My Current Skincare Routine

In all honesty, I have never been one for having a skincare routine as such before now. I often take my skin for granted and do very minimal to take care of it - the same applies to my hair. I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to beauty routines and though I've always been aware that being a little more bothered about skincare would be beneficial, I've often been too lazy. 

skincare routine,

It's only recently that I've started to think about things like my skin and how much I should be looking after it a bit more and this thought process has sort of suddenly manifested itself in to me now using a number of skincare products which I've been quite pleased with. I tend to stick to products when I've found something I like and so some of these I've used for years now. Here's a rundown of what is in my current skincare routine.

I've used this for years now! I used to use fake tan weekly many moons a go, but I stopped after spending way too much of my spare time applying it every week. And so I moved on to using tinted moisturiser. I only use it on my face and I do this daily, without it I look like a paler than pale ghost. So it's definetely something I will always use as part of my beauty routine!

This is new to me and I've only recently started to use it. I've used Estee Lauders Double Wear for around a year and half now, but I think it's nice to try something new every once in a while and this foundation is supposed to be very good for your skin! I find it brilliant as a base makeup and I really like that it's waterproof because it's great for my Thursday mornings when I take Ethan to his swimming class. It comes in around 14 different shades and I've got what I think is the palest or second palest and it suits my skin tone perfectly.

bio oil, stretch mark oil
Being that I am currently pregnant I am trying as hard as I can to remember to use stretch mark oil or cream. I don't have a specific brand that I religiously stick to as I like trying out all of the different options available but one I do love is Bio Oil. Whenever I ask other Mums or expectant Mums what their favourite brand for stretch mark prevention is I tend to hear Bio Oil being recommended the most and so I always feel a little more reassured when I'm rubbing this into my ever-growing bump after a nice warm shower!

Braun face review
Braun Face
Quite honestly I am loving the 2-in-1 Braun Face! If you haven't already got one (you need one!), it's a facial cleanser and facial epilator in one. You just remove the heads to change from one to the other. In the box, you get everything you need including the heads, a cap, a little brush for cleaning the epilator, a light-up compact mirror which allows you to see all of your tiny facial hairs, a pouch to keep everything in and even the AA battery you need! It's only a handbag-sized facial cleanser but my skin has feels so soft after using it. And the facial epilator attachment is great too - yes, it hurts a little, especially above the lips, but it's great for removing unwanted facial hair and once removed you stay hair-free for weeks - unlike with waxing or hair removal creams. It's brilliant! 

Linda Meredith
Last September I was invited for a complimentary facial at the very fancy London treatment centre of Linda Meredith. After an amazing and ultra-relaxing facial (my very first one!) I left with unbelievably soft skin, some great skincare advice and some of their products to try out. I've been using them when I've remembered to since and I have to stay I really do look forward to using them every night. My favourite product of theirs is their hydrating mist, which smells divine and actually does leave my skin feeling super hydrated! And a lovely bonus is how heavenly it smells, I can't put how gorgeous the scent of it is into words, but trust me - it smells amazing!

simple wipes
Lastly, I really do have to throw a mention into my trusty facial wipes from Simple! I use these every single day and have done for years now. Since I began using them I have seen such a reduction in spots, in fact so much so that I would never use any other brand of wipes apart from these again now!

If you had to pick just one product, what would you say is your go-to beauty routine favourite?


  1. I use simple too. The moisturiser is lovely.

  2. I'm very much the same with skin and hair care!! I never really do anything :/

    I do love Simple wipes though!!! xx

  3. Do you know I never moisturize? I've never needed too....until recently! I can see age beginning to catch up with me and now all of a sudden I am creaming up like a crazy person! So I will have my own little skin care routine going on soon too! Great post. x

  4. I don't have much of a skincare routine at all apart from face wipes. Really should start doing something x