Saturday, 28 February 2015

It's time to sort out the back garden.. Different Decking Idea and Inspiration!

Our back garden will need some work, we've known that ever since we moved in. The bricks surrounding the step up to the grass are broken and coming away from each other and it sort of looks pretty untidy and it's also quite dangerous, especially having a toddler who is going to want to run around out there in the summer! And today whilst sweeping up, I ever so slightly moved a sandpit/swimming pool that we have out in the garden which was next to the brick wall and part of the brick wall fell down completely - not good and not safe! And so I think that even though we're saving for hopefully an attic conversion, we may have to somehow look at affording for some work to be done in the garden out the back ready for summer when Ethan will no doubt be very eager to get out there for a run about. 

I've always loved the idea of decking and Adam does too so today I hit Pinterest and sites like Arbor Deck looking for some inspiration and modern garden ideas. I really like the look of timber decking boards but I'm still open to suggestions at this point. All we know is that we don't want anything too expensive, just something that will be perfect for BBQ's (the veggie type obviously) and little get togethers in the spring and summer time. Here are some different decking ideas Ive found and love:

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Me and Mine February 2015

Me and Mine

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Friday, 27 February 2015

The death of the beard?.. I hope not!

Roll back two years ago - if you'd asked me then if I liked a beard on a man I would have answered your question with a firm and certain - "No", but fast forward to the present day and I can't imagine my Husband who always sported the clean shaven look previously, without his beard. I now absolutely love a beard on him. Perhaps if I'm truly honest here, it's because he looks quite young without it. And I don't mean that in an offensive way towards him, we both often say how young we both look and we both agree that Adam looks even younger without his beard. I've really grown to love facial hair on men and I'm not quite sure why I used to be so against it in the first place?!  

Baby #2: 23 Weeks Pregnant.. I'm Exhausted!

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I'm 23 weeks pregnant now and this is the week that I've really started to feel the full blown effects of growing a tiny human inside of me! I actually think it's sort of obvious how I've been feeling just by looking at the above photo of me - I look pale and sort of frazzled and it's totally because I am just that. I'm really exhausted. 

I learned the first time around that pregnancy isn't easy, but when I look back on my first pregnancy, I realise how much easier it was being able to rest whenever I needed to and do things like go to bed whenever I liked. Second time around, I have a toddler who requires constant supervision and a flow of different types of entertainment to keep him happy during the day. Not to mention a strict requirement for all of his meals cooked for him, nappies changed, baths and everything else that comes as part of being a Mum to a growing child. Ethan doesn't understand why Mummy wants to lay in bed, why Mummy has no energy to roll around on the floor letting him jump all over me, why Mummy doesn't want to leave the house some days. He doesn't understand that Mummy feels like she's hooked to a energy-draining drip and that her back muscles are straining more and more each day, which combined with having a curvature of the spine - feels pretty damn uncomfortable and very painful. 

Luckily I have good support around me most of the time, my Husband is here during the week and his parents are fantastic with Ethan and always go out of their way to make themselves available to look after their Grandson who they love very much. I absolutely know that I could feel so much worse and I absolutely know that everyday of pain or exhaustion is going to be so very much worth it. Being Mum to Ethan has opened up such a wonderful way of life for me, I genuinely couldn't be happier as a Mum and I feel so incredibly lucky that I will get to be a Mummy to two later on this year. <3 But some times - it's pretty exhausting!


Thursday, 26 February 2015

'The Day That' Review

I really am such a sentimental type of person. I'm the person who always tries to look for a meaning in things. I was contacted recently by a company called 'The Day That' who told that they brave the elements each morning to capture the dawn every single day and have been doing so ever since June 21st 2005...nearly 10 years!

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Gift Ideas For Him

The boys in your life can be a tricky audience when it comes to gifts; from football boots to socks and pyjamas - of course he will tell you he doesn’t need anything! If you are looking for something a bit more unique for the man in your life, there are plenty of great ideas for gifts to get your imagination working. Time to get shopping! 
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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Better Place

Do you have a special place that you like to go to when you're feeling a little snowed under to help restore calm back into your life and make things feel better? I do and it's probably might not be an obvious choice for most people, but for me it makes perfect sense.. 

My better place is actually our local park. 

It is the place that when I'm having a tough day and when I have mountains of work to do and a toddler that doesn't seem to be happy no matter what I do or try with him, can make everything feel better after just a short visit.