Baby #2: 30 Weeks Pregnant.. Feeling Huge!

30 weeks pregnant, 30 weeks, bump at 30 weeks

I cannot work out how I suddenly went from announcing my pregnancy with baby #2 to suddenly being 30 weeks pregnant (31 tomorrow)! But here I am and to be totally honest - I feel over-joyed to now be in to the '30's'. It means I'm closer to meeting my little boy and being a Mummy of two. And it means that Ethan's closer to meeting his little brother and that Adam is closer to meeting his second child. There's honestly so much that I'm looking forward to and I feel very thankful.

I feel like I am absolutely huge lately. I keep catching glimpses of myself in shop mirrors or window reflections and having to take a double look at myself. Even though I am photographing my growing stomach every week I sort of feel like the bump has just sort of popped out from no-where! 

Baby #2 was a little less active towards the beginning of the week and I, of course, had a mini panic attack when his movements did slow down a little. But they've picked back up now and they are now even stronger. Multiple times a day I feel and see lumps sticking out all over my stomach. I love feeling him move, but it still shocks me and hurts a little every time a body part of his pokes up out of my belly. 

I'm not really getting many other symptoms other than random hormonal outbursts (I cried over not having perfect photographs today!), exhaustion and lower back pain where I can feel the bump growing and stretching (and the usual upper back pain from my scoliosis and the increase in muscle strain). I've not even had any heartburn as of yet (though I've probably now just jinxed myself!) and as I've said before - I don't have any sickness either. 

Tomorrow I turn 31 weeks pregnant and I am getting more and more excited about the prospect of packing my hospital bag and getting everything at home 100% ready for him. I have another scan coming up towards the end of the month to see if my placenta has moved up, so after that I'll be able to start properly thinking about the birth.. which really, doesn't seem too far off now! :)



  1. You look fab! Not that long to go now, how exciting!

    Emma x

  2. Such a beautiful bump Alex, not long to go now! x

  3. So exciting! You still look so good :) xx

  4. Ah I remember the movements slowing down around then too, don't worry....they soon get super painful again as they get more cramped in there lol.
    You look fab! Very glowy! (I hated it when people said that to me, and here I am saying it! lol).