Me and Mine: April 2015

Wow! Hasn't April has come and gone so quickly!? I sort of feel like it's only just started, but here we are - at the end of the month already! This is the month that my little boy turned two years old and that we celebrated Easter. It's also the month that I hit the third trimester of my pregnancy with baby #2. Here's a little look at some of the things we've done and loved this month and some of things we are looking forward to next month..

dear beautiful

In April I..
  • Loved celebrating Ethans second birthday with him and his Daddy. 
  • Have enjoyed the much warmer weather and having more days out! The lighter evenings have been amazing too and make such a difference I think. 
  • Have struggled with third trimester exhaustion, but have been so grateful to my ever-supportive Husband for taking such good care of Ethan and I. 
  • Enjoyed putting together Ethans Easter basket and giving it to him. And then spending Easter at my in-laws. 
  • Have watched my neat little bump turn into a huge boulder looking bump. 
  • Have spent many moments watching my little boy kick and prod his way around my stomach as he grows bigger and bigger. 
  • Have loved the return of Game of Thrones - best show ever!
  • Enjoyed getting more bits together for baby #2 and sorting through Ethans old clothes and then rearranging the drawers in Ethans room around to make space for baby's things. 
  • Was given the opportunity to become a Channel Mum sponsored vlogger and start growing my YouTube channel. 
  • Am looking forward to my next scan and seeing baby #2 again. 
  • Have enjoyed watching 'Better call Saul' on Netflix.
In April Adam..
  • Had lots of fun celebrating Ethans birthday at Peppa Pig World with him and organising his party. 
  • Wasn't happy when his car broke - but was much happier again when it (eventually) got fixed!
  • Was a super Husband and super Dad (as usual).
  • Also loved the return of Game of Thrones!
  • Had increased sales of his custom Lego mini figures and was very happy about that. 
  • Released a brand new figure for his store - Geralt from The Witcher 3.
  • Was thrilled to get his hands on the brand new Apple Watch. 
  • Had fun meeting up with some old friends he hadn't seen in a while. 
  • Played lots of Monster Hunter (as he did last month!) ;) 

In April Ethan.. 

  • Turned two years old! And celebrated with a trip to Peppa Pig World, a party at home and lots of cake, presents and family. 
  • Loved that his Grandma and Grandpop got him a slide for the back garden for his birthday. 
  • Turned into a proper toddler.. hello tantrums!
  • Learned how to say 'shoe' and 'choo choo'. Has also said 'eyes', 'fish' and 'Dada' a few times. 
  • Has spent quite a lot of time (pretty much a couple of hours everyday) at the park and has loved it. 
  • Loved feeding the ducks and didn't want to leave them. Also learned how to say 'Quack Quack'.
  • Enjoyed eating lots of chocolate at Easter. 
  • Loved playing with his new wooden train set and new Peppa Pig toys. 
  • Spilt a whole cup of tea over the MacBook - whoops! (Luckily it still works..) 
  • Has still loved being read to just as much as ever. 

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  1. OH Alex this is my favorite family shot of yours. Great captures in fields of yellow seems to be a pregnancy and yellow field theme this month. I love it. I wish we had field of yellow near us. lol I love them in photos. Ethan seems so grown up lately too and I am so excited for baby to come for you!!!! #meandmine

  2. Beautiful photos and thank you for sharing your March adventures. Ethan is growing up so fast and can't wait to hear about the baby in June. Have a fun May!

  3. Ooh you are making me so broody! Gorgeous bump and photos. Well done on becoming a Channel Mum vlogger; I really want to start vlogging more but I struggle to find the time at the moment. The lighter evenings and sunshine really do make a difference don't they xx

  4. Oh what beautiful photos! Yellow is definitely the theme for April it seems. Ethan looks all of a sudden so grown up in these pictures, it must be impending big brotherhood! And yes, yay for the return of Game of Thrones, even if I have to listen to it rather than watch it because it all gets a bit gory!

  5. Beautiful family photos - hope Ethan had a lovely birthday and enjoyed his trip to Peppa Pig world :-)

  6. These are lovely photos! Sounds like April was a really busy but fun month for you all.

  7. Wow he really looks like he has grown up! All ready to be a big brother!! Cute photograph. And you look fabulous - as always! I adore Game of Thrones too and we've been super excited to have it return! Lovely post :) Jess x

  8. Beautiful pictures as always Alex! I realise this is probably the penultimate Me and Mine with just the three of you, what with baby number two arriving in June. How exciting! I know a lot of people have said it already but Ethan really is looking so grown up. I'm glad he had a lovely 2nd birthday, and well done to him for learning lots of new words this month xx

  9. Ethan is looking so grown up. Can't believe we now have 2 year olds! Really lovely family photos!

    1. Thank you lovely. I know it's crazy isn't it?! xx

  10. These pictures are gorgeous. The yellow field is just perfect! Ethan's birthday is on the same day as my daughter's, although Lyra only turned one this April.
    We also loved the return of Game of Thrones in our house this month!

    1. Aww hope you had fun celebrating her first birthday! GoT is so awesome isn't it?! xx

  11. Lovely photos, I love your family ones. You all look so happy and smiley. Glad you had a fab time at Paultons, I love it there.

  12. Ahhh such lovely photos Alex! I love all the yellow!! Not long now until there are 4 of you, isnt it a strange feeling?! xx

    1. Thank you. It really is! I'm excited and nervous at the same time!! x

  13. Gorgeous photos and you are looking so beautiful! Glad you had a lovely month xx #meandmine

  14. Hi, I just recently stumbled across your blog and loved the last few entries so much I went back to the very beginning!! I absolutely love your blog. It's informative and fun to read. I loved the family shots in this update...you guys are an absolute gorgeous family! I also wanted to thank you for the blog entries you wrote concerning writing a blog.I hope to be able to incorporate them in my own blog and if mine ever turns out half as wonderful as yours I'll be so happy.

    I look forward to reading many more updates from you!!


    1. Thank you SO much for such a lovely comment - this made my day! <3 xx

  15. Ah that first photo is lovely! and your pregnancy seems to be going so fast! xx

    1. Thank you! Yeah it really feels like it's flying by! xox

  16. What gorgeous photos! It sounds like you have had such a lovely month. Did you find it really emotional Ethan turning two? I shed a good few tears when Oliver did in February. Also I'm so happy that Game of thrones has finally returned!
    Becky xx

  17. Another yellow field! Gorgeous! You really are glowing, even though you're exhausted. Not many Me and Mines left now before there's another face in your pictures! x