Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Stokke Crusi as a Pushchair and a Sibling Solution | Review

Last week I told you about how Logan and I had been getting on with using the carrycot attachment on the absolutely beautiful pushchair that is the Stokke Crusi. This week I want to show you how the Crusi can transform from being used with the carrycot to being used as a pushchair for older children. I also want to show you how it can transform so that you can use the Crusi with more than one child, using the Sibling Seat.

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Our Newborn Photography Session with Francesca DB Photography

I met Francesca back in 2011, Adam and I had met her for coffee to discuss her wedding photography at a place that now has a very special place in our hearts - the beautifully located Three Lakes, in Hertfordshire. Francesca impressed us from the start, she was so lovely to talk to, she oozed creativity and talent and she made us feel so relaxed. We clicked with her straight away, it was almost felt like we were old friends. The following year, Adam and I married each other at the Three Lakes outside in the sunshine over looking the lakes, the view was breathtaking and Francesca along with her Husband was there to capture our entire day. 

It's not something that I say lightly, but Francesca and her Husband are honestly two of the most nicest people so when they arrived to photograph our big day, it was genuinely just really nice to have them both there. Before the wedding, I'd spent so long browsing Francesca's photography blog that I knew our wedding photos would come out just as I had hoped for, but when I received the final photos, Adam and I were quite literally blown away - they were far better than anything we'd even imagined. We look back on our wedding photographs often and with such fond memories - we're so glad that we chose Francesca as our photographer. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Ordinary Moments: Those First Smiles For Mummy

I feel like my head's trying to play catch up a bit, sort of like I don't quite know how it's been over a month since Logan arrived in to the world. I'd been so focused on meeting my little boy for so long during my pregnancy, that really all I seemed to think about was what the first few weeks of his life would be like. I hadn't really given myself a chance to think ahead to his 'firsts' and I'd certainly forgotten just how early some of those firsts might be.. like smiling. 

This week, at four weeks old, Logan smiled at me properly for the very first time. I wasn't sure if they were real smiles at first, as I'd forgotten how early babies can smiles from. But he just kept smiling over and over again at me,  even to the point where I was able to take a few photographs and capture a little video (I uploaded a 15 second clip of the video to my Instagram account) . The photos are grainy as it was 1 o'clock in the morning at the time, but they're so precious, that it really doesn't matter to me.

At the time I was sure he was much earlier with his first smiles than Ethan had been, but then I remembered that I'd captured Ethans first smiles on my iPhone too and that I'd blogged about it at the time, so I had a little search and I discovered that Ethan had been five weeks old when he first smiled properly at me - only a week apart from Logans first smile. 

Seeing Logan smile at me the way he did made my heart feel really full. There's something so magical seeing your baby smile at you for the first time. It's the way they study your face and your own smile. It's how bright their eyes are and how aware of you they are. It's almost like your baby is trying to tell you that he (or she) knows you are their Mummy. It's how much you can tell that as their Mummy, you comfort them. It's a million things. 

There's a common saying that says that 'A smile can go a long way'- and I've always thought this to be true. But, as a parent, the very first time that your baby smiles at you, it doesn't just go a long way - it stays with you forever. 

Logan at 4 weeks old.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Me and Mine: July 2015

Woah - where did July go?! 

I remember the first few months of Ethans life going by so quickly, it was just a blur and though I feel like this time around I'm doing my best to make sure that I don't end up feeling like Logans first few months are a blur, they're still passing by so unbelievablly quick! I suppose that's what happens when you're thrown out of a usual sort of routine and learn how to adjust to having a whole brand new person in your family life. 

- (The one where your family decide that this month they really aren't into the whole lets take a family photo thing and no matter how many times you try, somebody in the photo always looks totally and utterly uninterested (in this case - Ethan!). So after x number of attempts - you give up and simply and shamelessly end up choosing the photo that you personally think you look the nicest in ;)..)

Thursday, 30 July 2015

I'm Dreaming of a White.. Kitchen!

I like the colour white, it's my favourite colour - as if you didn't already know.. ;) 

I like to keep the decor in my house nice and bright. Bright as in neutral and white, not bright as in colourful. As lovely, as lots of colour can look in a house, that's just not me. Some people find too much white decor too clinical, but not me, I'd quite happilly live in a house decorated entirely in the colour white. 

Well.. Maybe not entirely.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Few of My Toddlers Favourite Indoor Toys

My little man is much more of an outdoor type of toddler than an indoor, but there are days, especially here in the UK with all the rain, that outdoor play just isn't possible. And so for those days, we try very hard to keep an array of toys in the house to keep our very active little Ethan as entertained as is possible. 

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5 Tips To Help Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy

It is natural for pregnant women to gain weight and inches during the third trimester, but many women are left with excess weight on their stomach after their baby has been born. If this is affecting your confidence, or the way you feel about yourself, it's important to remember that you're in control. Post pregnancy weight loss involves exercise, eating well and making a few lifestyle changes, but there are some specific strategies you can adopt to shed the unwanted weight. 

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