Monday, 29 June 2015

WIN a pair of Sunglasses up to the value of £100 from The Sunglasses Shop

Ray bans, Mens ray bans
You may remember that back in November I collaborated with the to review a pair of their Michael Kors sunglasses and also give a pair away. The giveaway was hugely popular and such a success that today I am re-teaming up with them to hold another. This time I'm reviewing a mens pair of sunglasses to show you just how nice the mens frames are as well as the womens and then at the end of the post there will be the opportunity for you to win any one pair of sunglasses from their site up to the value of £100! 


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Overdue.. Or Perhaps Not...

40 weeks pregnant, due date, overdue, 40+5 weeks

Well I'm now 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant with no sign at all of my little boy - I just never expected that I would go over.. this little guy engaged weeks ago and I had signs of labour ever since. I'd always been adamant that I'd see him before the 40 week mark. 


Friday, 26 June 2015

BearHug My First ReadyBed Review and Giveaway

I'm constantly amazed at the brilliant things that there are nowadays for babies, toddlers and children. Things that make life so much easier for us as parents, things like this ReadyBed from Worlds Apart which is part of their BearHug range. 

ReadyBed, Toddler blow up bed, Kids blow up bed, My First ReadyBed


Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Top 5 Non-Essential, But Oh-So-Worth-It Nursery Recommendations

Designing your little one's first bedroom is such an exciting time, I had an absolute blast seeing all of mine and Adams ideas come together for Ethans bedroom when we did it. There are so many great ideas and piece of inspiration out there these days, especially on websites like Pinterest- which I was glued to at the time that we designed Ethans nursery. 

But once you've got all the essentials like the wallpaper, the cot and everything else such as the flooring (carpeted flooring works very well for childrens bedrooms and places like Carpetright have an excellent choice of family-friendly choices) in and ready, what about the little touches? The things you won't absolutely have to have for your little ones room, but are so worth having if you are able to make the pennies and the room space stretch..

Here, I share my top 5 non-essential, but oh-so-worth-it nursery recommendations..


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Baby #2: 40 Weeks Pregnant.. You're late!

40 weeks pregnant, 40 weeks, 40 week bump,

I'd felt so sure that I wasn't going to get to this update, I really thought he'd have arrived by now. That's just shows you what I know! Though even the midwife was sure that I wouldn't go over, but here I am at 40+2 weeks, the same amount of time I was pregnant with Ethan, he came at 20:04 at 40+2, but I think his little brother is going to make us wait a little longer. He wants to make more of an entrance I guess. He's keeping us waiting and I'm beginning to climb the walls (yes even at only two days overdue!), but I just know that the wait will be so worth it. It's funny because even though I am only two days over at the moment, it feels like it's been forever and that for the first time in years time has for once slowed right down. I always think that I want time to go slower, but the wait and anticipation is driving me just a little crazy! It's also the not knowing how much longer I will be waiting for.. will it be tonight? Tomorrow? Or two weeks from now? (please no - I really hope not!)

Why My Views On Going On Holiday Have Changed

I'd never been one for holidays, I wasn't bothered about going on them and could quite easily take them or leave them. I'd always been such a homely sort of person, I still am actually. But things have changed since becoming a parent and now I really do see the value in family holidays. I finally get why people save so hard all year for them and why they count the months and days down until the night before arrives. Life can be routinely and holidays give us something that changes up that feeling. As parents they also give us an opportunity to experience new and exciting things with our children, they give us the opportunity to see our childrens faces light up. They give us a break from the cooking, the cleaning and all of the other chores that, as parents, there never seems to be enough time in the day or week for. 


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Sunny and Impromptu Picnic in the Park

Isn't June just being totally strange weather wise here in the UK? One minute it's grey, cold and raining and we're all begrudgingly getting out the jumpers and trousers again and the next it's full-sun, heatwaves, sunglasses, sun lotion, shorts and dresses! I'm adamant that our weather seems to get stranger every year!

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