Saturday, 22 October 2016

A Beautiful Day In The Sunshine Discovering Stowe

OK this is a post that might be just a *little* out of date, mostly because it's a little bit of a sunny sort of post and for us all that live here in the UK, we know that the days of dresses, shorts, sunglasses, sun tan lotion and picnics are gone for another year (boo!).

But it's a post I just didn't get around to pressing publish on - I had filmed a few video clips to make a little video of our family day out in the sun and those video clips are still sitting (collecting dust) in my iMovie library! (Oh the life of a busy Mum!) But I thought since I went through the trouble of editing the pictures we took and because I love them so much, and also because I am still not feeling this whole Autumn/Winter colder weather thing I would still publish this post, just without the video!

Of course when I say post, I really mean photo diary. It's a photo heavy post, but there's lots of sunshine in the photos so hopefully it'll make you feel a little warmer if, like me, you suffer far worse than everybody else seems to with the drop in temperature this time of year! 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Logan's Star Themed Bedroom | Room Tour

So the final room makeover that I wanted to share here on my blog belongs to the youngest member of our family, Logan. Logan's new bedroom used to be our home office, but with Adam's business growing, we totally outgrow the room and during our loft conversion we moved our office in to what used to be our bedroom (before we moved up in to the conversion). You can take a look around our new home office here, you can find our loft conversion room tour here and you can have a quick tour around Ethan's updated plane-themed kids bedroom here

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Once in a Lifetime Tour around the Thorntons Factory

If you follow me on social media you may well know that recently I was very excitingly invited by Thorntons to visit their chocolate factory in Derby. It's not everyday that I am asked to go and receive a lesson in being a chocolatier and have the opportunity to explore behind the scenes of such a top British chocolate brand, so of course I totally jumped at the chance. 

I'm not really sure what I had expected before I got there, but one thing that really struck me was just how many people were working in the factory. I guess I had sort of expected to see just a lot of machinery and whilst there was plenty of impressive machinery in action, there were just as many people there working on making the chocolates as perfect as they could be. And it was impressive to see that a lot of what was being done was being done by hand and required skill. It was nice to see so many highly skilled chocolatier's in action clearly passionate about their jobs. It was clear that there was a real family feel to the factory. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

5 Fun Children's Birthday Party Venue Ideas

A few months ago Ethan was invited to his very first school-friend birthday party, the little girl was turning four and her parents had decided to take her and her new pre-school friends to a soft play centre and have the centre arrange and take care of all of the birthday party celebrations.

Whilst I now wish I maybe had dropped Ethan off and picked him up later after it had all finished, rather than stay and juggle a wriggly little Logan who just wanted to launch himself at the kids party food table most of the time, I really liked the idea that the parents of the little girl had had all of the normal stress of throwing a child's birthday party and having her friends along too, taken off of them. 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

10 Ways I De-stress in 10 Minutes or Less as a Busy Mum

In all honestly I've not been the world's most chilled person lately.

I've got a three year old who is still getting used to a change of hours and a new pre-school whist potty training and slowly giving up his naps. I've got a one year old who has two molars coming through at once and who seems to be nocturnal. I've got a house that never seems to stay tidy for more than five minutes and a washing basket that refills faster than I can empty it. Through exhaustion from a lack of sleep and a general busyness from having two young children, I seem to never be able to stay on top of my work and feel like I'm always taking time away from Adam, who at this time of the year is crazy busy on his own business.

I'm definitely developing a bit of a hate for the clock, which just seems to keep speeding up! But when you're a busy Mum, hiding under the duvet for the day just isn't an option (sadly) so I've been working on focusing on the things that bring me back up when it all feels a bit much. Here are my top ten tips to de-tress in less than ten minutes!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Sibling Project - Brothers in October | 2016

Last month I wrote about how I felt the boys had grown up quite a bit and this month is going to be very much of the same, especially so with Logan. 

Logan seems to be growing up more and more each day and is changing and learning constantly. He is much better on his feet and though he lacks a little confidence to become a full time walker, he is taking more and more steps each day. 

He and his brother are either bundling on top of eachother, encouraging each other and giggling or they're having a domestic about a toy or over a juice cup, despite them each having their own. 

We have well and truly entered brotherhood for these two. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Funny Things My 3 Year Old Says!

Ethan has been making me laugh so much lately. He's at an age or time in his speech development where he just comes out with the funniest little things. I think some of it most come from recently starting at  pre-school and being around other children, maybe picking up little things from older children (they are mixed with the reception aged kids).

The other day he was in the bath and Logan (who is a little cheeky menace at the moment!) was winding him up, Ethan then came out with "Why is this baby in our country??!" which made me laugh out loud.

He seems to have a thing with our country at the moment because he's also asked me, "Why are all of those cats in our country?" whilst looking at our cats and also asked why he doesn't have any Raptors (F-22 planes) in his country (yes HIS country), though he did correct himself and say, "No, OUR country".

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