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Changing Logan's Room From a Nursery to A Toddler Room On A Budget + 30% Discount Code

One of my favourite rooms in our house so far (and I say so far because we have VERY exciting plans for this year that will involve an extension and a new kitchen and garden makeover), is Logan's bedroom. And it's funny because Logan's room in the smallest room in our house, it's tight in there and we've had to be clever with it to make the space work for us (see how we made the most of the smallest room in our home here). But I've always loved it - the blue star theming is my favourite and the fact we've been able to make it work and feel cosy for him despite the small space is amazing.

Changing baby nursery to a toddler room

Admitting Overwhelm

Following a huge increase in anxiety lately and panic attacks like nothing I've experienced before that seemingly came out of the blue, I've spent a few days distracting myself trying not to over think as to avoid the physical symptoms of anxiety - which quite honestly can be and have been rather terrifying.

The time off and the distraction has helped me to process that anxiety, stress and overwhelm can manifest like that - physically making me feel so unwell. And after a few days I felt like I was 'getting there' and that maybe the physical storm of anxiety was lifting. It was until I sat in bed last night and I started to feel it happening again that I realised that I perhaps needed to attempt to pinpoint exactly what has been causing my body to attempt to go in to this fight or flight mode.

I felt like I handled the feelings that came over me last night like a boss - I actually managed to stay mostly calm. I repeatedly traced the outline of my chest of drawers with my eyes like a friend had advised me to do, I tried square breathing, but most of all I refused to go with the fear and afterwards as silly as it might sound I felt like I'd won a fight. The anxious feelings lifted a little and I fell asleep.

This morning I woke up with the same feeling - it's a feeling of nausea and almost like somebody is sitting on my chest. I feel my arm start to feel weak and my heartbeat sounds and feels heavier. The feelings clearly aren't lifting by themselves. And though I have repeatedly wondered if it could be something else, perhaps a virus, the truth is is that the more I think about it the more I can relate it to feeling overwhelmed.

All my life I've unintentionally been too hard on myself and felt guilty for things I shouldn't. I'm an emotionally deep person and I've always thought on a deeper level. This has its benefits of course, but it also has many negatives too. Being a Mother, though has made me so much more confident and content, has also made me more on edge, more guilty and a lot harder on myself.

The truth is I love being a Mum like I really adore it and I'd be lost without my children. God, they make me happy and fill my heart with the most happiness. But I also feel overwhelmed quite a lot of the time and even more so lately. And though this sounds 'normal' to say and to write, because hey doesn't every other parent, I feel almost a bit ashamed to admit that I feel like I'm struggling with overhwhelm.

feeling overwhelmed as a mum of two

Fighting Fear: I Refuse To Stay Stuck. Talking Honestly About Panic Attacks and Anxiety

My head's always been a bit noisy. I'm prone to overthinking - I can't help myself. I've never really been sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, I think things through, I weigh up the negatives and the positives, I'm cautious and careful (though perhaps too careful maybe). I call myself Mrs Safety because I am always looking at what might go wrong in a situation. How close we are to the car in front. How small the boys' food is cut up - is it cut up too big.. or too small? How far the boys are walking ahead of me on the pavement - could a car reverse out of the driveway and not spot them? Honestly, the list goes on and on.

And then there are the things that I question myself about.. the guilt about every.single.thing is real! I'm hard on myself unnecessarily, yet my thoughts often don't give me a break. It's tiring. I can be the one in the spa sitting tensely, struggling to relax and to turn my thoughts off. I try to hold on to the moments where I do feel relaxed in my mind and when I don't overthink because they are my favourite.

Some of you will read this and you won't understand and I get that. And some of you will read this and I know that you'll be nodding along. Because the truth is is that there are so many of us that suffer from anxiety and if I know anything for certain it is that like other illnesses anxiety isn't fussy about who it affects.

10 Places I'd Like to Visit In My Lifetime - My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Since becoming a parent my love for travel has grown so much. As a family when I was a girl, my Mum didn't have a lot of money and so holidays were very rarely a thing. It was only after I became an adult myself and had my own family that I realised how much I wanted to see the world. I'm a homely sort of person, I really am, but there's a passion inside of me for adventure and exploring and I hope that one day I will get to visit at least some of the places on my travel bucket list. I've listed my top 10 places that I'd love to visit in my lifetime below and I'd love to know which of these are on your list? Or what else you would add? 

10 Places I'd Like to Visit In My Lifetime - My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - Feb 2017

If I'm sure of one thing then it is that my boys are NOT at all, not even in the slightest, fans of the snow. They do not like it. I mean sure, they get excited (as we all do) when they see the snow start to fall outside of our window from within the warmth of our house, but if you take them out in it then you can guarantee that they'll be straight back in, usually less than a minute later!

How to Make Mother's Day Gifts That Bit More Personal This Year

Mother's Day is such a lovely day of the year - I love that we celebrate how special the Mother-figures in our lives are. Be it our own Mum's, step-Mums, Mother in Laws, Grandmas or whoever it is that we look to as a Mother-figure, it's important to celebrate them.

Being able to spend the time together in the day is always the best sort of gift, but it's also nice to treat our Mums too isn't it? I was recently contacted by John Lewis who asked if I'd like to work with them on their Mother's Day campaign which is all about celebrating what it is that makes different Mums special in their own ways. Over on their website they have a dedicated Mother's Day page which allows you to browse gift choices by your Mum's interests such as fashion-forward, a gardener, foodie, adventure pro, tech savvy alongside many more. And as soon as I saw the category 'Always on-the-go Grandma' I knew instantly that that was the perfect place to find some Mother's Day gift inspiration for my own Mother-in-law.

mothers day gift ideas

Sleepbear Mattress Review

I'm a sleep-loving kinda girl, I love to travel, but there really is nowhere in the world quite like my bed! I'm particular about the amount of pillows I have and what my mattress is like and I always, always have to sleep with a small pillow in between my legs (there's a weird little fact for you!). Comfort is always, always the most important thing to me. So when British family business Sleepbear got in touch with me a few weeks ago to see if I would be interested in trying out their handmade Sleepbear mattress-in-a-box, I had my reservations, could a mattress that arrives rolled up in a box really compare with the mattress I already had?

Sleepbear Mattress Review
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