Which Family Occasions Are Worth Saving For?

As parents I think that we'll always find that they'll be some sort of family occasion worth saving for, but which is the most important? Here are some of the family occasions that I think are worth saving the pennies and pounds for..

There's nothing better than a nice relaxing break with the family, a time when the routine gets thrown out of the window and for a week or so life becomes all about exploring what else is out there with your loved ones.

As Ethan is only two years old, we've not really experienced what it is to host a proper childrens birthday party. But I'm sure that we'll have it coming when he starts school and we go from little family get togethers and days out, to hiring out venues and catering for half of his school class and with two boys that'll be two of those a year! 

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, full of such magic for the children and it's so lovely to see their faces light up come Christmas morning, but it's certainly not a cheap time of the year! With all the decorations, food, drink presents, cards and everything else that goes in to making the perfect time for the family, I think that it's so worth putting away as much money as possible beforehand. 

Late teenage years
Learning to drive, going to university, saving for a house deposit, these are all things that we tell our children to do, but between earning a minimum wage from their job, if they are able to get one when they turn 16 and staying in further education, plus paying for things like days and nights out, it's not an easy task saving very much, very quickly. Adam and I have been putting money away for Ethan since he was born and will be doing so with our second child to help them out with the important things like university fees (should they wish to go) or learning to drive when they're older. 

Some parents choose to put money away for what will hopefully one day be their childrens wedding day. I think this is a lovely idea and would certainly like to be able to help out our children with the cost of their wedding when they are older. 

Are there any family occasions worth saving for or investing your money for that you think I've missed? 


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  1. I totally agree with all of these you have written. xx