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8 Meat Free Meals That I Love!

As you will know if you follow me over on my YouTube channel, I've been sharing a lot more vegetarian / meat-free content this year as it seems to be something that a lot of you are quite interested in. And so a little while ago I decided to start taking a quick snap of some of my favourite dinners to give you some meat-free meals ideas which I thought I would share here today. 

Please note I am so aware that these photos are not the greatest, most were taken in yellow light as the evenings are dark this time of year and most were taken on my phone. So even if the meals don't look the greatest, you'll have to trust me when I say they are really tasty! 

vegetarian Thai green vegetable curry

1. Thai green vegetable curry
This is one of my all-time favourite vegetarian meals. I'm a huge fan of curry and I also LOVE aubergine, so this is addictive! The recipe we use is from Gousto and it takes around 30 mins to make. If you try anything from these meal suggestions, try this! It's also plant-based! 

How to Prepare Your Home For Elderly Guests

Whether it's for a Christmas visit, a week-long visit or a more permanent stay, having your elderly relatives over to your house to stay can be a lovely way to create precious memories together. Before they do arrive though you should ensure that the space they will be staying in is safe for them and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that they are comfortable whilst staying with you. Here are a few things to consider when preparing your home for your elderly guests...

Let's Stop The Comparison

Let's Stop The Comparison, comparison is the thief of joy,

They say that 'comparison is the thief of joy' and we all know this to be true - unhealthy comparison leaves us feeling inadequate, not good enough, unconfident, anxious and even sometimes demotivated. It can give us imposter syndrome and temporarily blind us from seeing how special we are and the amazing things we bring to the table as individuals. 

A certain type of comparison - healthy comparison, can if we let it,  help us to appreciate something/someone else. It can motivate us, inspire us and present an opportunity for us to support one another and build each other up. But often it's the unhealthy sort of comparison that seems to dominate. 

We teach ourselves 'not to compare our beginning to somebody else's middle'. We've learnt that 'nobody is better at being you than you'. We know that comparison can often be the fastest way to feeling unhappy. 

And so we work on it.

We remind ourselves 'not to compare our behind-the-scenes to somebody else's highlight reel' and we strive to focus on only being better than the person we were yesterday. 

And yet...despite how hard we work on this, we're often still too quick to make unhealthy comparisons on behalf of others. 

Simple Steps to Creating a Distraction-Free Car Journey

We’ve all been in the same position where we need to nip to the supermarket or even further afield, but the younger members of the family don’t want to cooperate. During these times our patience can really be tested as what should be an easy trip, turns out to be a much more time-consuming task.
For any of you reading this post and able to drive, you’ll have been in the position where your attention isn’t completely on the road ahead and what’s around you. More often than not this is due to one reason; the children in the back are squabbling or asking you a million and one questions; meaning you’re looking over your shoulder or in your rear-view mirror.
Whether we’re turning to talk to a passenger in the vehicle or singing along to loud music, these actions won’t even cross our mind, however, they can cause serious repercussions.

7 Places I'd Like To Visit In The United States

Ever since I can remember I've felt connected to the United States, which is funny really being that I've only ever actually visited the US once and that was actually an opportunity to visit Walt Disney World in Florida (an incredible opportunity to say the least) that occurred through my blog. But despite the lack of actual visiting, there's always been something about the USA that just calls to me and I really hope that in the years to come I'll be able to grab our passports, get our ESTA forms sorted and jump on a flight to America to tick off some of the below places that make up just a small part of my US bucket list. 

Walking My Way To Wellness

I am a firm believer in the saying, 'you can't pour from an empty cup'. I believe, especially so as a parent with two little people who rely on me daily, that to be able to give them my best, I have to make sure that I take time out to care about me as well as them. I've learnt that as a busy, work-from-home Mum it's not always easy or practical to fulfil 'me time' by hitting the gym or visiting the spa or going for romantic dates with my husband, but that there are simple everyday things that I can fit in and enjoy to improve my overall wellbeing and to take care of myself. 

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Does Working out Help with Anxiety?

Living with anxiety can lead to a number of challenges, such as struggling to let your body really relax and having high-stress levels. Luckily there are many things that can help a person cope and deal with anxiety, as well as manage stress. 

Does physical exercise benefits anxiety?

Though everyone is different, physical exercise has been linked to helping with anxiety. However, the answer to whether physical exercise benefits anxiety is not so simple. It depends on the level of anxiety and in the midst of experiencing anxiety, physical exercise and placing more stress on your body can do more harm than good. 

Anxiety can bring about an experience of chest tightening, rapid breath, and other physical responses where it can feel as though there is an excess of energy or adrenaline in your body. When this energy has been building up in your body and mind and it has not been released, that can make it difficult for your body and mind to come back to a state of rest. When you get physical exercise in, you are able to release that energy and the adrenaline that may have built up during an experience of anxiety. 
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