How to Cut Your Toddler's Hair

Young children often find haircuts unbearable. For some, it's the fear of a stranger being close to their head with a pair of scissors, for others it's the itch caused by dropped hair. Or it may be that they find the experience of a salon frightening, with the pressure of unfamiliar people, peculiar smells, and odd garments. So, why not get your toddler used to the sensation of a haircut from the person they trust most? 

Here's how to cut your child's hair at home:

Buy Equipment
You'll need a pair of quality scissors or hairdressing clippers. Hairdressing clippers make the process of cutting your child's hair so much easier. I use clippers on both of my boys hair and prefer them over scissors. If you do choose scissors, then standard household scissors won't be sharp enough or cut clean lines and will only make the process longer. Invest in professional hairdressing scissors from companies like Capital Hair and Beauty. A chair with a low back is essential so you can access your toddler's head and you'll need an old towel to drape around their shoulders. Invest in a spray bottle so you can wet your child's hair before cutting. If they don't like the feeling, don't worry. It's easier to cut damp hair, but for now, any successful haircut is a triumph.

Ready, Steady, Chop!
Start with the front of your toddler's hair as your child will be calmer at the beginning. This is the perfect time to trim fringes and cut around delicate ears. Lift the fringe and rest the hair gently between your index and middle fingers. Cut across from one side of the face to the other. Section off the rest of the hair, this will ensure you can cut evenly and won't lose track when your toddler starts to wriggle. Take a vertical section of hair parallel to the wall, and chop at an angle. This will give a soft cut with room for error.

Positive Reinforcements
Don't forget to praise your toddler. Be enthusiastic and tell your little one how well they've behaved and how good their hair looks. It's also important to remain upbeat throughout the haircut. Staying happy and calm while talking to your child will banish fear. You can also distract your child with the TV, a mobile phone, or a family member.
There are many benefits to cutting your toddler's hair at home. Sure, you'll have to vacuum hair from the floor but you'll save money, prevent stress-induced grey hairs (we don't want those, thank you!), and give your child piece of mind. So, give it a go and see for yourself. 

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  1. Wish this would happen but seeing scissors freaks him out. Hairdresser is impossible. At home it's possible to cut a bit during tv. But not much. I do it with baby scissors because they are not sharp at the front. Just cutting the necessary bits around ears whenever possible and fringe.