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A Monthly Family Album For Grandparents In Just 2 Minutes - Neveo Review

In this age of modern technology and the Internet it's become easy to keep up with other peoples lives. We can send, receive and share photographs and moments at the touch of a fingertip. But it can be easy to forget that not everybody is a whizz at technology or even has access to the Internet. 

Look at our children's great-grandparents and even some grandparents for example, they grew up without the Internet and it would be wrong to assume that they completely understand how to use it to stay up to date with all the family going on's. 

neveo review,

Getting Our Home Ready For Christmas With Dulux EasyCare & Dulux QuickDry Satinwood Paint

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that 2018 has been the year of renovations for us. We've spent so much of our savings, so much of our time and so much of our energy and patience turning our house into a home and creating spaces that will suit our family for years to come. We've done so much to this house since we've moved in - we've had a loft conversion built, we've had a front two-storey side extension added on and also a porch. The boy's rooms have completely changed, we've had a brand new kitchen put in and after some initial stress thanks to the builder running off from the job with our money, we've also had our garden completely re-done, which I can't wait to share with you all soon.

Our living room is a room that had remained untouched since we moved in. On the whole, it was a room that we were happy with, although changing the paint colour was always something that we'd wanted to do, as although it wasn't awful, we weren't the biggest fans of the yellow undertone in the magnolia that the previous owners of the house had chosen. Over the years the paint had also marked easily, cracks had appeared and we'd also managed to take big chunks of paint off after trying to remove some artwork that Ethan had kindly drawn on the walls.

A Magical Little Green Box For Children - My Fabulous Storyteller Review

As a little girl myself, I used to love getting lost in stories. I loved being transported into different worlds and hearing imaginative tales - that's what makes stories so magical isn't it? You get to allow your imagination to completely run free. Which is why I think that even now in the age of tech and the Internet, listening to stories will always be a favourite thing for many children. 

A few weeks back, the boys received something quite different to anything that I've ever seen before -it was a magical little green box called My Fabulous Storyteller from Lunii which tells children fantastic adventures, but with a twist! They get to choose the hero, the setting, a secondary character and an object for the story. After they've done that, My Fabulous Storyteller mixes it all and tells them the stories that they have crafted themselves!

My Fabulous Storyteller Review

DIY Lego Christmas Decorations / Ornaments

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With how much Lego we have in this house both for Adam's business and for his and the boys' personal collections it's a wonder that we haven't thought about making DIY Lego Christmas decorations before now! But the idea came to me at the end of last month and I thought it would be a really fun activity to do all together as a family and to also share with you here and over on my youtube channel in case you're looking for fun Christmas-themed activities to do with your children at the weekend or when they break up from school for Christmas.

I've shared a big video over on my YouTube of exactly how we put all our lego Christmas makes together but I thought I'd share a few photos on here too to show you what we (okay, mostly Adam) came up with. ;)

10 Really Easy Kids Crafts For Christmas

10 Really Easy Kids Crafts For Christmas

This time of year is all about cosy evenings and weekends at home. It's also all about the festivities and getting ready for Christmas. The build up to Christmas is as exciting as Christmas Day itself, and none more so than for the kids.

Over the past week I've been scouring Pinterest looking for some Christmas craft ideas to do with my boys to get us all into the Christmas spirit this December and I've found some fantastic ideas that even I (as somebody who isn't super creative when it comes to crafting) will be able to do with my little ones and I thought I would share some of my favourite Christmas Craft finds with you for anyone else looking to do something similar with their little ones this December. :)

They Say That Time Flies..

They say that time flies, that you'll grow so quick and to make the most of it before the years fly past. And I think that they might be right.

Ethan, you're five and a half and Logan you're now three and yet here I am still feeling like a new Mum because, despite us approaching our sixth year as parents, it all still feels so new.

I can vividly remember you being placed in my arms for the first time. I still remember the days and the nights watching my stomach grow - watching you kick inside. I even remember your Daddy holding his phone up to my stomach playing you his favourite music from the Hobbit movie (trying his best to influence your music and film tastes before you'd even taken your first breath! :).)

Sometimes I get more frustrated than I'd like to when you fight with each other. Sometimes I'm not as patient as I should be when you don't do as I ask. Sometimes I feel like I'm continually breaking up your squabbles, picking up toys and your snack crumbs and packets and always stopping you from endangering yourselves.

But my gosh, there are also so many times where I feel I want to take a bottle and bottle that feeling of pure contentment, pride and happiness that I get from being your Mum.

Exploring Cheddar Gorge With The Mazda CX-5

It's since Adam and I have become parents that we've realised the true importance of creating memories. Knowing that our two boys, Ethan and Logan, won't always be little and realising how quickly the time passes and just how quickly they both grow pushes us to make the most of our days with them before they're grown up with their own families.

Some days it's the little things - like a shared bedtime story, or a family board game after school. It might be a movie night or a family game of Mario Party snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa. And other times we'll do something quite a bit more ambitious like a family day out somewhere new or take a family trip somewhere. The thing that we all love to do as a family the most is to get outside and see the world around us - be that via a walk through a local forest, or an adventure by train or in the car or even a visit to another country. Making memories by exploring the world around us together is always our favourite way to spend our free time.

This weekend, we had the incredible opportunity to go and achieve a driving ambition of ours - something that had been on our UK bucket list for a while - a visit to Cheddar Gorge and nearby Wookey Hole Caves. Excitingly, Mazda UK wanted to collaborate with us for that latest #DrivingAmbitions campaign and they very kindly let us borrow one of their Mazda CX-5's for our adventure, which as you'll find out more about below, was such a treat!

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