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Finished Boys Bedroom Makeover: Ethans Blue, White And Red Big Boy Room

Our little boy Ethan's, bedroom makeover is now finished and it feels so good to finally be able to say that! If you've been following our renovation journey, then you'll know that we've just had a two-storey front side extension added on to our home, which gave us a much bigger kitchen and dining area, a porch and also increased the smallest bedroom in our home (the room I'm showing you today) which made it even bigger than the middle-sized bedroom that we have. This room, which used to be Logan's nursery and is now Ethan's big boy bedroom, used to be our box room, but now it feels so spacious, airy and perfect for Ethan to grow up in and then have as a teenager. 

We're honestly so thrilled with it - it's exactly what we had hoped for and more. The younger Alex-in-me is actually a little bit jealous, as I would have loved his room as a child myself, especially the new cool bed! I've filmed a room tour for this room over on my youtube channel, but of course, I wanted to share a reveal here too and show you all what it looks like. (If you'd like to see our home and this room before the renovations, then you can take a look here).

21 Things I've Learnt About Myself In 30 Years

I spent my twenties doing a lot - I got married, I had my first baby and then my second. I bought a house and renovated it, twice. I finally took a flight to America and visited Walt Disney World. I overcame anxieties. I managed to find myself a hobby that I stuck with and became passionate about and I even managed to turn that hobby (this blog) into a living that has allowed me to work completely for myself - a complete dream come true.

Reflecting on my twenties reminds me how much I've done and how much I've achieved. Especially considering that I started my twenties feeling a little lost and unsure of what I wanted to do work-wise, not knowing if Adam and I would ever like to have children and a little bit unsure of who exactly I was.

And now here I am starting my thirties, and whilst we all know that age is just a number, I do wonder what the next ten years of my life might look like. I can only hope that they might be as wonderful as the previous ten years have been. Perhaps my thirties might be the decade where I discover more about myself and continue to do as I've done during the past year and be less hard on myself about things out of my control.

Today I thought I'd do something a little fun and sit and make a list of 21 things that I feel I've learnt about myself in the last 30 years.

20 Things I've Learnt About Myself In 30 Years

5 Amazing Things To Do With The Kids During Your Trip To Suffolk

As a family, we absolutely love exploring different places around the UK and finding hidden gems. We feel that the UK has so much to offer, there's so much history here and many different fun family days out. And so over the next few weeks, I'm going to be sharing some posts on a few different places around the UK and some of the amazing things that they have to offer to families with young children, starting today with Suffolk. 

Where to Stay? 

Let's start with where to stay during your trip to Suffolk. If you live in or around Suffolk then you'll already know that Suffolk offers some pretty wonderful places to stay. Suffolk-Secrets by Holiday Cottages is a fantastic website that helps you match with the perfect holiday property for you. From gorgeous beach huts, woodland lodges, cosy cottages, stunning homes and even fantastic barn conversions, plus tons more amazing holiday properties to choose from, you'll no doubt find the perfect place to stay for you. 

What to do? 

Southwold Beach and Pier 

You can't beat a day at the seaside and Southwold Beach makes for the perfect spot for a family day at the beach. With its sand and shingles shore and brightly coloured beach huts, Southwold is described as the jewel of Suffolk's Heritage Coast. The Pier at Southwold which has previously won the prestigious Blue Flag award offers delicious food, excellent shopping, breathtaking sea views and eccentric British seaside fun. Nearby you'll also find Southwold's lighthouse built in 1887 as a coastal mark for passing shipping and as a guide for vessels sailing into Southwold Harbour. 

5 Amazing Things To Do With The Kids During Your Trip To Suffolk,

The Big 3-0! How I Spent My 30th Birthday!

On Sunday I celebrated my 30th birthday - the big 3-0. It's weird, I vividly remember as a young girl standing in my room thinking how grown up I'd feel when I turned 18... 18! Little did I know. I still wouldn't feel like a 'proper' grown up at 30. That little girl in me wondered where I'd be at 18, what I'd be doing, so it feels strange now to be way past the age of 18 and now in my 30's. 

