34 Weeks: I Can't Stop Thinking About You

How far along?: 34 Weeks.. 5 Days.

Maternity clothes: I picked up an amazing top that I am quite a bit in love with {pictured below}. I love the colour and the cat picture. It's actually 'age 16' can you believe?! Love that an age 16 top fits me at 34 weeks pregnant!! I also picked up some more leggings and some other tops from Primark. Nothing from a maternity range just bigger sizes!

Stretch marks: Still exactly the same as previous weeks.

Sleep: I've been waking up around 2-3 times a night to empty my bladder. Sleep has been okay, just wish I could have more of it as my energy levels are still very very low. 

Best moment this week: Visiting the labour ward was pretty awesome, you can read more about what I thought of it {here}. Our first antenatal class was also really exciting, it makes me realise how close I am to meeting you! 

34 weeks bump

Miss anything?: Not having to go to the toilet most of the time and I miss having more energy.

Movement: Still feeling you constantly <3 Last night you had your foot wedged in my rib - this hurt, a lot but I know you are running out of room nowadays. It feels like you're so big now, I'm worried that you're not comfortable.

Food cravings: Still enjoying lots of vitamin C.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really. I've been so lucky to have not been sick as of yet.

Gender: A little baby Boy <3

Labour signs: No, just twinges. I don't think I've had any Braxton Hicks yet.

Symptoms: Very low energy levels, back pain, pain when you kick me hard in the ribs {does this count as a symptom?!}, and twinges down below.

34 weeks bump

Belly button in or out? Out and very much on show for the world to see through my t-shirts!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time: I've never felt more content, excited and happy. I love being pregnant and I love the thought of you joining our little family. I simply cannot stop thinking about you and I love you already. I have been getting cranky however because of my tiredness and when I'm feeling uncomfortable, but I don't mean to be.

Looking forward to: Packing our hospital bags {it means that the end is in sight}. Looking forward to finishing work {28th March is my last day}  - only a few weeks to go! Also excited for our next antenatal class on Monday which is also when I'll be 35 weeks pregnant with you!

Also This week: I learnt a lot from our first antenatal class and so did your Dad! Daddy apparently had very high expectations of antenatal classes, he asked me whether or not he would have to sit behind me and massage my breast... I am just as confused as the rest of the world about where he possibly got this idea from!!? Haha. Anyway, as I said I learnt a lot, mostly that actually I don't want to automatically have an epidural, yes, it's pain relief but it is very scary looking and there's quite a few disadvantages to it, mostly that you can't move about as it completely numbs you.. I want to be active when giving birth so this is no good. It also makes the labour process a lot slower!
I also learnt that perhaps I do want to use a birthing pool or at the very least try it, they're known to help relax you and therefore help with natural pain relief. As I explained in {this} blog post I'm feeling very strongly lately that I want to have as much of a natural labour as I can when giving birth to you. 



  1. That is a cute t-shirt and yay for it being aged 16 lol... cute post too xx


  2. Look at how little your bump is Alex! Mine is absolutely huge at 32 weeks. I start my maternity leave next Sunday (17th March) and really glad about it as my back has started to get really painful now and I keep banging bump on the counter. Not a good thing, cruel mummy ;)

    Love your new top as well. Hope baby doesn't stretch it too much then you'll be able to wear it after he arrives as well. Bonus! :D

    Louise x

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    1. Ah wow, not long to go then 2 more days and you'll be on maternity! Yeah, my backs playing up a whole lot too it's really not fun!!

      Thank you, yep that's the plan!


  3. I am gonna have to share this blog with my sister.. she is just gone 14 weeks! you are looking great btw :)

  4. Hi, I found you from Mummy B's blog nominations - I am one of the other nominees :) You have such a perfect lovely bump, I am jealous - I wish mine looked so neat and cute when I was pregnant! I am your newest follower, your blog is lovely - would love you to check out mine if you fancy some baby reading, Kayleigh xx