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Reading Your Assumptions About Me

I've seen so many assumption videos doing the rounds on YouTube at the moment and I am absolutely loving them - they are a brilliant way to get to know more about the people you watch (and also to be really nosey too!) ;). 

Just before Christmas, I excitingly achieved my YouTube goal for the year and hit 10,000 subscribers on my channel and in just over three months I've gone up by another 4000 subscribers which I'm so proud of and thankful for. And to celebrate I thought I'd be brave and film the assumptions about me video too, to give my newer subscribers a chance to get to know me a bit more. 

Reading Your Assumptions About Me

Our Back Garden Makeover - Before & After

Last year was the year of renovating for us. We did so much to our home after years of saving. We not only added on a front two-storey side extension which doubled our smallest box room upstairs and made our kitchen/dining area bigger, we also added on a porch and changed the front door from the side to the front of our home, we also completely re-done our kitchen, we had our driveway re-done and we also had our back garden done too.

The whole thing was one of the most expensive things that we've ever done and it wasn't particularly easy to live through, especially so whilst having two young children. When I look back at pictures and videos that I took during the renovations I don't quite know how we didn't go grey! But then when I look back and compare the before to the after, it was all SO very worth it to make our house into a proper family home for us to live and grow in for the foreseeable future.

What didn't help, and you'll know this already if you followed our renovation journey is that we asked our builder who helped build our extension to do the garden. We trusted him a lot after seeing how hard he'd worked on the extension, so we had no reason to believe he'd end up taking quite a lot of money off of us and leaving us with a mud pit out the back that was too dangerous for our boys to even set foot in. He also failed to pay the sub-contractors he'd hired, despite us paying him and the whole thing became a big awful, horrible mess. One that we're still trying to forget and move on from. 

But in the end, we managed to find a really good builder in our neighbour across the road, who we paid to sort out the mess we'd been left in. He did a really fantastic job and we've been left so pleased with the outcome (despite how long it's taken us to get here). 

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8 Tips For Travelling With Young Children

Taking your younger children away on holiday can for some parents, feel a little daunting, especially if your children are a bit like mine in that they don't particularly like the idea of being stuck on a plane in their seat for hours whilst you travel to your destination. But going away is something that we really enjoy as a family - the memories that we make during our family time on holiday are always priceless and I know when I'm old and the boys are all grown up with families of their own, that those memories are going to be some of the ones I cherish the most. 

Today I thought I would share some of the things that I've learnt that can help things go as smoothly as possible when it comes to travelling with young children, from the planning stage and the journey to the accommodation and the holiday itself. I hope if you've got any holidays/travelling booked yourself with your young family that you'll find these tips helpful. 

8 Tips For Travelling With Young Children

A Year On From The Worst Night Of My Life

I have mixed emotions about writing this post. It's quite a personal one and because of that, I'm not sure if people reading it will really quite understand. But today is exactly one year since something happened in my life that has stuck with me, that and that at the time totally terrified me.

It's a strange one to talk about I guess, because the reality is is that everything turned out to be okay in the end despite months and months of being stuck in limbo and despite how terrifying it all felt at the time and I guess it feels a bit silly to share it all knowing that other people have and will face far worse things in their lives. But then it also feels wrong to watch the day pass, knowing how much of an effect this day a year ago had on me as a person. And so I feel, that for me, I need to take this time to have a bit of a big brain dump about it all. 

It all started late in the evening a year ago today, I was just finishing up watching television upstairs in bed. The boys were asleep in their beds and Adam, my Husband was downstairs in the living room playing the PlayStation. As I went to switch off the TV, I suddenly felt this huge rush of heartburn, I hadn't been someone who suffered from heartburn but I recognised the feeling because I'd had it a little bit in my pregnancies with the boys. I remember thinking that it was a bit strange but I tried to think nothing more of it. 

What's On My Bookshelf? My Reading List for 2019

When I was younger I used to love reading and getting lost inside my books, though as I've got older and had children and since my job has become about being online, my time for reading has decreased. This is, however, something I've wanted to change for a little while now and one of the goals I've set myself for the year is to get back into making time for my books. 

I could spend hours wandering around book stores and browsing libraries and I don't think anything quite matches the smell of a new book. I love the online world and social media and I love that I get to do this for my job, but sometimes repeatedly scrolling through Instagram feels somewhat unproductive especially in comparison to reading a good book. 

New Touches To Our Home | Home Decor / Accessories Haul

We love adding new touches to our home decor every now and then and recently we decided that we wanted to change up out bedroom. We finally found the bed we've been dreaming of after months and months of looking but having no luck finding 'the one'. Initially our new bed was seemingly not going to be as we couldn't fit the headboard up our winding stairs, but Adam managed to find someone who professionally cuts headboards and puts them back together for those who don't have straight stairs but that want a bed with a hefty headboard, like us. 

I'm going to share more on the new bed in a new bedroom tour blog post and video that I have planned, but I wanted to mention it as it was the reason for some of the new home accessories that we've bought lately. The new bed is an ottoman bed which means we've gained a lot of storage under the bed now, this in turn freed up more space in our bedroom which meant we were able to fill the new space with a brand new bookcase (again I'll talk more about the one we chose in my bedroom room tour coming soon), so we bought a few new bits, some of which you can see in this post, to go on our new bookcase. 

How to bring your home to life: 2019 design trends

If you’re a regular reader of my posts, you’ll know much I love interior design and renovating our home. We’ve recently completed a lot of building work on our home, including an extension and complete garden renovation. It was a long process but I’m so happy with the results and the personal touches we have included around the house. When it comes to interior design, I like to keep up to date with the trends and apply these where possible in our home. I’ve recently been looking into the 2019 design trends and thought I’d share some of them with you, in case you’re planning on giving your home a makeover.

Whether your home is modern or not, there’s nothing stopping you bringing it to life and keeping up with the trends. For any fans of the hit TV show Father Ted, Chill Insurance have combined the living room featured in the show and some modern design trends so show how any room can be modernised.   
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