Packing Checklist For Your Winter Break

Whether you’re jetting off to Austria to navigate the slopes or are taking a trip to the wondrous Lapland to lap up the festivities there are certain items that you'll definitely need in your luggage (as well as some not so necessary ones). Here’s a round-up of everything you will need to include on your packing checklist: 

packing checklist for a skiing holiday

You'll really need these: 
  • A high quality ski jacket – Superdry women’s ski jackets are worth the investment - they’re versatile enough to be worn every day but also look great if you’re whizzing down the slopes. 
  • Thermal gloves – No one wants freezing fingers while enjoying their time away on a winter break. 
  • Beanie hat – Keep your head and ears toasted with a knitted beanie, perfect whether you’re exploring the streets of Paris in winter or playing in the snow. 
  • ‘All rounder’ shoes – In addition to your ski boots (if you’re packing your own - if not take a look at https://www.globosurfer.com/best-ski-boots-for-beginners/ for a guide to the best ski boots for beginners), you need to think about a shoe you can wear anywhere so your suitcase isn’t taken up with multiple pairs of shoes.
  • Layers – A thermal base layer/ski top  or a thin long sleeved t-shirt is a good start, add a lightweight hoodie or jacket and finish with a thicker overcoat and you’re ready for any ski resort situation. These layers can be removed as and when needed to adjust your body temperature.  
  • Waterproof rucksack – This is ideal if you’re traveling or traversing the slopes. Ensure your bag is waterproof to keep belongings safe inside. If you’re not sure about your bag's capabilities, take along some plastic freezer bags and pop any electronics in there for an extra layer of protection. 
  • Undies and thick socks – No explanation necessary here. 

You may need these: 
  • Ski goggles – To protect you against sun glare and spray, ski goggles are only needed if you’re out in the fresh powder getting lots of exercise.  
  • Sun cream – Winter sun, glaring off the white snow can be a real problem for skiers and snowboarders, leaving those who go out without it red faces. 
  • Chapstick and moisturiser – Indoor heating and winter sun can dry out skin and lips, so pack these if you suffer from dry skin when the weather turns colder. 
  • Bikini – Lots of resorts now have hot tubs and indoor pools for you to relax in and mix your holiday up a bit.  Remember to pack swimwear so you can join in the fun!

You can leave these at home: 
  • Thick, oversized coats – That wool coat you got last Christmas is warm, but it is also heavy, cumbersome and definitely isn’t waterproof. Leave it behind. 
  • Non-essential makeup – Of course you may want to bring your basic foundation, mascara and lipstick but leave out the countouring kit and sparkle dust.  You won’t use it and if you do, you’ll feel out of place in the casual resort vibe.
Tick off the essentials on this checklist and ensure you have everything you need to successfully pack for your winter break. Have fun! 

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