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I'm Not Listening To You Anymore

Have you noticed that I'm not listening to you anymore? 

You've always acted like you've got my best interests at heart, like you only want to protect me, but I'm starting to see that you're only holding me back. 

On the bad days, you tell me that I'm not good enough, you flood my head with guilt, make me feel inadequate. 

When I sit down to write from the heart, you always say what's the point? There are others who write better than you.


I'm looking at my boys and they're looking back at me and I can't quite really believe that they're mine; that I created them. Two tiny little humans, that together with their Daddy, I made.

It's hard to understand the feelings of pride and love and every other overhwhleming emotion you feel towards your children when you're a parent, until you actually become a parent yourself. 

I was never a maternal person until a year or so before I had Ethan, I didn't really understand the love and joy that having little people would bring to my life. I never knew how content it would make me feel. How much more alive I would feel. How a hole would be filled that I didn't even realise was there. 

All parents love their children, they love them dearly. But there's much more than love there - there's so many other feelings that come when you're somebody's Mummy or Daddy, with pride being one of the biggest and the best.

How To Give Your Home a Family-Friendly Summer Makeover

There’s something special about spending the summertime at home with the family. Sure, the summer is all about trips to the beach, picnics in the park and booking holidays. But it’s also about hosting BBQ’s in the garden, having friends and family round to enjoy the lighter evenings, and making the most of your garden space while you can.

For homeowners, it also opens up another door: tackling those home improvements that you put off all through the winter. The summer months are generally best for assessing what needs repairing or upgrading, and getting on with it while the weather is warmer - especially for any outdoor tasks.
Summer home updates can range from large remodelling projects to little changes that need doing around the house. Knowing where to start, and which ones are worth it, can sometimes be the problem that encourages people to leave it for another year.

Here, we’ve put together a list of summer home improvement ideas which will make your home a more enjoyable place for the family this summer: 

6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Family Garden

Work on our garden finished early this year and honestly, I think out of all the money that we've spent turning our house into a home, doing our garden really has got to be one of my favourite things that we've done! There's nothing like sitting out in the fresh air with a drink on our new outdoor sofa on our new decking area in the sun, looking back at our family home and everything we've achieved with it whilst watching our two little boys play. It's bliss! 

Today I am going to share a few ideas that I have, plus some things that we've done personally for making the most out of a family garden, no matter what the size. 

Encouraging your Man to Tap into the Latest Style Trends

Some men like to go clothes shopping, others don’t. There are guys out there who will happily wear the same thing day in day out, literally. I have an uncle who has only ever worn Green Flash trainers, jeans, white t-shirts and bomber jackets.
The only time he wears something different is weddings and funerals. Then, he hires a suit. His girlfriend does not mind at all. But, I know a lot of women who are driven insane by living with someone who never buys fashionable clothes. If you fall into that category I have a few suggestions that should help.

9 Of The Best Amazon Buys I've Bought Over The Years

Before I begin I should tell you that this isn't a collaborative post with Amazon, I simply go to Amazon for most things and over the years I have found and purchased quite a few things that we absolutely love and use daily or near enough daily.

Amazon is the place I always check first when it comes to finding out the usual cost of something. They tend to have pretty much everything on there from tech to toys, to home decor to cleaning products and so much more - I've even bought cat food and litter from there too! Their prices always seem to be really good and some stores will even price match with Amazon if you ask them too.

Over on my YouTube channel today, I've explained in more depth why these 9 items below have made the list when it comes to some of my top Amazon purchases (though it was particularly hard to narrow it down), but here's a small run down also.

Spring Destinations in Europe for Those Who Can't Stand the Summer Heat

Summer is almost here and while for many that can mean surfing and soaking up the sun on sandy beaches, for others it can mean sunburns and relentless sweating. Not everyone was built to withstand the summer heat. And the good news is, we don’t all have to. 
If you are not a fan of hot weather, there are plenty of spring destinations across Europe where you can enjoy an amazing travel experience. Below are just a few that I currently have in my travel list. 
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