A Mini Trip to Cornwall and Our Stay at Bedruthan Hotel

If you follow me on any or all of my social media accounts, you'll know that we've just returned from a mini trip away to beautiful Cornwall. We stayed for two nights at the stunningly located Bedruthan Hotel and Spa and when I say stunningly-located I really do mean it.. Bedruthan Hotel sits perfectly nestled on a cliff above Mawgan Porth beach on the North Cornwall coast. From within the hotel, there are just the most beautiful views of the beach and cliffs below at so many opportunities and from so many of the bright yet modernly decorated rooms.

Bedruthan Hotel and Spa, Cornwall, Mawgan Porth, Mawgan Porth Beach

The beautiful view from our family sized sea-view room. 

I hadn't actually heard of Bedruthan hotel before we stayed there, I had however heard of it's sister hotel - The Scarlet (an adult-only hotel) and had been blown away by the pictures of it on the internet.. The Scarlet actually very nearly ended up being our choice of hotel for our honeymoon before we decided on a trip to the Lake District instead. The great thing about Bedruthan though is that whilst it offers the same beautiful views as the Scarlet and the same gorgeous hotel interiors, as well as the same opportunities to properly relax - it is child-friendly and really caters to families looking for a chilled-out beach escape in the UK. 

As soon as we arrived at Beduthan it was clear that it was going to be impossible not to relax. The views of the sea waves crashing together from most of the many windows inside the hotel make you feel instantly calm, but it's also the way the staff working at the hotel make you feel.. they go out of their way to let you know that nothing is ever too much trouble. They're relaxed yet still so organised and efficient. They're friendly but not over the top. The many seating areas are comfortable and really well thought out.. in the main lounge there's ev`Ωen a toy cupboard for the children to use whilst the adults relax. 

There are certain areas of the hotel that are out of bounds for children, but not many and I personally found it rather nice knowing that the adults who were visiting the hotel without children had the option to use parts of the hotel where they could relax and not be disturbed. It meant that Adam and I could relax quite a bit more knowing that at dinner, as an example, if Ethan didn't want to sit in his seat or if he wanted to make loud noises then he wasn't really disturbing anyone that didn't already have their own children with them. It always feels a lot better being around other families with similar aged children, who understand how difficult it can be to get a toddler to sit for a length of time. 

Our room (a family sized sea-view room) was spacious and beautifully decorated. I'm not usually one to say things like this but I really did love the use of bright colours throughout the hotel, every room felt contemporary and clean and you could see a flow throughout the hotel of the same sort of similar them - it was gorgeous. Our bed was absolutely huge and very comfy. Inside our room were two single child-sized smaller beds and the hotel even provided a detachable bed safety rail to make it safe for Ethan (who usually sleeps in a travel bed if we're away and his cot at home) to sleep in. They would also have provided us with a travel cot, if we had requested and preferred it, which I thought was great as it meant we wouldn't have had to use up space in the car taking one with us ourselves.

You can't see it because taking a photograph towards a window gives off terrible light, but beyond that huge window was the most beautiful beach view - it almost felt like the beach was a part of the room!

Inside our room we had the usual things you'd expect to find like towels, toiletries, spa and swimming towels, a fridge (which we found late - it's in the cupboard!), lots of pillows, a television and even a DVD player, a phone and tea and coffee etc. There was also apparently a hairdryer but I didn't see myself this as I didn't actually look for it. There were booklets with lots of information about the hotel in and then also booklets about local things to see and do. There's also free and very good wifi at the hotel which you can quickly gain access to with a code. 

The view from the bar terrace. 

My very favourite people. :) Ethan's looking so grown up lately!

There's lots to do for families at Bedruthan.. there's the indoor soft play area and an outdoor park with some really thought out things for the children to play on, which again overlooks the beautiful beach. There's two hours free childcare per day where the children get to go and be part of kids-club. There's the indoor swimming pool, which Ethan and his Dad loved having a splash about in whilst I went for what was a very relaxing pregnancy massage (more on that later). Depending upon your package there's also the opportunity to take advantage of free equipment hire, such as puddle jumping boiler suits and wellies, kites, spades and all terrain buggies and toddler back packs. And again, dependant upon your package, there's also a toddler sitting service available, where a babysitter will come to your room to look after your child for the evening, or the option to use the hotels baby listening service whilst you go and have some couple time.

We ate at Bedruthan's Wild Cafe both nights and had our breakfast and lunch there too. The Wild Cafe is colourful, funky and one of the most relaxed places to eat. It was so lovely to sit by the window and watch the sea below and even see the sun set on the horizon. The prices for food we're average, but I would have liked to see more vegetarian options personally, especially on the childrens menu. I also would have liked to have seen some healthier childrens options. I felt that as a vegetarian Ethan really could have only eaten pizza or pasta. This is pretty much standard for when we're out, but it would have been nice to have seen something a little different. Again, at breakfast, there's so much on offer and the food is lovely, but as a vegetarian I would have loved to have seen perhaps veggie-sausages or something similar to go with the cooked breakfast. The food however, was lovely and we did very much enjoy it. 

I mentioned earlier the fact that I had a pregnancy massage whilst at Bedruthan in their spa.. it was very relaxing despite the fact that I was feeling quite unwell (I currently have a sinus infection!). I really enjoyed having a bit of relaxation and enjoying some 'me' time, whilst Adam took Ethan off to the indoor swimming pool for a splash around. I came away from my massage feeling very refreshed. 

It is, in my opinion, also absolutely worth treating yourself to a cocktail from the bar whilst at Bedruthan. The bar staff are amazing when it comes to cocktail making and even made my very-pregnant self a non-alcoholic cocktail that tasted utterly delicious and very refreshing! 

Despite the fact that I felt ill, we decided that we couldn't not visit the beach, so we headed down (we did drive as I didn't fancy the walk at 34 weeks pregnant). We didn't spend as much time at the beach as we would have liked as sadly I really couldn't face being up and about, but it was a truly stunning sandy beach and for the short time we were there Ethan had so much fun. I just really do wish I had felt a little bit better so that we could have stayed for a bit longer. 

Our stay in Cornwall at Bedruthan hotel was honestly just so lovely. We all felt relaxed the entire time, really well-looked after and like we always had something to do or that we could be doing. Sometimes it's just nice to take a couple of days out and exist purely as a family, to come away from the everyday routine and from any work and day-to-day pressures and just enjoy each others company.. which is exactly what I felt like we achieved. 

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  1. It sounds really magical. I just love Cornwall so I'm always looking for new parts to visit. What a shame you weren't feeling so well :( xx

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