Dress Inspiration For My Maternity Photoshoot.. Help!..

I didn't have a maternity photoshoot when I was pregnant with Ethan, it wasn't even something I thought about. And I know it might sound a little strange to some people, where as other people may be able to relate, but literally the second I had Ethan, as much as I was thrilled to have my new baby in my arms, I missed being pregnant and I missed my baby bump! 

I know that there are some people who don't enjoy pregnancy because of how difficult it can be, but for people like me who absolutely love it (even though the hard times are pretty damn tough!),  it's lovely to look back on photographs and even video of the times during pregnancy. I'll often scroll back through my instagram feed to look at how much my current bump has grown and I'll even happily scroll all the way back and flick through pictures of when I was pregnant with Ethan. 

To me, being pregnant is such a wonderful, precious time and I love having as many pregnancy related reminders as possible after baby arrives and the bump is no more!

This time around, I really felt like I wanted to experience a maternity photoshoot and so I contacted Francesca who was mine and Adams wedding photographer. She's based in Cambridgeshire so not too far from us and she takes the most amazing photographs. Francesca's got such amazing style and taste and I find her photography just absolutely faultless. And what's more is that I am so excited as she's very kindly agreed to take my maternity photos! I have sent her over my pinterest board full of ideas and inspiration about exactly what I've got in my head and we've set a date, but for now I've now got the important task of finding the right dress for the outdoor photos! 

Shopping whilst pregnant is pretty tough to be honest, as I'm sure all of you pregnant ladies out there will agree! The dress doesn't have to be a maternity dress as the good thing about maxi dresses, I've found, is that you can still wear your normal dress size and (most) will just stretch to fit and comfortably go over the bump. Even so, I think shopping online is probably the way to go, as it's a pretty exhausting task for a pregnant lady to be rushing around the shops for hours searching for a dress. Plus there's lots and lots of offers and vouchers available when you shop online from sites such as this one here.

I've definitely got an idea about what sort of dress I am looking for I think... I'd like a floaty maxi dress, preferably strapless and I'll probably choose to wear a belt just under my bra, above the bump. I'm drawn to pale colours but am happy to try something with a bit more colour if I see something that would work. I've been searching the Internet quite a bit and have found the above (mostly from ASOS and Debenhams) but most of them seem to either be out of stock or not available in my size! So the search is still well and truly on! 

If anyone has any ideas of websites or shops to have a look at - I'd be so grateful for your recommendations! 

Did you have a maternity shoot? If you did and would like to share your pictures, then please leave me a link below :-) 


  1. These are really pretty! I always think maxi dresses look fabulous on pregnant ladies without being that frumpy way most maternity clothes can be.

    1. I do too! Yay for maxi dresses and bumps :D xx