What I Received for Christmas 2016

Wow, I can't believe that that is another Christmas over. 2016 has been brilliant, but in being brilliant, it has gone very quickly. 

I hope that everyone had a really lovely Christmas. I'm so pleased with how lovely ours felt. We managed to get Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day as a family and to be honest, it was magical, topped with the fact that Logan is now one and half and Ethan is just over three and a half, so both boys are really starting to understand and feel the magic of Christmas time. 

As well as the wonderful memories we made this Christmas, I was fortunate enough to have received some absolutely wonderful Christmas presents which I am so so grateful for. I love each and every one of them. 

I thought I would share what I got this Christmas just as I did last Christmas. I don't want to show what I received in a braggy way whatsoever, that's just not me.  This is more because I personally enjoy seeing what other people receive (plus I'm nosey!) - I always add anything I see that I like to my own wish list for the next special occasion. I've shared a few of the things that I got for Christmas via the photos here, but I also filmed a video where I show pretty much everything, so you can find it embedded at the end of this post if you'd prefer to watch that. :)

A huge thank you to to my family for my gifts. I love them all. 

I'm so excited about finally having 'Hurah For Gin' by blogger Katie Kirby, I've only flicked through a few pages so far and I know I am going to be hooked. From what I've read and seen, it's a brilliant read if you're a parent! 

Adam got me the Tuxedo Cats calender and when I opened it I got a bit emotional. Adam bought it for me because the cats all look like my childhood cat, who was pretty much my best friend at home. He slept with me each night and followed me around. He was poorly most of his life but he was my little dude, who I loved so much and who I'll never forget. 

I'm really looking foward to reading my Believe in Your Self book too, I can suffer with low self esteem so I hope this will help me find ways to feel better when I'm being too hard on myself. 

I'm so looking forward to trying out the Estee Lauder creams I received, as well as some new body butters I was given too.

I love my brand new watch which Adam kindly got for me! I'd been looking out for one for a while when Adam spotted this one in the shop window and it was perfect, I'm so pleased with it.

I picked up a few things in the sales using gift vouchers I was given for Christmas. I managed to get this Noteworthy pad with mini clipboard for half price, which I didn't need, but love. ;)

I'd had one of these Selfish Mother 'Mother' sweatshirts on my wish list for a while, so I'm so pleased to now have one thanks to my in-laws. I really love wearing it!

You can also just about see two sets of pyjamas that I received as well - a pair of Minnie Mouse ones from my Mum and Step-Dad and some ultra fluffy ones from my in-laws. I can never have enough pyjamas, I could happily live in them!

I also received some fluffy socks (I actually got two pairs, the others are pictured) as well as some new nail polishes.

And brand new make up, which I really like.

My sister-in-law bought these cat slippers for me. She knows me too well because I love to snuggle and I love cats - so it's pretty much the perfect present!

My new books to read.

My in-laws bought me this candle from New Look and it smells amazing, plus I love the packaging and design!

Mu brother-in-law and his girlfriend bought Adam and I these pillow cases, which made us laugh! I think they're brilliant. ;) 

I also received a lovely new necklace from my in-laws.

And this amazing new picture frame from my sister and her boyfriend, which I love so much. Next to it is a new jewellery holder which my brother and his girlfriend got me for Christmas - as a cat-lady I absolutely love it!

And my Mum and Step Dad got me this awesome mug which suits me perfectly!

I haven't been able to show everything here, but I have shown more over on the video below. I feel so thankful to have made such amazing Christmas memories with my family as well as to have been given some absolutely wonderful gifts that I love so much. It's been a great year and it was a great Christmas - I feel very fortunate.

What was your favourite gift and/or favourite memory from this Christmas?


  1. Wow you received so much. Lucky you. I got an all in one pc which is a huge present in itself. I also bought myself also new fitbit charge 2 and a subscription to social oomph. I love those cat slippers and I couldn't agree more with the frame.
    Actually I received cat notebooks from my secret santa

  2. Will have a watch of the video tonight, but everything looks lovely! I love the candle, so pretty and the pillowcases are hilarious. Let me know how The Girl On The Train is, Ive been thinking about getting it! xx