Ethans 2nd Birthday | Part 2

On Saturday, following on from our day at Paultons Park for Ethans 2nd birthday last Friday, we had a little party for him at home with some of our family. I actually spent the few days before his birthday constantly checking and re-checking the weather app on my phone, hoping to see that it was going to say that we'd be getting sunshine on both days and luckily enough - we did. We did have a little rain when we first got to Paultons Park on Friday, but other than that on both days the weather was beautiful and it meant that on the Saturday we could open up the double doors in our living room and all sit out in the garden in the sun! I personally think that when the sun is shining, everything somehow seems that much nicer, don't you?!

Ethan doesn't yet know any other children that are his age, apart from the ones that he sees every week at playgroup and at swimming, so his party guests included just family and my lovely friend and colleague Vicky. Ethan didn't really seem to mind that he was the only child.. I suppose it's not a bad thing having everyones full focus and attention on you. But I think it'll be nicer next year for him, when he has his younger brother celebrating with him. 

 Ethan and I with my Mum, Step-Dad and brothers and sister.

Everyone enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine - it was really lovely and so relaxing. 

Daddy bringing out the birthday-boy's cake!

I think Ethan enjoyed everyone singing 'Happy Birthday' to him, but he didn't seem to realise that it was his task to blow out the candle on top of the cake, so I (along with the breeze of being outside) helped him do that and then we all enjoyed a nice slice of Peppa Pig cake each! 

The adults (okay, mostly me and Ethans Grandpop) enjoyed playing with Ethans new bubble machine. 

With his Grandma and Grandpop.

My sweet now-2-year-old. 

Ethan enjoying yet more cake! (It's got to be done when you have a birthday!).

Us with Adams parents and Sister. Adams Brother (Ethans Uncle) has gone back across the world to do some more travelling, so we won't see him now until Christmas time. 

As the sun was shining and the grass was nice and dry, it was a nice opportunity to have Ethans pop-up tunnel and new tent outside for him to play in.

Some of his party decor.. mostly Peppa Pig themed - of course. ;)

All of his party guests. 

We even opened his birthday presents outside together. He received some lovely gifts and really enjoyed playing with each and every single one of them. 

A picture with Mummy and Daddy (and bump!).

 More present unwrapping!

Ethan playing with one of his two new bubble machines from his grandparents, who both unknowingly brought him one each. Ethan doesn't know it yet but his Grandma and Grandpop have also brought him a slide, it didn't arrive in time for the party, so they are giving it to him this week instead. Ethan is slightly obsessed with slides at the moment, so I know how much he is going to love and appreciate it.

We had such a lovely time celebrating Ethans second birthday and he seems to have all of a sudden grown up lots now that he's turned two! I've said it before, but it's honestly just such a magical feeling as a parent when your child has a birthday (if quite a bit exhausting all at the same time!).

If you'd like to and haven't already you can see pictures and read about part one of Ethans 2nd birthday by following the link. I also made this little video for him using a few of the clips that we filmed over the two days..



  1. Aw such a lovely post. I love the video. he's going to love watching that when he's older.

  2. Aww this is lovely. Happy 2nd birthday Ethan! So lovely to have the family come together to celebrate.

  3. I can't believe Ethan is two! Bless his heart! It looks like a great day surrounded by family and friends. x

  4. Oh he had such a wonderful Birthday. What a gorgeous little guy you have! x

  5. happy happy birthday Ethan! His party looks amazing and glad the weather was great for you all. That photo of you holding Ethan and your hubby cuddling you both is SOOOO precious, Framer!!!!

  6. Aw fab post glad E had a lovely birthday and the sun was shining bless!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  7. Aww this looks like a lovely day and yay for the sunshine! Glad Ethan enjoyed his birthday! xx