35 Weeks: 3/5th's Engaged!

I'm a little late with this one I'm afraid, I'm blaming it entirely on my complete and utter lack of energy {I'm not sure I actually know what that word means anymore}. I turn 36 weeks {can you believe it?!} tomorrow but here is my 35 week update:

How far along?: 35 Weeks.. 6 Days.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new since last week.

Stretch marks: Still just on my boobs.

Sleep: I'm still waking around 2-3 times a night. Tired all of the time! Zzz.

Best moment this week: Finding out that you are 3/5th's engaged! I feel like everything's going as it should be so far *touch wood*. 

Sammy says Hi!

Miss anything?: My energy {please come back soon!!} and being able to squeeze into small gaps {totally not possible anymore with my massive bump}.

Movement: I can feel you very low now, but I still feel your little feet {I'm assuming that's what it is} high up into my ribs. I feel every movement and I would still say you are a very active baby. You have had the hiccups a number of times this week and you've made me laugh several times because when you hear a loud noise you jump! 

Food cravings: Still loving orange juice, not craving anything else that I can think of.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Have not been sick at all so far. I get moments of feeling nauseous but luckily nothings ever come up!

Gender: My little baby Boy <3

Labour signs: I have had a lot of twinges down below this week, I would describe them as shooting pains, okay, actually that doesn't really describe the intensity of them, more like someone giving me a few electric shocks in my below area. I'm assuming that you are burrowing your head further or are on  a nerve. 

Symptoms: Heartburn has returned this week - I haven't really suffered that bad with it so I wont really complain. Sore lower belly especially when bending over. The pains down below that I described above. Exhaustion. Back pain {mostly upper - so coming from my scoliosis, Daddy's been massaging me lots and lots to try and help}.

Belly button in or out? Out and very pointy!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! Really content and living in the moment. Even though I'm so tired I am really just enjoying each day because it's such a special time.

Looking forward to: Well, I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and I can't wait until I turn 37 weeks because that's full term! I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, I haven't had it done in ages so I'm excited for that. I actually hate getting it done because it seems to take forever, but I always love the result! I'm having a full head of blonde highlights and my layers put back in, so hopefully at the very least my hair will look nice when you arrive and we have millions of photos taken together! 

Also This week: Daddy and I have had lots and lots of talks about how we plan to feed you. We have decided that I am going to try breastfeeding and also expressing so that Daddy can feed you as well as me. We rearranged some of the things in your nursery for the millionth time {I think we are now decided on and happy with how things are}. Daddy's been playing his new game: Tomb Raider on his PS3. We've changed the living room around a bit {again}, we purchased a new IKEA coffee table which we got at a great price and it looks great, Daddy got a new single cabinet to go next to the one he already has, this will be full of more Lego and Warhammer very soon and we also brought a storage unit for all of the Lego things we sell on eBay. 


  1. Awww so exciting! oooh 3/5ths engaged!!!! Not long now!!! :D

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. Nope, I'm pinching myself that I'm 36 weeks tomorrow!! xo

  2. Eek not long now Alex! And you still look lovely :) I'm so excited for you!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. Love your bump, so neat and oooh not long to go now xx


  4. Tagged you - http://beautyqueenuk.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/the-shine-on-award-tag-youre-it.html xx

  5. What a gorgeous bump!!
    You must be so excited, i have 2 boys one 4 months and the other is 2, they are so much fun!
    Lovely seeing you on #pbloggers

  6. Congrats - you are almost there! Excited to find your blog!


  7. Congratulations, you are very beautiful , your blog is very interesting and beautiful, congratulations and kisses from Spain.