holiday. Bitter because we'd gone with my Adam's parents and his Grandad and his partner and on the very first day Adam's Grandad partner fell at the resort and ended up breaking her hip. It's bad enough for that to happen at all, let alone on your first day of a holiday that you've been looking forward to and in a foreign country. We all felt so sorry and awful for her and Adam's Grandad. 

Fortunately, their insurance was absolutely brilliant and looked after them really well. Her operation went successfully and the insurance covered everything, even things like taxi's and another (nearly) two weeks stay in another hotel when she wasn't able to fly home with us. And whilst of course, it wasn't the holiday that we'd all planned on having, we tried to make the most of it safe in the knowledge that Maureen was being taken care of.  

Carex Giveaway : WIN a Family Ticket to any SEA LIFE Centre

** Collaborative post with Carex.**

It's funny, I only noticed how many bottles of Carex handwash that we have in our home after Carex
emailed me to see if we'd be interested in collaborating with them to help them promote their new Merlin half price entry offer. Apparently, I've become quite a loyal customer of theirs as we have their hand soap next to every sink in our home - I clearly tend to naturally choose their hand soap to help protect our family and keep our hands clean!

5 Surprising Things That Have Completely Changed My Views On Camping Holidays

I'm starting to realise that my views on camping holidays may be slightly outdated. In my head when I hear camping, I automatically think of a tent in the middle of a (probably muddy) field in the UK, in the middle of nowhere, with no amenities, no signal and no form of entertainment other than the board games and football that you might bring yourself. God only knows where this idea of mine has come from, because as I have learnt very recently, camping is not like that whatsoever. 

7 Easy & Inexpensive Ways To Update Tired Looking Rooms In Your Home

In an ideal world, we'd all like the rooms in our homes to look and feel modern, fresh and clear, but sometimes a lack of time, energy and money get in the way and some rooms can end up feeling a little tired and outdated. Today I want to share a few easy and inexpensive ideas with you that can help make tired, outdated rooms feel instantly refreshed! 

What To Pack : Kids Carry On Cases - Travel/Flight Entertainment

If you're looking for ideas to keep your little one/s entertained during car travel or a flight then I hope you will have found yourself in the right place. My boys are 6 and very nearly 4 and tomorrow we leave for a family holiday to Cyprus for a week (I can't wait!). 

The last time I took my boys on a plane, the journey didn't go particularly smoothly and my youngest who was quite young at the time (around 2) screamed during most of the flight (he hated having his seat belt on for some reason). Thankfully we had very patient and understanding passengers around us so that helped a lot. I think a lot of it was his young age, it's difficult for a toddler to sit on a plane for hours. So we expect that this time around things *hopefully* will be a lot smoother now that he is very nearly 4. We've also made sure that we've stocked up on things to keep both of our boys entertained during the journey. We've got activity books and little toys that they haven't seen before to keep them busy and we'll be taking lots of snacks and a few treats with us to for lots of distraction. 

A Family Trip To Bluestone Wales

Bluestone wales, bluestone, bluestone wales review,
Disclosure: We were invited to Bluestone in exchange for an honest blog post & supporting social posts but all opinions shared are, as always, entirely my own.

We've been fortunate to have been kindly invited to Bluestone Wales twice now. Our first time at Bluestone was when I was heavily pregnant with my second Son Logan, so just over 4 years ago now and the second time was a couple of weeks ago when we returned this time with both of the boys. 

If I was going to sum up how I feel about Bluestone, I'd have to tell you first of how both times I have returned home a more chilled version of myself. Despite all of the many activities and exploring that you can do at Bluestone and at the places surrounding Bluestone itself, I find that there's such a relaxed vibe at Bluestone and the accommodation (the lodges) help to massively encourage that vibe.

I'm Not Listening To You Anymore

Have you noticed that I'm not listening to you anymore? 

You've always acted like you've got my best interests at heart, like you only want to protect me, but I'm starting to see that you're only holding me back. 

On the bad days, you tell me that I'm not good enough, you flood my head with guilt, make me feel inadequate. 

When I sit down to write from the heart, you always say what's the point? There are others who write better than you.
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