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My Favourite Beauty + Makeup Products of 2017

It's funny.. I was never one for beauty/make up really, well not until the last year or so anyway. It's only in the past year that I've really started to look at what I've been using and have started to buy a bit more wisely. I'm still no expert by any means and I definitely have my own 'unique' way of applying make up but I'm finally a bit happier with the products I am using and so today I thought I'd share some of my favourites that I loved using throughout last year and that I will be purchasing again.

You might have seen me share a video on this the other day over on my youtube channel, but I'm aware that I also have some blog readers who don't watch much youtube so if that's you, I thought I would share this for you. :) I hope you enjoy reading my recommendations, please let me know if you discovered anything new last year that you love and have used over and over again beauty-wise in the comment section of this post as I love to hear from you!

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What I Got For Christmas 2017

what i got for Christmas 2017, present haul, gift ideas

Now that we're on the other side of Christmas and in to a new year, it's all about declutterting and finding new homes for the new Christmas presents (especially the kids!). But before I put all of my gifts away I thought I'd take a few photos and share them here.

I was very lucky this year in terms of gifts, I feel like I got so many and I really do love them all and am so grateful. But I don't want to make this post to brag or be big-headed - arrogance is my very least favourite trait in someone. I wanted to share this because I feel that I was lucky enough to recieve some lovely gifts that I know some of you will really appreciate. I also personally love reading through these sorts of posts myself on other blogs as it gives me inspiration for other occasions such as birthdays and Mother's Day etc. (Plus I'm just generally quite nosey! ;)..)

The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - December 2017

I definitely missed the date with this one.. As usual with my Me and Mine posts, I am supposed to have this post written and published on the last day of each month, but I didn't quite manage it this time around!

December flew by didn't it? Please say it wasn't just me who felt it. Christmas has come and gone and here we are in a new year! My little boy is due back to school tomorrow and so today marks the end of the two week half term. I remember feeling so excited about the fact that he was going to be home with us for a couple of weeks. I was eager for him to have a break and to not have to worry about school. Don't get me wrong - he seems to love it and is doing well, but at four years old, it's making him so tired and the tiredness makes him very grumpy! And I'm pleased to report that over the past two weeks (which have flown), he's been back to the Ethan we know and recognise. Sure, he's not an angel (what kid is?) but gosh it's been good to not have to deal with so much 'tude.

Our Christmas 2017!

It feels a little bit odd to be sitting here writing about our Christmas this year, mostly because it feels like it's been one of the fastest years yet! When I look back across my Instagram page at our photos from the year I can see that we've jam packed the year full of fun and that we've made some wonderful memories together, but I swear it feels like we only just celebrated New years Day a few months ago and that paddling pool days in the garden in the summer time were not that long ago? I guess it's true what they say - time really does fly when you're having fun!

Our Favourite Scandinavian Inspired Frames and Prints Around Our Home

There seems to be a bit of a theme around our house in terms of decor, we seem to love a good frame and print! And nearly all of the frames and prints around our home are from the same online store We are huge fans of the large range of Scandinavian style of prints that they sell and we're always thrilled with the quality of their products. Everything is so carefully packed and whenever we add one of their prints to our home, it feels like it's always meant to have been there.

Today I thought I would share just some of our favourite prints around our home and show you how we've styled them and what has worked for us.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

By now you've probably seen my Christmas gifts for her and Chrsitmas gift ideas for children aged 2-5 blog posts and today I am excited to be sharing some of my favourite Christmas present ideas for men. I hope that you'll like what I've chosen and as with my previous posts I've tried to include links to where the products can be purchased wherever I can to take it a bit easier if you'd like to have a closer look at anything yourselves. 

The Boys In December 2017 - After School Tiredness & How We Feel About The Idea Of Having Another

Yay - time for one of my favourite monthly posts. I really enjoy writing these sibling posts - I like being able to sit and properly reflect on how the boys have been getting on over the past month or so. And I like looking back at photos I've taken of them because photos of them together are probably my favourite, just after photos of all four of us together of course.

matching christmas pyjamas
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