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A Trip To Devon | Meeting With A Blogging Friend, Staying At The Moorland Garden Hotel & Visiting The National Marine Aquarium

Is there anything better than family time off together, away from routine and work and house jobs? I love breaks away with my three favourite people, even if they're just short trips or days out. I love nothing more than just being in their company and exploring new places together and capturing the special moments so that we can always re-live our favourite memories.

Last week we took a midweek short break to Devon. It was just for two nights but it was so lovely all the same. I'd wanted to go and see my blogging friend, Hayley, who writes the blog Sparkles and Stretchmarks, for a while and we'd also been invited to stay at The Moorland Garden Hotel, so we decided to make a little trip out of it and we headed down towards the seaside. 

The Sibling Project - The Boys in April | 2017

These two have become such little brothers. They are a force together, and they know it! Their personalities are so similar, and there really isn't anything better in the entire world to them then running around burning energy and ultimately being as crazy as they absolutely can be. 

I don't have one high energy one and one quieter one. They are both exactly the same. Although I do have to say, Ethan is definitely influenced by his little brother when Logan's being a monkey and I always thought it would be the other way around.

5 Different & Fun Ideas For Easter With Kids

personalised easter gifts

My own memories of Easter as a child are of utter excitement as I excitedly ripped the foil packaging away from the Easter egg that my Mum had given me. That, and the pure joy I felt when I found a clear packet inside of that egg with little sweets inside.

There's something about Easter eggs when you're a child, isn't there? There's something about having your own chocolate egg, wrapped in it's own foil, in it's only little box and it being all yours.

And now I'm a Mum, I see that excitement in my nearly four year olds eyes. And seeing him so excited makes me so excited. I now have this desire to want to go all out for occasions like Easter, because I know how much it meant to me as a child and now I know how much it means to my children.

I'm always looking for ways I can do things differently - ways I can surprise the boys and make things as fun as possible and with Easter just over a week away I thought I would share some ideas for a few different, fun things to do this Easter with the kids.

Life Lately.. House Plans, 'Doing YouTube', My Baby Is Turning 4 and Thinking About More Children?

Firstly, I can't quite believe that here we in April already. Secondly, this is the month that my little boy (my eldest, but still little) turns four years old, and I honestly can't quite believe that either.

It amazes me and gives me all of the feelings of pride that I've been a Mother for nearly four entire years. Four years of lots and lots of ups and then some downs. Four years of learning. Four years of putting someone else first at all times. Four years of feeling utter pride as I've watched my little boy - my firstborn, grow, learn and become part of this world.

I'm sitting here looking (and smiling) at a daisy that Ethan has just picked especially for me whilst he was out for a walk with his Daddy. He's a kind, thoughtful little boy and I'm so proud of him. We have our fair share of hard days, of course we do. Yesterday for example was one of those 'Is the day over yet?' days. But those nearly four years of parenting have taught me that that is all part and parcel of what it is to be a parent. Those highs and those lows - they don't get easier, they just change. And no matter how hard, you wouldn't have it any other way.

How To Design Your Own Toy Storage

Finding the space to store all our children’s toys can be a challenge. They seem to multiply every single day and every item takes up space in our homes. There’s only so much room under beds, on top of wardrobes, in cupboards and many of these spaces can be awkward to store regularly used toys. 

We can’t count on our kids to tidy away their own toys, but what if there was a way we could get them excited about putting their toys away at night? And what if there was a way we could have efficient and easy to use storage that fits perfectly in our home? 

Self-storage experts, Storebox, may just have the answer. They have scoured the internet to find the most unique and easy to create toy storage solutions. To help you find storage that perfectly suits your needs, they have put together the infographic below, to show you what your toy storage is capable of. 

A Family Day Spent At LEGOLAND Windsor With O2

legoland windsor

Those of you that have followed my blog for a while now, will know that as a family we are certainly no strangers to the world of LEGO. My Husband has carved himself out a full time business creating custom mini figures based on popular TV shows, films and games and away from his business, his own personal collection is ever-growing.

My Husband, Adam, has got our eldest little boy, Ethan, who's nearly four now, into all things LEGO too and I'm sure in a few years Logan, our youngest, will follow suit too.

It's funny then that three out of the four of us had never visited LEGOLAND Windsor before - Adam had been as a child, but he hadn't been been in years. So when O2 got in touch with us and asked if we'd be interested in visiting LEGOLAND for the day whilst helping them to promote their #FollowTheRabbit campaign, we of course excitedly accepted their offer.

A Spring Morning Spent At Willen Lake

I said in my last Me and Mine blog post update about how much of an outdoor-loving family we are and how much we're looking forward to summertime and being able to get back outdoors. It feels like Winter lasted too long - the grey skies felt endless. 

I probably got more excited than I ever have before when I first saw the lovely yellow daffodils start to blossom this year. I don't know if it's just because the nicer weather means far more entertainment possibilities for the boys and far less bored-stuck-in-doors days, but feeling the sun rays on my skin has fast become one of my favourite things.

I love being able to work from home, it's definitely not a walk in the park trying to juggle Motherhood, my work and my Husband's business from home, but even so we love it. Asides from the fact that we are fortunate in that we all get to see a lot more of each other than if we worked outside of the home full time, I love mostly the flexibility that we have. I love being able to choose to take a morning or an afternoon off and make it up that evening, so that we can do something else during the day.
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