Baby #2: 21 Weeks.. We've Chosen Your Name!

21 weeks pregnant, 21 week pregnancy update

This week Adam and I decided on a name for baby #2, we've both liked the name for a while now and though we weren't 100% sure, the idea of not calling him it and dropping the name didn't feel right to us, so we knew it was special. Since we've made the decision, it's felt completely like the right choice and we are loving being able to call the baby by what will be his name. It's also been nice introducing the name to Ethan too. We are keeping the name a secret until he's born purely because we don't want to feel influenced by anyone else's opinion on it. 

I've been feeling really well lately, apart from the odd day of being drained of energy, but to be honest as that has been the worst of how I've felt, I've been quite lucky. I haven't been sick once and I never was with Ethan either. I don't even ever feel sick and for that I am very grateful! 

My bump is noticeably bigger again this week I think and baby #2's kicks are getting stronger and stronger, Adam loves feeling him move around. I've been using stretch mark cream (when I remember and when I'm warm enough to want to rub cold cream in to my stomach). I'm not sure if I've had any new stretch marks come through or not as I already had quite a few that had stuck around from being pregnant with Ethan. But to be honest, I'm happy that a few stretch marks are worth the amazing reward of having children.



  1. Aw how exciting!!! I never fully committed to Tyne's name until he was born, but now that we've decided on this babies name it does feel so nice to have a kind of identity attached to them already!

    It is definitely too cold for stretch mark cream!! lol

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  2. Such a great moment deciding on a name. Both times we had clear front runners with names but only decided on them definitely when they were born and kept the names we had loved during pregnancy :) x

  3. Oh that's so lovely to find a name early on so you can call baby by it. We did that with Buba and it was so nice. MM was hard to name. So excited to hear what you have chosen. Looking amazing as always still.

  4. Aw so exciting to have finally decided on a name. We just couldn't actually 'name' either of the girls until they were born, even though we were 90% sure what we were going to call them. Still looking absolutely blooming beautiful. xx

  5. This pregnancy seems to be flying along.

  6. Ooh so exciting you have a name! We kept Indianas a secret until she was born too, I think it's like the final surprise :) xx

  7. Thats so exciting. I loved being able to give my son his name when I was carrying him. It really helped my daughter (who was 3 at the time) to bond with him. I didn't keep it a secret but I know lots of people do as everyone seems to have an opinion.