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Life With An Invisible Condition

Back in 2009 I started a new job and within months of starting that job I started suffering from persistent back pain. I'd never experienced back pain before and I was sure that with some pain relief tablets from the doctor, my pain would just disappear. And then when it didn't, I thought a course of physiotherapy would be sure to sort it out, but when that didn't work I started to realise that perhaps it wasn't going to be as easy to 'fix' as I first thought.

The physiotherapist told me that I had scoliosis. I had two curves in my spine - one at the bottom and one at the top and it was this that was being pinpointed as the cause of my pain. I learnt that scoliosis was often picked up in childhood or in the teenage years and if the curvature was large enough (mine wasn't) then it was operated on. My scoliosis was seen as mild in its size yet the pain it was causing was anything but.

Making the Hard Decision To Change the Boys' School

Making the decision to take your child from a place where they have settled, where they've made close friends, where they are comfortable, happy, content and confident, to put them into a place that they don't yet know, where others are strangers, where their surroundings are unfamiliar, where routines aren't yet established and confidence hasn't yet grown, is a hard thing to do. And I know this, because we've just made the decision to change our childrens school. 

There are a number of reasons why the move is right for us, but one big factor into the decision was the reality that Logan would have been the only one in his year group for the second year running in his current school. Whilst it was a small concern, it was never such an issue for his year in nursery as he'd been happily mixed with the reception children and often the year 1's which included his brother - a very familiar face for him. But as he moves up into reception come September 2019, the school has had no choice due to low numbers joining (or rather not joining) the school, to combine four year groups together - nursery (1 child), reception (1 child - Logan), year 1 and year 2. And because the two bigger years need to spend the day learning, their new setting will be a proper classroom with little space for play stations for the younger children.

What We Buy on Our Grocery Shop As Vegetarians & Our Meat Free Meal Plan For The Week

Over on my YouTube channel I often share our weekly meat free meal plans alongside our vegetarian grocery shopping hauls and I seem to get quite a lot of people saying how much they enjoy them and requesting more. 

I know that not everyone watches YouTube and some people prefer to read blog posts especially those of you who've got a sleeping baby/child on you who you'd rather not wake and so I thought this week I would share our meal plan and veggie grocery shop here on my blog also. 

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Logan's 4th Birthday & A VERY Sunny June Weekend

I remember always wanting a June birthday when I was a little girl. You get to have your birthday exactly half way through the year and you're far more likely to be able to enjoy your birthday in the sunshine. My little Logan got VERY lucky with his birth date - his birthday is on the 30th June, so he's smack bang in the middle of the year and he's had a heatwave here in the UK on pretty much most of his birthdays (including the day that he was born - thank god for air conditioning haha!).

Logan has had the best three days, in fact we all have. He celebrated his birthday on Friday with his friends at a local soft play called Safari MK and I have never seen him so excited. It was the first time we had celebrated his birthday with friends from school and he's been counting down the days. It was so heart-warming to see him so happy and having the best time. I have to say, we had the best service at Safari MK too. Our party host was a guy called Josh and he went out of way to make Logan feel special as the birthday boy and to make sure that everything was taken care of. It really made such a difference and so I wrote an email of thanks and to say how happy we were to his manager afterwards.

A Family Holiday To Limassol, Cyprus - Atlantica Oasis Resort

**This was not a review/press trip -  we paid to go to Atlantica Oasis ourselves, but I thought I'd tell you a bit about the hotel that we stayed at for anyone who might be interested. :)

A few weeks ago we took a family holiday to Cyprus - somewhere that we'd never been before and we ended up having a bit of a bittersweet holiday. Bitter because we'd gone with my Adam's parents and his Grandad and his partner and on the very first day Adam's Grandad partner fell at the resort and ended up breaking her hip. It's bad enough for that to happen at all, let alone on your first day of a holiday that you've been looking forward to and in a foreign country. We all felt so sorry and awful for her and Adam's Grandad. 

Fortunately, their insurance was absolutely brilliant and looked after them really well. Her operation went successfully and the insurance covered everything, even things like taxi's and another (nearly) two weeks stay in another hotel when she wasn't able to fly home with us. And whilst of course, it wasn't the holiday that we'd all planned on having, we tried to make the most of it safe in the knowledge that Maureen was being taken care of.  

Carex Giveaway : WIN a Family Ticket to any SEA LIFE Centre

** Collaborative post with Carex.**

It's funny, I only noticed how many bottles of Carex handwash that we have in our home after Carex
emailed me to see if we'd be interested in collaborating with them to help them promote their new Merlin half price entry offer. Apparently, I've become quite a loyal customer of theirs as we have their hand soap next to every sink in our home - I clearly tend to naturally choose their hand soap to help protect our family and keep our hands clean!

5 Surprising Things That Have Completely Changed My Views On Camping Holidays

I'm starting to realise that my views on camping holidays may be slightly outdated. In my head when I hear camping, I automatically think of a tent in the middle of a (probably muddy) field in the UK, in the middle of nowhere, with no amenities, no signal and no form of entertainment other than the board games and football that you might bring yourself. God only knows where this idea of mine has come from, because as I have learnt very recently, camping is not like that whatsoever. 

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