Items Around Our Home #3

I haven't written a home decor post for a little while now.. which is so not like me. And so I thought it was about time to share a few of some of our recently new favourite things around our home. Starting with the above cushion! I picked this (and another exactly the same) up from John Lewis (find them here) after spending ages looking for something with a little hint of colour in just to brighten up our sofas a little more. I love these as they remind me of summer, the pattern is gorgeous and I really like the subtle hint of yellow. They were £25 each - but very worth it seeing as they've refreshed our sofas ready for spring/summer. 

It's shamefully shocking how long Adam and I spent picking out these frames and our new lamp (also from John Lewis). Luckily Ethan decided on a nap in his stroller..he probably got bored listening to us going back and fourth on different ones - we're such perfectionists! We've only recently filled the frames using pictures taken from our holiday to Bluestone, Wales, after ordering the the prints from PhotoBox. They're likely only to be in there for a few months though, as soon we'll have a fourth member to add to our family snaps around our home. :) I'm so pleased with our choice of lamp, it's really cosy when it's on in the evening. It was a little expensive but I had vouchers to spend there so it sort of took the edge off of the price tag! ;) 

I received this candle from my mother in law for Christmas, it was a gift so I don't know where it's from or how much it was but it's so beautiful. It burns inwards so that you can keep it forever by placing a tea light on the top. I have it sitting on my mantle piece underneath where we have our TV mounted on the wall. Though, clearly I don't burn it whilst it's sitting there! ;) 

We'd been looking for a new filing cabinet for a while as our previous one got ruined when we moved house. (Adam put masking tape around it and it took all of the black paint off..) I wanted one that had a little drawer above the filing compartment and one that was big enough to hold all of our paperwork but small enough to fit under a desk. And being that I have a mild obsession with all things white when it comes to furniture - it had to be white too! This one from Wayfair ticks all of the boxes, plus offers the extra option to lock the top drawer, which our previous one from Ikea didn't have - this comes in very handy if you've got a curious little toddler like we do! It currently lives underneath my dressing table in the bedroom (I know it seems like a strange place, but it actually blends in so well). Our current study isn't really a study, it's more of a warehouse and it's full to the brim, so under my dressing table is it's temporary home until we get the attic converted and get the extra room and hopefully a much bigger study!

So that's it for now - a few of my favourite latest things from around our home. I'm thinking about doing a room tour from our house for my next home decor post as I personally love seeing around peoples homes. So hopefully that'll be up very soon!



  1. Lovely. Your home always looks so tidy and one colour. Ours is all over the place. lol

  2. I have just bought a new filing cabinet and can't wait for it to be delivered. How sad am I! hehe. Filing heaven! x

  3. Oh lovely! I love those cushions, perfect for spring! And I love the candle too, thats so unusual xxx

  4. Those cushions are really pretty! I love John Lewis and could happily spend a day in there.

  5. Lovely to see a little peek inside your home!

  6. Your interior style is gorgeous, and I love that filing cabinet (which is something I never thought I would say,haha!)
    Becky xx

  7. Stunning. Love your taste!
    That filing cabinet is something I need!


  8. Yess, love room tours! That cushion looks like it was made to with your sofa, doesn't it? You've also reminded me that I need to add some decor items to our flat as it's still looking a little... blank... despite us moving in December.