6 Top Tips for the Perfect Baby Nursery

Although the joys of having a baby beats any other emotion you’ll probably ever experience, there’s no denying that it’s also one of the most stressful times you’ll ever face! Well, try planning and decorating a room for the little one before they’ve arrived into the world! With hundreds of options from the colours, cots, bouncers, storage, rocking chairs, lights and everything else (the list cold go on forever) to consider, it can be very overwhelming to say the least. 

To help you on your way and make the wonder of having a baby a little less stressful, here are 6 top tips for the perfect baby nursery:

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1. Kids love colour
Often, and especially if the gender of the baby is being kept a secret, parents tend to choose neutrally colours when decorating. While this is all well and good, kids do love a bit of colour! One way to keep the room modest but also brighten it up and add some character to it is by opting for colourful carpets or a feature wall with statement wallpaper. Another option is buying colourful fairy lights or little lamps such as many found on the Lampcommerce website, and placing them around the room. As your little one grows up (a lot faster than you think) and begins to recognise colours, they’ll find some comfort and joy from the brightness in the room and it will create a safe, welcoming, and homely environment.

2. Natural is always best
Staying on the topic of using neutral colours, it’s common to paint our wooden chest draws and cupboards. Here’s a tip for you- not all wood needs to be painted and in fact looks best the way it is naturally. If you purchase a wooden wardrobe or rocking chair for the room, keep it natural, leaving the room feeling grounded. It also means less work for you!

3. Play around with textures
As your children grow they will begin to become more aware of their surroundings and physically feel for the difference in textures around the room. Laminate floors (very convenient to clean) are a popular choice amongst parents accompanied with a shaggy rug and pictures or canvases hung up. 

4. Get Daddy invovled
Having a baby isn’t just mummy’s job! Daddy’s like getting involved as much as they can too, and decorating their baby’s room is a perfect way to do that. It also makes sense to get the men involved because as ever, two pairs of hands and minds are always better than one and they’re good for all the heavy lifting and boring stuff mums don’t want to do. 

5. Don't confuse your little one
As mentioned, natural colours are among the biggest trends for a baby’s room. This means less of the traditional blues, pinks, greens and yellows, and more of the earthy creams, greys, and beiges. Different shades of natural colours are less likely to overwhelm a baby and will create more comfortable surroundings, particularly if the colour scheme follows the trend of the rest of the rooms in the house. A lot of change will often disrupt and confuse a baby and cause some discomfort and distress, leading to no sleep for anyone in the house!

6. Stop getting carried away
Although it’s hard not getting excited and carried away buying everything baby – be mindful when decorating the room. They grow up too quickly, it’s a fact! It then won’t be long until they outgrow their room depending on how you’ve designed and decorated it. Not only does this become expensive, but also a lot of hassle and time having to change everything three or four years later. You don’t want to be having to redecorate your child’s room more than your bank account will let you, so it is advisable to plan the important stuff such as the colours and furniture first, before investing in the fancy things like the pretty canvases and Peppa Pig wallpaper. 


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  1. Fab tips lovely, I definitely got carried away and Jaspy never ended up in his first nursery! He was in our room the whole time we were in our first house, and our second! Now he's in his own room and it's still pink from the landlords daughter haha