Ethans 2nd Birthday | Part 1

Writing this makes me feel like I really need to find that elusive magical stopwatch that freezes time.. because on Friday my little boy turned two years old.. two!! I'm not quite sure how it's been two years since that moment that I gave birth to him, or even two years and nine months ago since I found out that I was expecting him. But it's happened.. he's had his second birthday.. already!

Being a Mum two a two year old makes me feel pretty proud.. and that's not to say that I wasn't proud to have a one year old or even a new baby, because I was. . it's just that when I say or think about the fact that, I have a two year old' It makes me weirdly feel like I'm a little more experienced when it comes to being his Mum, but I suppose in reality I'm not really..  all children change far too much to be able to ever fully get to grips with them! I don't know, I guess what I'm trying to say is, that there's something about watching my baby turn into a little boy that gives me a huge sense of pride. 

I know that at aged two there's that well known, very common saying.. 'terrible twos' but I'm not really worried.. Ethan's already a bit of an expert with the tantrums, the high pitched screams and running off in the middle of the shopping centre... so we have no sort of have nothing new to worry about (here's hoping anyway!). 

Ethans birthday morning (Friday) saw Adam and I gather around Ethan in the living room watching him open up his presents from us. He was much more interested in presents this year compared to christmas and his last birthday - he wanted to to unwrap them himself (with just a little help from Mummy!) and as he did, he studied each thing that was inside and you could really tell he was taking everything in. He spent ages playing with his wooden train set and mini Thomas the Tank Engine train, just pushing it around whilst Daddy pushed the other wooden trains along. It's so lovely to see him really enjoying the more delicate toys as he's always had a bit of a tendency to want to smash and throw rather than to sit and play!

After spending some time playing together with Ethan and his new toys and then eating a Peppa Pig themed breakfast, we headed off on a two and half hour journey towards Paultons Park - home of Peppa Pig World. 

We'd taken Ethan before and he'd loved it and he had just as much fun this time around! If you've never been before and want to know what it's like and what to expect, I'm going to be writing up a full blog post about what's to see and do there, very soon here on my blog. But for now here are a few more snaps from what was a really lovely (sunny) day..

Being nearly 31 weeks pregnant, I wasn't really advised to go on any of the rides myself (as delicate as they are), so Daddy had the pleasure of taking Ethan on pretty much most things. I was allowed on Grandpa Pigs boat ride, so I didn't miss out completely when it came to watching Ethans excited little face light up first hand.

There's a new section at Paultons Park called Critters Creek, which is the where this fun little train ride is located. Ethan loved it and kept saying 'Choo Choo'! 

Ethans not really sure when it comes to people dressed up as cartoon characters - but we managed to catch a picture of him 'sort of meeting' George Pig. 

Daddy and Ethan eating ice cream together in the sun. (one of Ethans favourite moments - obviously!). ;)

This was another favourite ride for my dinosaur-obsessed little boy (and for his Dad!).

Watching the Meerkats together. I'm so glad that Ethan shows such as much interest in and care about  animals as I do. 

Daddy - not so sure about the big slide.. Ethan -loving it!

It is so difficult to get a family photo these days, a certain little someone just does not like posing for the camera anymore! -- Toddlers are far too busy to being posing for the lens!!

Playing in the outdoor park - a great end to what was a really wonderful day. 

Part 2 of Ethans birthday - his family birthday party at home the next day, will be up on my blog tomorrow. I'm also going to try and upload a little video too :)



  1. Some really lovely photos, looks like you all had a great day. Happy Birthday to Ethan! They grow up so quickly.

  2. It looks like Ethan had a fantastic Birthday! Happy birthday Ethan! Can't believe he is two already x

  3. Aw it sounds like such a lovely day! I love your dress and Adam's face on the slide, lol!

  4. Happy Birthday Ethan! Looks like you all had a fab day!
    Love the pic of Adam and Ethan going down the slide.. priceless!

  5. Happy birthday Ethan it looks like he had an amazing day. My little girl is two next month and I too can not believe that it's been two years since she was born , it goes over way to fast . paultons park looks like every toddlers dream day out xx

  6. Aw so fun! We loved Peppa Pig world :) xx

  7. looks like he had so much fun! I can't wait for the peppat pig world review. I really want to take Matthew. But Chloe is just too young but he might be too old when she's his age so I might just bring him by myself.

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  9. Love that you got to go on a ride! You can't beat a bit of Peppa on a birthday (ban it the rest of the year!)

    I also really love your dress x

  10. Happy Birthday Ethan! Looks like you all had a wonderful day, and what lovely photos! He is getting so grown up! xx

  11. Ahhh what a great family day out. I love love your dress. You always have such beautiful family photos. Glad he has had a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday again Ethan!!!

  12. Awww glad he had fun! Peppa Pig World is the best! xx