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Soniclear review, Michael Todd Soniclear,

I'm not of one of those people who is heavily into beauty products, I rarely find time to 'beautify' myself and I sometimes think that beauty products can be overpriced and a little boring. I had paid no interest in cleansers up until last month when I discovered Braun Face which I wrote a little about here, in my current skincare routine post. After using Braun Face, I was so impressed with the idea of cleansing my face using an electrical or battery powered cleanser that it sparked an interest within me to try other well known cleansers to see how they differed and if they could improve upon my first ever cleansing experience.

I'd never heard of Soniclear before I was contacted by a representative from Michael Todd, but after the initial email, I knew instantly that I wanted to give their product a go. The Soniclear is marketed as the worlds first antimicrobial sonic skin cleansing system, meaning that the brushes that come with it stay cleaner and fresher for longer. This is an industry first, as traditional sonic cleansing systems don't currently provide this same protection. 

Soniclear review, Michael Todd Soniclear,
Inside the box is:
  • The Soniclear device
  • A detailed, easy to understand instruction and information booklet about the device
  • An antimicrobial body brush
  • An antimicrobial face brush
  • A charging cradle 
  • And the charging cord 
Top features include:
  • The antimicrobial protection on the brushes keeps them cleaner and fresher for longer, where as brush heads on alternative devices can start to discolour after a few uses. 
  • The fact that it's waterproof and not just water resistant, so perfect for use in the bath or the shower. 
  • The non slip comfort grips on the side of the Soniclear help to prevent it from slipping through your hands if your hands are a little wet. 
  • It has six speed options. Three for the face brush and three for the body brush. The Soniclear recognises which head is attach to the handle automatically and will adjust the adjust the speed options based on the brush head in use. 
  • It has a cleansing timer which automatically beeps to indicator that it's time to move to another cleansing area.
  • It's cordless and can provide up to 35 minutes of continuous use between charges. 

It's priced at: £120 - And initially I thought this sounded a little steep, but then I read about other cleansing systems such as the Clarisonic which is priced at around the same price (if a little higher) and I realised this is the going rate for these types of products. Do I think it's worth the money?.. yes, I do, if you have the money to spend and if you're the type of person who would happily go along every month to a clinic for treatments such as facials, which can be quite expensive themselves. I've only had one facial before and as lovely as it was, I do feel like my skin feels somewhat as soft and clean after using the Soniclear, as it did after the facial treatment I had.

Soniclear review, Michael Todd Soniclear,

My thoughts.. 
To be totally honest, I'm completely sold by the Soniclear. I never thought I'd become that woman who wanted to stand and cleanse her face in the bathroom mirror every night before bed.. but I have become that type of woman and I really look forward to using the Soniclear each night. I get a small sense of enjoyment out of seeing and feeling how clean and smooth my face and body is after each use and I always go to bed feeling like I've properly washed away any dirt from the day. I've noticed that my make up seems to apply better as my skin feels smoother on my face and I've also noticed less breakouts of spots, so all in all I've been left really impressed and I'd happily recommend it. 

If you're interested in finding out more about Michael Todd and/or the Soniclear, you can find a lot more information over on their website: www.michaeltodd.uk/.

As stated above, this product was provided to me for the purpose of review. The review is, of course, based on my own personal and completely honest thoughts. 

Thanks for reading.

If you've ever tried a cleansing system like this one before, what are your thoughts on them?


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