Those Crazy Pesky (Yet Wonderful) Cats

Ask anyone that knows me, in fact you could even ask anyone who doesn't know me, everybody knows I'm a the crazy cat lady. I've lived with cats my whole life and though I am a huge fan of all animals, it's cats that hold a special place in my heart. It's strange perhaps, but I feel a sort of connection to them, all of them.

- My Charlie

So when Argos Pet Insurance asked me to write a blog post about my cats, it seemed like the perfect task for me. I currently have four of my very own cats and their names are Sammy, Sooty, Charlie and Shadow. They live at home with me, Adam and one year old Ethan, and they are part of our family. A big part. We wouldn't be without each other and we wouldn't be without them.

But having four cats isn't quite always the dream I'd like it to be. This year they've had to move house, adapt to a new area and learn how to live with a toddler who on his feet is very fast, ridiculously loud and oh so boisterous. It can't have been easy for them. And so perhaps because of that, or perhaps because they simply just like to - we've had some issues.

The brand new carpets that we paid out for in our new house are, well, how to put it? - Ripped to actual shreds! They also seem to think that the stairs has become their own personal toilet. They've smashed more ornaments then I even own, by declaring the window sills that once held those very same ornaments, as their new bed. The list goes on..

But within the same breath, I can tell you that they give the most amazing cuddles, they cheer me up when I feel sad and keep me warm when I'm cold. They do the most silly things that make me laugh. And they teach Ethan what it is to love an animal. Without them, our house would feel stupidly empty.

The point of this post today is to remind anyone who may be considering adopting a pet, that a pet is for life. No matter where they go to the toilet, no matter how many carpets they rip up or ornaments they smash. These things shouldn't be ignored, they should be managed and worked on together. Plans should be made going forward. Which is exactly what we are doing.

Pets will bring so many wonderful moments and memories to a families life, just like our cats do. But please do remember that just like us humans, no pet is perfect, so do consider whether or not you can and will be able to tackle any issues financial or not that arise before you commit to giving a pet a well deserved forever home. :)

- Sooty, the fluffiest cat you'll ever meet.

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  1. Aaw a lovely heartfelt post Alex. I too am a bit of a crazy cat lady. I've always had cats in my life and currently have two girls- Lexie and Chloe. They drive me mad on a daily basis, jumping on work surfaces, trying to steal my food, knocking bowls of cat biscuits all over the place and ripping up my stair carpet (I daredn't buy a new one yet!) but I wouldn't have it any other way and I love them to pieces! What you day rings very true! Amelia x

  2. Great post Alex, it's that time of year when animals are sometimes bought without people fully thinking through the reality of having a pet. My cats drive me potty too at times but they're my fur babies and I wouldn't be without them. I'm worried now, we're moving house next month and new carpets were at the top of the list x

  3. This is lovely Alex- as you know we are now kitten parents and we wouldn't be without them already- the girls adore them. They are so naughty and they drive me mad but I do love them a lot! x