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Contact from the 'Other Side"? The Most Bizarre Experience!

I don't know if I would class myself as a skeptic as such, but I do I like to look at things from a logical perspective. But I'm also quite an empath myself which means that a lot of the time I can sense the feelings, thoughts and energies of people and animals and I can connect with people very quickly on a deep level. I'm often told by people that they don't usually open up so much with other people as much as they do/have done with me. 

I believe in the power of the mind and I believe in the power of instinct and intuition. I met my Husband at 14 and honestly, the moment I saw him, I could sense he was the one. We've been together for 17 years now, he's been my only boyfriend and he is my absolute soul mate. I think we give off things about ourselves without even realising and I think that some people can just 'know' things without prior confirmation. 

I'm also very aware that as humans, we don't know it all. We don't know why we are here. How and why the Universe got here and what exactly happens when we die. Death is something I've thought about a lot. I hate that I think about it, but it's like this weird obsession because I am always aware that it is the only thing that truly is certain in our lives and it petrifies me. I have worried about death ever since I was a young girl and I'd cry myself to sleep worrying about losing my Mum. I don't know why I tortured myself so much, but as an adult now, I am continuously working on not overthinking it too much and instead, turning the fear into fuel to help me to live a happy and full life. 

5 Rules I Live By To Help Me To Keep A Positive Mindset

Self-care isn't just a trendy word that is floating about at the moment, it's a real thing that we all need to be making time for daily. 

Being aware of and looking after my mental wellbeing is something I've spent the last few years doing a lot of and one thing I've come to realise about self-care is that it isn't just about making time for spa days or sitting around reading books, it's fundamentally about keeping a healthy mindset and knowing the things that we can each day with little to no time to suit our often fast-paced, fully packed lives, especially as parents!

Here are five vital rules I live by to help me to try and keep positive mental wellbeing, I hope they will also be helpful to you!

How To Tackle Your Washing Pile Ethically AND For Up To 50% Of Your Normal Price!

Oh the never-ending washing pile! Right? All of us parents can relate to the constant stream of washing that we need to tackle pretty much daily. I wonder how many loads we actually put on per year? What with all of the kids uniform, muddy sports clothes, the bedding and the mucky t-shirts from spilt dinners! 

It all amounts to a LOT of wash loads! And so one thing that we can not afford to forget is to ensure that we always have plenty of washing capsules in.. Opening the cupboard to realise that you've run out (especially if you're a parent )is a bit of a disaster!. But what if you could just forget and you could have your washing capsules regularly sent directly to you and posted through your letterbox? And what if, because you'd be cutting the middle man out, you could wash your clothes for 50% cheaper than the normal price? 

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A Recap: Our 2019!

Hello 2020! You've come around fast! And I'll be honest I keep wondering where exactly 2019 went! It's the little milestones that I look back on that remind me what we were doing throughout the year and I thought it would be nice to sit down and create a little 'year in review' or 'recap' of the year. Especially so as I have majorly slacked with keeping up with our 'Me and Mine' monthly photographs and monthly updates that I used to do here. So let's take a little look back and recap our 2019!... 


Our Christmas 2019

This blog post definitely feels like it's a tad (or a lot) too late, but I also feel that I need to write it, if even just for me to look back on at least. 

Today is the first day I've really had to sit down and get back into writing here on my blog, it's the boys' first day back at school and so we're swinging ourselves back into our routine! 

It's funny because whilst helping the boys get dressed for school this morning it occurred to me that it feels like they haven't been at school for ages. But, on the other hand, I also feel like the Christmas period came and went so quickly! It certainly feels like the Christmas decorations went up and came down in a flash! I think it's all just part of parenting and being responsible for two extra little humans as well as myself - life has sped up and the days just seem to be getting faster! 

The secret is out: Pass your MOT without trouble

Is your car MOT coming up soon? 
If so, you'll be pleased to know that there are a few things that you can do to help your car pass it's MOT in just a few simple steps. Obviously, you won’t be able to run a complete MOT check like a professional garage would do, but still there are things you can perform at home to help your car sail through its's MOT and skip the discomfort of a re-test.

Alternative Christmas Present Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching everyone is hunting for the perfect Christmas gift, but presents don't just have to be a 'thing', sometimes the gift of an experience can mean so much more to someone. After all it's good memories that stay with us and that last a lifetime. 

And so this year I thought I would share some alternative Christmas presents ideas for anyone looking for something a bit different and something a bit more 'outside of the box'. 

I hope these ideas are helpful, I've listed all of the things that I've thought of together, but some are obviously more suited to children, some are more suited to adults and some are suited to both. 

Alternative Christmas Present Ideas
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