Thursday, 28 May 2015

Breastfeeding vs Bottlefeeding.. Does it matter as long as our children get fed?

Baby feeding isn't usually something I discuss.. and that's not because I'm embarrassed, feel guilty or ashamed.. it's because I simply don't really have much of an opinion on the subject. After all, all it really is is a choice made by a Mother about how to feed her child. Nothing less, nothing more. It shouldn't be a debate, it shouldn't be a clash of opinions between mothers/parents/the media or anyone else. How a Mother chooses to feed her child is up to her, it's her business and her business alone. 

I never breastfed Ethan, but I can imagine that breastfeeding is bloody tough and so if a woman chooses to share a photograph of her breastfeeding her child on the internet or anywhere else, then good on her. I'm all for sharing things that make people feed good about themselves. Hence why I blog. I never felt guilty about the way I chose to feed Ethan, why would I have? He's a happy, healthy, little boy and that's all that's ever mattered. I was never pressured to feed him any particular way and if someone had ever tried to pressure me, I would have firmly (but politely) told them that thanks but that they're opinion wasn't welcome. 


8 Top Tips to Help Ease Your Little One's Transition in to Nursery

Ethan doesn't attend nursery yet, though it's something that Adam and I have recently been discussing. We're so fortunate in that we're able to make money from home as well as in our part time jobs, as it means that we're able to look after Ethan between us at home. The only day he's not with us is during the day on a Friday when he goes to his Grandmas, but even then we feel fortunate that he's with family. 

Ethan is two years old now and has got to an age where he really seems to benefit from social interaction with other children and more than that - he really enjoys it. He's got to an age where as parents, we feel it's very important for him to know that it's perfectly normal and okay to do things without his Dad and I there one hundred percent of the time He thrives on a week full of routine and pre-planned activities.. Ethan loves nothing more than attending weekly playgroup and his weekly swimming lesson. He loves going to his Grandmas on a Thursday night and doing things with her on a Friday during the day. He loves the outside world and being on the go, we take him out pretty much every single day and literally may as well move in to our local park. 


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

How We Spent Our Bank Holiday

Our days and weeks are always so filled up with things to do. Be it with working, me writing my blog, my Husband taking care of his business, house maintenance that comes up or just the general daily house jobs - there's always something to do. Having said that, as much as it's often knackering trying to keep up and our days and nights continually seem to blend into one, I do prefer being busy.. I'm one of those people who really dislikes feeling bored! I think it's sort of pretty well known that when you become a parent, you never really experience proper boredom anyway as you're generally kept on your toes by your little people!


Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Ordinary Moments.. When they're Poorly

It almost seems like May has very nearly passed without me even truly taking the chance to stop and appreciate that we're even in May. I must have done it, but I don't even remember turning the calendar that hangs in our kitchen, over from April to May. May seems to have been one of those months where I suddenly realise the date as we get closer and closer to the end of the month and I can't quite remember how I spent any of the earlier weeks of that month.

I think I'll most likely remember May 2015 as the month that went by far too quickly - I seem to have spent most of it laying in or on my bed, but I guess when you're just a month away from giving birth, that's pretty much to be expected. I somehow even managed to pick up both a throat and a sinus infection during May and then rather unfortunately pass my germs on to my Son, who to his annoyance has spent the week with me, or his Dad, or sometimes both of us, running behind him attempting to wipe his runny nose every five minutes. We've started carrying a roll of toilet tissue with us from room to room around the house and have gone through an absolute abundance of it over these past few weeks.. it's highly likely that we're single-handedly keeping Andrex in business..


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Baby #2: 35 Weeks Pregnant.. You are Engaged and Mama's Shattered!

Just like at 34 weeks pregnant, I've been feeling lightening and pressure again this week from where baby is potentially laying on a nerve and/or pushing his head down. It tends to happen mostly when I'm up and about and it always serves as a reminder to me that I'm really not too far off of the end of this pregnancy now. 

Thinking about reaching the end makes me a little sad, as much as my body is truly and honestly ready for a break. This could be my last pregnancy (though that's not decided) and although it's been utterly exhausting mostly due to the fact that I have his two year old brother to run around after daily, I sort of want to hold on to these last few weeks and enjoy my last moments of having a bump and feeling my Son wriggle and move about, because once he's out, he's out. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Our Family Home | Life Changes and Adapting to Follow Suit

Adam and I have had three places that we've called 'home' ever since moving in together aged 19. We've always been incredibly proud of all of our homes and have really cared about things like the decor and how clean and tidy we've kept each place. We're now living in a three bedroom house in a village that we never thought that we'd be able to afford and whilst we don't yet have every room done exactly how we'd like it, we're just as proud of our family home as we have been with the others. 

This house is our first 'proper family home'. Ethan was born whilst we lived in our previous two bedroom new-build house, but we soon realised that we wanted and needed more space. We also started to think about things like schooling and we came to the conclusion that we both really wanted Ethan (and any eventual siblings) to attend a village school rather than any of the schools that were nearby to us at the time. 


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Trunki | Review and Giveaway

Anyone that has seen our short video of our trip to Cornwall last week, will have seen just how much Ethan has been loving his brand new Trunki. It's like all of a sudden with getting his own little personal suitcase, he's found a little more independence. He doesn't want us to pull it along for him or help him with it.. he doesn't say it but it's sort of like he's got this adorable independent type of attitude of 'No Mama! I've got this!' which really makes his Dad and I smile. 

Trunki Terrance, Trunki Review and Gveaway

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