Holidays: How Times Have Changed

Over the last 30 years we've decided that we need more time to relax, we want more private pools and we now take less books away with us because of devices such as our trusty mobile phones!

This study of 2,700 people has uncovered a series of fascinating insights charting the last three decades: including how technology has evolved, and our attitudes have changed - and the resulting impact on the travel industry. 

  • With the rise of the Internet, it is not surprising that 72% of people now book their holidays online. However thirty years before, 65% depended on travel agents!
  • How we decide our destination has also shifted dramatically: 30 years ago, 48% of people would consult travel agents, 43% perused brochures and 38% asked friends’ advice. Now, 46% of prospective holiday-goers use the travel review site TripAdvisor for guidance!
  • Over the years, people have become dependent on technological possessions: 33% admit that they could not take a holiday without their mobile device (and check phones on average five times a day) - indeed 28% of tech-lovers list their mobile phone as the most prized item to take on holiday.

  • Almost three times more people are travelling overseas than 30 years ago – 58.5 million visits recorded last year, compared to just 20.9 million in 1984. 
  • People are also travelling further than ever before, with low cost flights and improvements in technology revolutionising travel - making the world more accessible. Only 37% of those surveyed had been on a long haul flight 30 years ago; today that number has almost doubled - to 70%.
  • Destination trends have significantly changed over the years – Spain was the most popular short haul location 30 years ago. In the present day, this has changed to Italy.

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