30 feels like a big number, a significant number. I often don't feel like a 'proper grown up', but does anyone? My adult years have taught me that we're all just winging it... our parents and their parents above them and all of the generations before. Age really is just a number, but I'm excited about my thirties. My twenties were about new experiences and becoming independent, learning how to be an adult, a Mum, a wife and finding out more about myself. And I would like to think that my thirties will be about becoming a bit wiser, taking the experiences and knowledge I have from my twenties and growing on it. I'll watch my boys grow up even more and I'm excited to experience each stage of that with them. I am excited to create more memories as a family. I'm excited to grow on myself a bit more and continue to challenge myself and the anxieties that sometimes stand in my way. It's fair to say that I've hit my 30's feeling incredibly content and extremely fortunate and this is something I really don't take for granted. 

Boys Bedroom Makeover Update & Sneak Peak With Argos Home

It feels like it's been quite a while since work began on on our home renovations. The past few months living through the extension and all of the other things that we've been having done to make our house our forever home haven't been the easiest to live around especially whilst having two little people aged five and three years old. But, seeing all our hopes and dreams finally start to come together as we add the finishing touches to the rooms reminds me how completely worth it has all been.

Ethan's new bedroom is finally nearly exactly how we had hoped it would be, it isn't 100% finished, we have a few more things to add, though it's not much. It's only little things like a rug, as we hadn't quite realised how much floor space he's gained from the extension and also some more bunting for the other window as I hadn't realised that I had ordered the wrong size.

We've really worked so hard on this room and we're so pleased with the result. One of the things that really pushed us to get this finished so quickly was receiving an email from the Argos Home team who rather excitingly wanted to collaborate with us and help us to give Ethan a room that was perfect for him now and that would also grow with him over the years. And we feel we have completely achieved that for him. I'm going to share a full bedroom makeover once it's all completely finished, but for now I want to show you some of our Argos Home finds that have helped to make this room one of our favourite rooms in our home.

A Brand New Chapter..

Oh my boys, when did you get so big?!I  definitely felt all of the emotions this morning as we dropped these two off at school for the start of what is a new chapter for us this morning. 

Ethan went into year one today and he was so excited to see his friends again. He was more excited than nervous which was so reassuring to see. I love how confident he is with school, especially as I was totally the opposite as a child myself. It wasn't particularly that I wasn't confident, more that I was so clingy to my Mum and hated her leaving me. But it makes me so proud to see that going into school for the day doesn't faze Ethan, he's more excited than anything. 

My Hopes As Both of My Boys Embark on Their School Journey Tomorrow

I had tears in my eyes tonight putting my boys to bed, especially Logan. 

Today was the last day of the summer holidays for us and tonight is the last night I put my youngest to bed as a baby. He’s not a baby of course and he hasn’t been for two years, but he’s the baby of our family and for the last three years he’s been with us pretty much constantly.

But tomorrow he starts nursery for the first time and he’ll wear a little uniform. The same uniform that his big brother Ethan, who’s going into year one tomorrow, wears. 

There were moments during the summer holidays, mostly whilst breaking up sibling squabble after sibling squabble where I looked forward to having some order back. I look forward to being able to do house work and my work without guilt. But now that the end of summer has rolled around, I’m a little sad, nervous even for the boys and for me. 

More than anything I hope Logan settles in okay. I hope he finds his lunchbox at lunch ok, I hope he finds the toilet ok and doesn’t need too much help, I hope he finds it easy to join in with the older children as he’s the only one starting in nursery there. I hope he understands I’m coming back to get him. I hope he doesn’t get too tired. I hope he doesn’t get too hungry. 

And for me, I hope the day isn’t too long, I hope I get some solid quality time with them each day, I hope they don’t need me much less than they do now. I hope they know how proud of them I am and how much I love them. 

I’m an emotional Mummy and I suspect tomorrow morning may be a little tough, especially as we’re dropping our cat off for surgery just after. But I’m so glad my boys have each other and I’m comforted by the knowledge that I know how much they’re both going to thrive at school. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
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