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Our Christmas Home Decor 2019

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Nothing makes a home feel cosier than when it's decorated for Christmas does it? This year we decided to decorate for Christmas on December 1st and it was honestly so lovely to start December with what was a really lovely festive family day. 

The day started with advent calendars and Christmas cards for Ethan and Logan. We played Christmas songs all morning and had my Christmas cinnamon candle burning. And then we pulled all of the decorations down from storage and made a start on making our home feel Christmassy! 

I won't lie, previous years of Christmas decorating haven't always gone smoothly. It always takes longer than we think to get the whole house decorated and energy levels start to dip after the past hour. The boys are 4 and 6 this year but in previous years when they've been younger, we've had our fair share of meltdowns amongst the mess. 

But actually, this year was EXACTLY how I had always hoped Christmas decorating as a family would be. The boys were so interested in helping us decorate and they did it so nicely. Everyone was in a great, festive mood and we all added our own touches. It was just one of those really nice family days and my heart felt so happy. Christmas is so much more exciting with the boys. 

What’s On My Christmas Wishlist?

I find these sorts of posts so interesting myself. I am super nosey and I love to know what other people have on their wish lists or receive for Christmas, mostly because it gives me inspiration as I''m often stumped when I'm asked what I'd like for birthdays/Christmas's - I'm usually too busy enjoying buying for the boys. Does anyone else do that? Even when I intend to buy something for myself say for a birthday or something, I'll end up in the toy shop or the kids clothing section! Haha.

So this year I've had a bit of a think and I've come up with a wishlist. It's not an 'I'm getting all of these things for Christmas' list, it's simply a list of things that I like and would be happy with any of. (Obviously, and I feel like I don't need to really say this, but Christmas is not all about the presents, it's a fun small part of it and I don't want this post to come across in any other way than as a bit of inspiration for those who are actively looking for ideas for themselves/other people). 

Christmas Activity & Gift Ideas From Funky Pigeon (Plus 20% Off Code!)

This time of year is all about traditions and I love that over the years we've made some lovely Christmas traditions with our boys such as choosing an evening in December to have a drive around when it's dark looking at all of the sparkly Christmas lights and decorations on peoples houses. There's a street known as 'Christmas Street' not too far from us and the residents there go all out and collect money for charity every year. We also love collecting treats and other bits from the shops to take the local cattery just before Christmas and we make sure that we do it every year so that they boys understand that Christmas is about giving as well as receiving. 

Of course, we also like to do lots of fun at-home activities with the boys too, like writing a letter to Santa, making Christmas cards, creating festive crafts, baking cakes and even making Christmas Lego ornaments. 

This year Funky Pigeon have very kindly gifted Ethan and Logan a few lovely gifts from their wide-range of Christmas gifts for kids to help us make the most of our fun Christmas activity traditions and so I thought I'd share some of the things we've been up to so far to give you a little inspiration if you are looking for some Christmas-related activities to do with your little ones... 

Top Travel Tips During Pregnancy

Do you remember the warm weather and lighter nights? The summer may seem like a distant memory, but before long we’ll all be booking our next getaway. In fact, January has long been established as the peak month for arranging travel, which makes sense as we dream of distant shores and warm sand during the cold winter months. 
But if you’re pregnant and want to join everyone else in booking a big escape, you may be wondering if there are some limits to what you can do and how you can get there. To help you arrange your holiday, here are some top tips for getting around while expecting. 

10 Unforgettable Family Experiences in Orlando

Few places in the world make kid’s eyes sparkle as brightly as Orlando. A giant playground for young and adventurous minds, it remains one of those dream holiday destinations for young families. It’s also a great excuse for all of us to rediscover our childish side – we won’t judge if you’re more excited than the little ones!

Incredible with both its size and energy, Orlando’s attractions create memories that will last a lifetime. Check out this list of unforgettable family experiences in Orlando, from big attractions to mouth-watering desserts and intimate family moments.

Visit the Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World in Orlando

8 Meat Free Meals That I Love!

As you will know if you follow me over on my YouTube channel, I've been sharing a lot more vegetarian / meat-free content this year as it seems to be something that a lot of you are quite interested in. And so a little while ago I decided to start taking a quick snap of some of my favourite dinners to give you some meat-free meals ideas which I thought I would share here today. 

Please note I am so aware that these photos are not the greatest, most were taken in yellow light as the evenings are dark this time of year and most were taken on my phone. So even if the meals don't look the greatest, you'll have to trust me when I say they are really tasty! 

vegetarian Thai green vegetable curry

1. Thai green vegetable curry
This is one of my all-time favourite vegetarian meals. I'm a huge fan of curry and I also LOVE aubergine, so this is addictive! The recipe we use is from Gousto and it takes around 30 mins to make. If you try anything from these meal suggestions, try this! It's also plant-based! 

How to Prepare Your Home For Elderly Guests

Whether it's for a Christmas visit, a week-long visit or a more permanent stay, having your elderly relatives over to your house to stay can be a lovely way to create precious memories together. Before they do arrive though you should ensure that the space they will be staying in is safe for them and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that they are comfortable whilst staying with you. Here are a few things to consider when preparing your home for your elderly guests...

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