The Ordinary Moments: My Happy Little Bunny At Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have a lovely day today with your families and I hope you are enjoying the long weekend. For this weeks 'The Ordinary Moments' blog post, I couldn't resist sharing these happy snaps I took off a very excited little Ethan receiving his Easter basket yesterday morning. We gave it to him a day early as we are off out today to his Grandma and Grandpops (Adams Mum and Dads) to have dinner with them at their house. And because they we were home alone whilst Daddy worked the late shift yesterday and because Ethan had some Easter themed crafts in his basket, I thought it would be nice to give him the basket yesterday so we could spend time doing his crafts and reading his new books. 

Needless to say.. Ethan loved his basket, but the chocolate went down the best (obviously). It was pretty difficult getting him to try and understand that he couldn't eat it all in one go, but we got there in the end.. once he'd forgotten about it! 

If you'd like to, you can see exactly what was in Ethans Easter basket this year by following this link: Ethans Easter Basket


What do your little ones think about Easter? Are you up to anything fun today?



  1. Such gorgeous photos as always Alex, they are so bright and Ethan looks so happy in them. I love his little easter basket. We have had a lovely day, we went to my Mums for lunch and ate FAR too much chocolate- now the girls are napping and so is Mr E, so I thought I would have a quick commenting session! Hope you are all having a lovely Easter. xx

  2. That looks like a great easter basket - not too much chocolate at all!

  3. His little face, he looks so pleased with his gifts. So very sweet. Lovely pictures of him x

  4. Aww he looks so happy! And it looks like his basket was full of all sorts of exciting things to read and do. I hope you all had a very Happy Easter!

  5. Ahhh so cute! He looks delighted!! :)
    We had a nice day out at the fair and a roast dinner at home, we're visiting family tomorrow! Tyne understood no such rules about limiting chocolate...Ethan is far better behaved lol!! Tyne screamed and screamed until I gave in and let him open whatever he wanted coz I didnt have the energy to argue any more lol xx

  6. What a great looking Easter basket. My 3 year old really doesn't understand it at all as he doesn't like chocolate so all the eggs that come his way get ignored. We did do a bunny hunt in the garden which were then traded in for a Lightning McQueen car which made his day! x #ordinarymoments