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I'm 24 weeks pregnant now and this week has been as tough as last week (perhaps even tougher). I'm still totally exhausted and my back has felt worse. I've been resting as much as I possibly can (thanks to my amazingly supportive Husband and my parents in law) and I've even started physio so that I'm at least trying to do something to make my ever frustrated and tired back feel even just a little better. I think I may need to reduce the amount of hours I'm working at work for a little while as if I'm totally honest, the pain and tiredness both make it very hard to concentrate. But my work are fully aware of my scoliosis and have always been pretty supportive, so in that respect I am very lucky. 

I've been feeling so much movement lately. I'm pretty sure I can feel where his foot is and I always feel him twisting about. It's lovely feeling him wriggle about in there <3 He's a pretty active little baby, just like his big brother was  - and is still! ;) I

I really do love that we have a name for him, I always call him by his name when I talk about him to Adam and sometimes I even accidentally start writing it when I write these updates. I've nearly blurted it out so many times to family also! But we still want to keep it between just ourselves time, until he's born of course. :)

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