Introducing, my cats!

Sammy is the first cat that joined our little family..

    She likes to catch mice, (Unfortunately!), make random noises that can only be described as alien like, chase, slap, and dominate her sister Shadow, cuddle both your Dad and I, eat - a lot, sleep, curl up on our bed and then shed her hairs all over it, and do random jumps in the air (usually at a wall whilst making those rather strange alien type noises). We nicknamed her 'The Smoush' - it's a silly word that we made up. She is a very sweet and special cat (as are all cats). We love everything about her - except the mouse catching!

    Sooty must be one of the fluffiest little cats in the world. 

Her hair is just so long! She is very sweet and very rarely naughty. She likes to follow us around the house, but is usually very quiet about it.
Her bad habits are catching poor insects, and sharpening her claws on our furniture! When we first got Sooty she use to suckle on my dressing gown, it was just so sweet. Sooty absolutely loves to be groomed, but she is the biggest fidget ever, and will not stand/sit/lay still, so I end up having to move all over the house to be able to groom her. Sooty wont usually sit on our laps, she likes to be near us but not on us, and if she does get on us, she will usually get off within a few seconds. She is just adorable!

We rescued Shadow as a stray.

 When I  first saw Shadow she was painfully thin, and was covered in dirt, but it was absolutely love at first sight.  She was clearly a stray, and the vet I took her to confirmed this. No one ever came forward for her, and on the basis that the vet was certain she was a stray, we made her part of our family!
 It turned out, she was in fact pregnant, and she gave birth to four beautiful little kittens exactly nine weeks after we rescued her. I don't believe in breeding animals, (as there are enough strays and animals in shelters), so Shadow has since been spayed, and the kittens were re-homed with loving families, as, at the time we didn't have the room to keep them. Shadow is an angel, she is very much like Sooty - rarely naughty. We went through a horrible stage where Sammy would attack and dominate Shadow, and so we had to have them split up, but after we moved house this stopped!
Shadow likes to sit on the sky box (for warmth). She also likes to find one particular place in the house and only sleep there. Right now she likes to sleep on one particular chair under our dining table, if she isn't there, then she will be found on the sky box. She also likes to eat grass then throw it up in the house (Yuck!).

Charlie was adopted by us from the RSPCA. 

When I first saw Charlie, I knew he was the one! (okay, technically fourth)
When we got him home, he settled in the very same second he arrived. He made himself straight at home by getting into the other cats' beds and playing with their toys, and then when he was worn out he laid on top of me, got into my arms like a baby and fell asleep. He is our only male cat and I was amazed at how well he fitted in. He is such a darling, he often gets into bed with us, and puts his head 
onto mine or Adam's pillow and drifts off to sleep.
His story from the RSPCA, was that he was thrown on a fire and then rescued by a member of the public. I simply cannot understand why someone would do this, and I hope karma will someday reach whoever was responsible. He did have a few injuries on his paws when we first got him, but they healed within days, and I'm pleased to report that he has no lasting injuries whatsoever.
Charlie loves everyone and he loves being involved in everything! His nickname is Charlie Bean because we think the little black mark on his nose looks very similar to the shape of a baked bean, plus he stole a baked bean off of my plate within days of coming home to live with us. I love him very much, as I do all of our cats.. 


  1. Beautiful, I love cats! Charlie's story is very sad glad he's found a happy home xx

    1. Cats are just adorable aren't they?!
      Yeah I am too, I couldn't be without him!

      Alex xo

  2. Aw they all look so cute, I have four cats too xx

  3. This made me smile! I'm so excited! xx