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A Family Day Out: Diggerland, Kent

My Husband Adam celebrated his 29th birthday at the beginning of the month and when I asked him what he'd like to do for it with our boys he said he'd quite like to do something that he'd always wanted to do since he was a little boy - ride and control a real digger. I'd seen and heard of a few friends visiting a place called Diggerland in Kent, so we looked it up online and found that it seemed to appeal to the entire family both adults and children. So we decided on Diggerland and went on the Saturday after his birthday with the boys, Adam's parents, his brother and sister and their partners. 

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The Boys In October 2017 - Little Darlings, High Pitched Screams & Sibling Squabbles

As I'm sat here editing these photographs for this post, I'm struck with an overwhelming feeling of love - I can't quite believe how lucky I am to get to raise these two little people. It's blinking hard work, but it's such a privilege - one I'm eternally grateful for.

10 Mum Hacks To Make Life With Children Easier

Becoming a parent is absolutely one of the biggest life changes a person can experience there's no doubt about it. There's all the physical and emotional demands as well as the added pressure of being responsible for a whole new person or person/s.

My life as a Mum pretty much consists of days where I feel like 'Yes, I think I've got this!' and also  days where I feel like, 'I can't don't this, I'm so overwhelmed!'. It's a roller coaster parenthood, it really is!

It's hard to strike a balance as a parent there's so much to juggle and many challenges such as keeping up with the house and the chores, getting enough sleep, finding time with your partner, having quality down time, keeping to routines and eating good meals at normal times, keeping your children happy, doing the shopping, the list goes on and on. 

Tanith Carey who you may know as the author of Parent Hacks has recently shared some her top Mum Hacks with Graco to celebrate the launch of their brand new ultra-light pushchair - The Featherweight. And so I've put some of her tips to the test.. here are are my top 10 favourite Mum hacks to make life with children that little bit more easier! 

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Our Ordinary Moments: Where I Feel Most Content (Plus Competition With Rescue!)

I'll be honest - trying to balance a blog, a YouTube channel and social media platforms with life and motherhood is pretty challenging! Fun, but challenging. And sometimes I don't get to achieve all that I'd like to achieve in terms of the content I create. I've been working hard on growing my youtube channel because I've found a love and a passion for making videos, but I also love blogging. This blog is my digital baby. 

I've been wracking my brains in terms of trying to come up with a schedule and a content plan and I'm still working on it (And have been for the past four and a half years!), but I know that one thing I've missed doing is writing a weekly 'ordinary moments' post. The lovely Katie from created the idea and I've always loved the concept because after all it's the ordinary moments that are sometimes (and often) the best sorts of moments, especially so as a family.

And so I've set myself a goal of making sure that I write a post each week about something that happened during the week that though might have been ordinary has left a mark on me. And to start of this week I am combining this post with something that Rescue Remedy (who I'm a big fan of) have asked if I might like to write about - a moment in my life when I feel at my best. 

Your Right to Choose: Choosing a Birth Hospital/Centre

choosing where i give birth

Did you know that 40% of women who recently gave birth either weren’t aware or didn’t feel that they had a choice about where they gave birth? New research commissioned by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has found that more women must be made aware of their right to choose their birth hospital/centre.

The research, which surveyed over 1,000 women who had given birth in England in the last three years, found that 40% either weren’t aware or didn’t feel that they had a choice about where they could give birth. Of those who had chosen, 53% stated this was a ‘very important’ decision, however 57% spent less than an hour choosing theirs, suggesting a lack of awareness about the amount of information that is available to help make an informed choice. 

6 Clever Storage Ideas For Kids Bedrooms That I Use In My Own Home

I don't know about you, but I know that my children seem to have accumulated so many things over the years. Be it toys, artwork, books, sticker pads, clothes, shoes.. I'm always looking to find the next best storage solution so that their bedrooms don't feel overcrowded. Today I thought I would share some of my favourite clever storage ideas for kids bedrooms that I am currently using in my own home with you all in case you are currently on the hunt for kids storage bedroom inspiration yourself. :)

1. Pictures ledges to store books
I know I've said about this is a few times before, but it's absolutely one of my favourite storage solutions - ever! Before I used pictures ledges to store the boys' books, I was forever trying to find a solution that didn't look too messy as it just felt like we were overflowing books. Since I've used the picture ledges to store them, it has really freed up so much space, plus I really like the way it looks and the fact that we're using wall space that we otherwise wouldn't have been using. Our picture ledges are from IKEA.

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So Shape Smart Meals Review & Discount Code

When it comes to my two children I'm forever stressing myself out about whether or not they've eaten enough vitamins in a day, yet when it comes to myself I can often be quite careless. I find that with such a busy lifestyle it's become so easy for me to reach for a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar when I feel a bit peckish and it's just become almost a thing I do. I work from home and though I'm on my feet a lot as a Mum, I don't really do any exercise either and whilst I have no concerns with my weight, I do often think I should be a bit more kinder to my body. 

So Shape Smart Meals Review
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