Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to Pick Up The Camera.. Tips From An Anxious Vlogger

Around a year ago, I joined Channel Mum, a network of other Mum's who were already on YouTube or had recently joined. I'd loved watching YouTube myself and really felt like I wanted to give it a go. I'd dabbled before, but nothing seriously - I was too anxious to do it properly and it was easier to give up and say it wasn't for me. 

But then when I saw the opportunity to join Channel Mum and have something that would give me that sort of kick-up-the-bum I needed to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone, I decided I would fight back against my anxiety and really push myself by starting something I'd always wanted to do but felt too anxious to do before.

You see, I couldn't do it at first, no really - I couldn't. When I turned that camera on, my anxiety became crippling. I couldn't get the words to come out of my mouth. I was so frustrated at myself and upset that I very nearly gave up.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Feeling Body Confident & SOS Science of Skin

Recently I published a video over on my youtube channel about my thoughts on my body since becoming a Mum. If you haven't seen it yet, you can find it here and I'll embed it below at the bottom of this post too. 

In my video I talk about the fact that actually since having my boys I've felt at my most confident body-wise. It's funny because that super flat stomach and neat little belly button I once had is no more. And whilst I'm not saying I'm overweight, I do have the excess stomach skin, the belly-button that looks nothing like the original belly button I once had and stretch marks. 

But that's OK, because whilst I have these things, I also have two beautiful little children to show for it. Two beautiful little children that my body made and safely delivered to us. 

Sunday, 24 July 2016

8 Tips for Transitioning Your Child in to Their Big Bed

If your little one is showing signs that they're ready to move to their 'big' bed from their cot or cot bed then here are some tips to hopefully make the transition a little easier.

8 Tips for Transitioning Your Child in to Their Big Bed

Win a £100 Homebase Voucher with Artificial Grass Direct

I've said a number of times about how Adam and I will be putting down artificial grass down in our back garden once we get around to doing our back garden, which we hope isn't going to be too far off. 

Despite having just finished having our loft converted and our bedrooms and new office redecorated, we're already busy making plans for our next projects. We've said lots of times before about how the kitchen is something we can't wait to change and obviously we would like to give our back garden a makeover too. But we also want to put an extension or a conservatory on the back of house, extending the living room too. 

We only have a small garden, but there's room to do it and still leave us with enough space to be able to sit outside and have a cosy area with a table and chairs, giving us somewhere to eat outside too. We have a huge play park less than five minutes walk from us, with a  huge field for the boys to run around in. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Our Day at the Beach | Boscombe Pier, Bournemouth

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I know I'm not alone in saying that I find an inner calm and peace when I am at the beach overlooking the vast blue sea. There's something about being at the beach that makes me feel exactly where I need to be and getting to be there with my love and our two boys makes it feel even more so.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Pure Love - With WaterWipes

*This is a paid for advertorial for WaterWipes

I've just sat and watched the new Pure Love video by WaterWipes and now I feel a little bit emotional. 

If you haven't seen it already, Pure Love is a film of an experiment showing the natural power a new mum has to care for her baby. Using infrared filming techniques and equipment to monitor heart rate, breathing and blood oxygen levels, it captures for the first time the baby's biological response to skin to skin contact.

The experiment was conducted by world renowned skin to skin expert Dr Susan Ludington who says that scientifically a Mum's skin on their baby's skin is a potent combination and can do something absolutely amazing for their baby. 

And this doesn't surprise me - our bodies as Mums are pretty amazing, they do amazing things. We spend 9 months growing our babies and then our bodies give birth to our babies and are able to continue to feed them on the outside. 

How Lucky they are

I've never really had any grandparents. Not ones that I was close to anyway. So for me, it's amazing to see the relationship Ethan and Logan have with theirs. They has two sets of Grandparents and they both love them dearly. And I often think how lucky they are.

How lucky it is to be loved not only by your Mum and Dad, but your grandparents too - two sets. How amazing to be able to create memories together, capture photos and videos together and share stories and interests. How lucky to effectively have a second home - somewhere you feel comfortable and at ease. Somewhere that is familiar. 

I'm grateful to mine and Adam's parents for always being there for the boys. For caring as much as they do and for going out of their way. I'll raise my boys to value that relationship, to cherish it and feel thankful. Because being family doesn't always mean being there for one another and caring about each other, something I know too well.

Not everyone gets as lucky with their families and the relationships they have and I want my boys to understand that and to fully appreciate how important it is to make time for the people who make time for you and never take them for granted. 

I couldn't not share this photo from the weekend here on my blog. It was taken by Adam's Mum (the boys Grandma) and it's of Ethan and his Grandpop at the Air Tattoo airshow. It's a special photo (not only because they're both wearing pretty much matching hats) but because it was Ethan's Grandpop that sparked Ethan's obsession with planes in the first place. As a little boy, Adam's Dad was hugely into planes and now he gets to take his three year old Grandson who is just as in to planes as he was, to airshows and that must feel pretty special - for them both.

Family and family relationships should be cherished and moments together should be treasured. I will always remind my boys just how very lucky they are. 

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