Bath & Bedtime Routine at 18 Months

At 18 months, Logan is such a fan of bath time - it's a time of day when he probably is most happiest, he doesn't seem to mind the water on his face and he loves laying on his front playing with his bath toys next to his brother. He's a cheeky monkey is little Logan, so he'll often try and stand up in the bath and he will usually have a moment of all of a sudden trying to see how much bath water he can empty on to the floor by splashing like a mad-baby, despite being told no to both of these things over and over. 

We always bath our boys (18 months and 3 and half years) together and we do it every other day rather than every single day. If I bath them then I tend to do it in the morning just before I get them dressed, but if Adam does it he usually baths them at night just before they go to bed, we don't really set a specific set time for it.

Logan always get super excited when he head upstairs and he works out that we're heading to the bathroom for bath time! Once they're both in we let them have a little play and then we'll wash their hair first. We were sent a really lovely baby skincare gift a little while ago from a brand new British baby brand Harry & Rose and so we've been using their baby bubble bath in the bath and their baby hair and body wash on the boys hair and to wash them - we've been really pleased with it as it's such a gentle formula with only natural ingredients, so it doesn't sting their eyes, which makes rinsing off their hair a whole lot easier! 

After they've had their hair washed and we've washed their bodies, we let them play some more (usually until Logan takes the splashing way too far, or refuses too often sit down!). Once we get the boys out we wrap them up in a towel and we'll put some nappy cream on Logan (we've been using Bepanthen on him recently as we've found it to be the most effective), then we'll get his nappy on him quickly so that we don't end up getting covered in wee!

When I have a little bit of extra time I do like to take the time out to give the boys a bit of a massage once we've dried them just before I put their clothes or pyjamas on. Both of my boys have quite dry skin so I like to try and keep their dry patches moisturised. Logan seems to get quite dry legs and has a patch of dry skin on his hand where as Ethan has dry patches on the backs of his upper arms (like I do). We've been using the baby soft lotion by Harry & Rose that we received in our gift pack, I like and trust it because again it's got a natural and organic formula and it also absorbs nice and easy in to their skin - I even use it on myself occasionally. ;) I love giving them a little massage, it's a nice way to have a little extra one on one bonding time with them and I like knowing that their skin feels so much better for it. 

Harry & Rose baby skincare

If you're in the market for natural baby skin care products that have a luxurious feel and design to them but aren't too expensive, then I would recommend trying the Harry & Rose range of products out. They sell their products as a gift box or individually and they even sell their own lovely hooded towels and wash mitts for babies too. 

After that and if its evening time, then it's time for pyjamas on for both of them and then they will both have some milk. Logan still has toddler formula milk and Ethan has normal cows milk. Then once they've had that, we'll brush their teeth (Logan HATES having his teeth brushed at the moment, we always dread *attempting* to do it!) and then it's story time.

I will take one of the boys and so will Adam and we do story time separately in the boy's rooms. I'd like to do it together once they're a bit older but right now, Ethan's books don't hold Logan's interest for very long and he tries to climb all over the book which ends up annoying his big brother. So Logan has his own little book collection of much shorter books that keep him interested and that works for us far better.

After stories it's usually about 7pm or just after and we'll put Logan in to his gro/sleeping bag and he'll snuggle up next to his favourite teddy bear, 'Rabbit', in his cot and fall asleep usually really easily with a dummy (unlike nap time at the minute!). Ethan used to go to bed really easily, but now that he no longer has a dummy he takes a little while longer. But for how much trouble we didn't really have when we stopped his dummy, it's not really that bad.

The problem with Ethan who's 4 in April is that when he's really tired, he gets more energy and starts not listening and getting quite overexcited, so trying to get him to stay in bed without his dummy which used to calm him down, can be a challenge, but we're getting there and it's getting easier.

And then once their both fast asleep, it's our time. We've been working a lot of our evenings recently, but we're hoping now that the rush of Christmas has passed, things may start to slow down enough for us to have some time to do other things.

I hope you've enjoyed reading Logan's bath and bedtime routine at 18 months. Please let me know if you have any requests for any other sorts of posts or videos like these that you'd like to see. :)



  1. I love reading these posts it's so interesting to hear how other peoples routines go with the little people. We bath the boys every evening then it's storytime and bed x lovely post

  2. I'm with you on the teeth brushing bit! Liv was not really fussed by it, but MM loathes it and I just let her have a go herself and then there's a bit of a struggle. Can't believe how big he is getting! xx

  3. I'm a bath every other day mum too :-) occasionally my 18 month old daughter will shower with me in the mornings instead of an evening bath, but your routine is very similar! Enjoy reading your posts (& watching your vlogs) xx

  4. I have a daughter the same age, so really enjoy your blogs & vlogs…your routine is very similar to ours (we're an every other day bath too, with the occasional morning shower with me when I'm feeling super lazy!)

    Your bedtime routine is also similar - although at the moment my daughter seems to want every single book read to her before bed; well the first couple of pages of each one before she gets bored :-)

    Thanks for sharing xx