Monday, 26 January 2015

Your Options for Unwanted Baby Clothes Given as Presents

This Christmas I was lucky enough to get some gorgeous presents, and of course that included quite a few for Ethan! He really liked all his toys, and he got some lovely clothes, but unfortunately, he was already too big for some of them. It’s really hard to guess the size of children sometimes isn’t it? You don’t want to get something so big it’s put away until next year and promptly forgotten about, but then nor do you want to pick out something that either won’t last or will only fit them for five minutes. 

So anyway, I now have a few brand new, and very nice clothes, and what with the ones he’s also hardly worn and already grown out of, I was wondering what the best thing to do with them all would be. (I have to admit, I’m not getting rid of everything… we got the most beautiful pyjama set with paisley bird which I’m hanging on to for baby no 2! )

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 25th Jan 2015]

I've decided that I want to take more photos - yes, that is actually possible! ;) And that I want to document those photos more, I don't want them just living on my iMac anymore in my iPhoto library collecting dust. I have been doing lots of pinning lately on pinterest and am feeling so inspired by memory keeping that I have even set up a new board dedicated to ways I can keep memories. I've seen 'Project Life' floating about on Pinterest and on one of my favourite bloggers - Amy's site and I'm seriously considering starting it, though I've heard it's not cheap. But anyway, with all of this in mind I've decided to link up with another of my favourite bloggers, Katie, and start doing more posts like this one, so that I can look back in time and remember the ordinary things we do as a family from day to day. Here's a look at our weekend..

Ethan playing with his Duplo. His Daddy is massively into Lego and so we are trying to get Ethan into Duplo - it seems to be working. He has a big tub that he'd just tipped all over the floor here. 

Make Memories this Year with Merlin Annual Pass!

There are 52 weekends in the year and what with half term breaks plus the entire summer holidays there is so much time to have family fun. But how can you create fond memories whilst keeping the fun, without breaking the budget? 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Baby #2: 18 Weeks.. You've Got Bigger Again!

18 weeks pregnant,

The weeks are seriously flying by - it'll be June in no time!

This week my bump has grown again, it looks and feels larger and my regular clothes don't fit me so well anymore. I'm now wearing a lot of maternity clothes including this gorgeous maternity swimsuit that I purchased from The Essential One, after asking for your recommendations via Facebook (thank you).

I feel the baby move everyday now, mostly it feels like little bubbles of movement or flutters but I do get the occasional kick too. It's such a wonderful feeling. Baby is still most active between 8.30-9.30pm.

I'm not feeling as tired as I have been, I'm starting to feel more human again which is nice. I just hope it lasts! I haven't had as many headaches and have only really had some slight heartburn this week. So  overall it's been a week of not feeling too bad.

I can't believe that in two weeks time we will hopefully know the gender of our second baby. We can't wait to see the baby again via the ultrasound scan and we are so looking forward to knowing the gender so that we can start buying pink or blue and deciding on a name. :)


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Documenting childhood through photographs

Taking photographs of your children and documenting their early lives is one of the real pleasures of being a parent. A simple snap and that precious moment is preserved forever, not just for you to look at but for your child and any future generations too.
Here are some of the key childhood moments that are worth remembering…
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Tips for Buying Major Appliances for your Family Kitchen

When stocking up on things for your family kitchen in terms of equipment, you need the reassurance that they will last, that they are durable and that they’re easy to clean and maintain. After all, major kitchen appliances are a big part of family life!

Therefore we thought we’d put together some tips for making these important purchases so you can get the best options and deals for your family.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

How I Juggle Life as A Working, Blogging, Pregnant Mum, Wife And Everything Else

It's no secret that life seems to speed up once you become a parent. Everyday I get into bed at night and think "Wow, is that really another day gone?!" Time seems to slip away and it can be hard to juggle and fit in everything that life throws at you daily. I'm no expert on time management and sometimes I let the pressure get to me and I need a good old cry, just like probably most other Mums do at some point. But I wanted to write this post to point out the things that do help me stay on top of the sheer craziness that can sometimes be life! 

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