Me and Mine: May 2015

dear beautiful

Gosh! How quick has May gone? It's insane! I can't believe that this is likely to be our last month of Me and Mine as a family of three. That feels so weird to say, especially considering how fast each months Me and Mine blog post seems to come up! 

This months photo was taken in Cornwall on the beach - it didn't come out too bad considering how rough I felt at the time and the second photograph (below) was taken at a farm local to us which we has fun visiting together on bank holiday. 

In May I...
  • Felt like though this month I've spent a lot of it either battling the third trimester exhaustion or feeling unwell with the sinus infection I had, it's been an all round good (but fast) month. I love the build up and excitement that comes the month before having a baby, I got it with Ethan and and I'm getting it now with this baby. 
  • Enjoyed packing my hospital bag and getting more organised and ready for baby. 
  • Loved our mini trip to Cornwall, the hotel was amazing and there's really nothing better than spending family time together. 
  • Have been enjoying learning how to use my DSLR camera on manual settings. I *think* I'm starting to understand it all a little more now. 
  • Loved spending bank holiday at the farm with my favourite people and then snuggling up in the evening together to watch a film.
  • Have been loving watching Game of Thrones. 
  • Finished work for another nine months (or maybe a year) whilst I'm on maternity leave. 
  • Felt a few braxton hicks, experienced lots of lightning and felt baby move very low down!
  • Am looking forward to so many exciting things that are happening next month (having my second baby being the biggest of course). But I also have my maternity shoot, a few family birthdays and my in-laws 30th wedding anniversary party coming up. 
In May Adam...
  • Got excited about playing The Witcher 3 on the playstation on his big TV. 
  • Decided that he wanted to start dieting again. He uses the My Fitness Pal app and he is doing really well. 
  • Was invited to and has booked his place on a stag-do for a friend of his in July.
  • Became slightly addicted to a World of Warcraft game app on his phone called Hearthstone. 
  • Has felt really excited about becoming a Dad of two!
  • Took Ethan to the park (multiple times a week), to playgroup and swimming every week by himself so that I've been able to rest and stay up to date with any blog work I've needed to do. 
In May Ethan..
  • Seems to have really grown up again!
  • Loved going to Cornwall and using his new Trunki suitcase - he loves it so much!
  • Decided to start eating dinner a bit better than he has before. 
  • Threw less tantrums and has been all-round a lot nicer than previous months (we had been going through a bit of a tough stage!)
  • Showed us that whilst he doesn't use many words to communicate, he does understand most of what we're saying and can in fact count - he understands the concept of two! 
  • Got so excited seeing and feeding the animals at the farm. 
  • Has developed a bit of a fascination with his mini hoover and loves nothing more than hoovering with Daddy and also mowing the garden grass with his Dad. 
  • Sat and watched a movie the whole way through for the first time ever. We've just learnt that Ethan loves the Minions from Despicable Me, so we brought the films and he sat and watched the first one the whole way through last week. 
  • Was a bit poorly, but is now fully better!
  • Has loved playing and even having lunch outside now that the weather is a lot warmer. 

Don't forget to link up your March family photos with us below to be in with a chance of winning a prize from photobox.com and also check out Lucy's utterly beautiful blog - she shared some wonderful news of her own last month and I personally can't wait to watch her beautiful family grow!



  1. Gorgeous pictures Alex. I can't wait to see you turn into a four, just like us last year. I dream of pictures like yours, your husband is so good at posing, mine on the other hand hates having his picture taken xx

  2. Lol. Looks like we'll both be making announcements with an extra member next month then! I'm due Thursday, and was hoping little one might have made an appearance this time but it wasn't to be! Hopefully not too much longer! Lovely beach pictures! Bet your little man is excited!

  3. Beautiful family photos. Looking forward to seeing your new little man! :-) #meandmine x

  4. These are lovely photos. I love the month before baby arrives, I don't think my pregnancy really sunk in before that! Can't wait to see your fourth little member arrive x

  5. Beautiful photos as always. Not long now until your me and mine will have another addition. So excited for your new arrival.

    Rebecca x x

  6. It is mad to think this could be your last photo as a family of three... just crazy how fast that time flew. And such exciting times ahead. That beach in Cornwall looks stunning, we are desperate to get down to Cornwall at some point as neither Rich nor I have ever been, and as a family of total beach obsessives I feel like we really need to. x

  7. What a beautiful family shot on the beach. I love family portraits on the beach. I can't believe not long and you will have another little one featuring here soon. Can't wait. So excited for you! #meandmine

  8. These are gorgeous photos and lovely to capture possibly your last photo as a family of 3. So exciting.

  9. Beautiful photos, once again Alex! I love Cornwall so much. My granny lives down there so I spent a lot of my childhood there, and we're going back in July for a friend's wedding :) Enjoy your maternity leave and take it easy. I am so excited about you becoming a family of four next month and to see Ethan bonding with his baby brother xx

  10. Love these posts, May has gone so fast!

  11. Lovely family photo, I love Cornwall. We haven't been back since we have had kids. It's on one of my list of places to go with kids #meandmine

  12. I can't believe this potentially could be your last photo as a family of three Alex- that's crazy. I know you have been feeling pretty lousy and of course are heavily pregnant now, but you look beautiful and blooming. So exciting! We love Cornwall, that first photo is stunning. x

  13. Gorgeous photos, especially the first one. How exciting that by the next Me & Mine you could have a new little addition! #meandmine

  14. Such a beautiful photo and you have such a dainty bump! x

  15. Oh that's so exciting that it could be your last picture as a three! If you're getting close to the end of June you could always threaten the bump with taking pictures without them - Kitty tried it on Pip and he was born before the end of last August so you never know!! You look wonderful even if you have been battling the exhaustion and it really isn't long now!

  16. gorgeous photo at the beach. #meandmine

  17. Lovely family pics again Alex for #MeandMine Not long until they'll include your newest addition!

  18. You look so beautiful Alex, these pictures are so special as they're the last moments of you as a family of three. Before you know it, you'll have forgotten what it feels like to be three and enjoying being a party of four. Ooh we're loving Game of Thrones too, although what's going on with Aria?! All the best with the special month ahead xxx

  19. Gosh — not long now Alex!! This could be the last Me and Mine pic of you and your two boys as a three!! Next month it could be you and THREE boys!! How exciting! #MeAndMine

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  20. Lovely photos, you look so well and you wouldn't know you were feeling so rough. I cannot wait to see your first month as a family of 4!

  21. You look so lovely pregnant and I can't wait to see how many are in your June photo!

  22. The top photo is breathtaking. I'm so sorry that you've been feeling terrible, but you look like a pregnant goddess. This may be the last three - eek!!! So excited for your photo next month xxx beautiful captures #meandmine

  23. Your family photo is adorable, i wish i looked as radiant as you during my 2 pregnancies! I can not wait to see you as a family of 4!

  24. So exciting to hear that next month may be a family portrait of 4! Good luck with everything :)

  25. I love this picture of the three of you on the beach and so exciting to meet the new addition :)

  26. You look so lovely. Pregnancy really suits you! Beautiful family pictures as always. Sorry you weren't feeling too well on your 1st picture. I'm looking forward to seeing your next family picture - especially if there are 4 of you :) Lots of luck with it all xx

  27. I remember that feeling almost ready, beyond ready, desperate to meet them and that strange surreal feeling that three would be no longer. I didn't know Ollie was a boy but I felt he was a boy and watching our two together is wonderful. They fight sometimes but they re best of friends and suddenly your baby becomes the big boy. Ethan is going to make a super big brother, can't wait to see your little one! Hurry up! ;) xxx