Our Wedding Day: Sunday 19th August 2012


Overlooking the breathtakingly stunning views at Westmill Farm, Three Lakes in Ware, Hertfordshire, Adam and I married each other on August 19th 2012 at 3pm. It was just the best day of my life. Every single thing was perfect and even when it wasn't, it was, because I got to marry my best friend. I would like to say a big thank you to the sun for shining so brightly that my legs were drenched with sweat underneath all of the millions of layers of my dress and my make-up that had been applied and re-applied a thousand times melted off of my face, but I got to marry my love outside in the most beautiful setting.

We announced our pregnancy during Adams speech :)

Photographer: Francesca DB 

Venue:  Three Lakes

Wedding Coordinator: Maxine
Florist: Kirsty (Cousin and ex Florist)

Cake: Marks and Spencer

Invitations: eBay Simon Elvin

Wedding Dress: Benjamin Roberts 1020 (Brought from The Bridal House)

Wedding Shoes: Debenhams

Wedding Clutch: eBay
Walked Down The Aisle to: Arrival To Earth - Transformers Soundtrack
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jane Norman

Bridesmaid Shoes: Next

Bridesmaid And Brides Jewellery: Debenhams


We ventured off on our honeymoon to the beautiful Lake District, staying in Lake Windermere. We stayed at 'The Hideout' and let me tell you it was ah-ma-zing! Ultra-modern, ultra-relaxing, it was completely perfect. And the good old Lake District did not fail to provide for us Veggies, oh no, we ate like kings! So if you're veggie yourself and you're stressing about where to Honeymoon or go on your Hols then seriously you will be absolutely fine amongst amongst the beauty that is the Lake District.

Also, if you'd like have a watch of our Honeymoon in the Lake District video you can do. It was put together by my Hubby, and I love it! Brings back such happy memories.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful and so in love xx


  2. Beautiful photos Alex, and you looked beautiful too :) xx

  3. This looks wonderful. You looked beautiful and it looked like a beautiful wedding. :)

    Your latest follower on Bloglovin' and GFC, Lauren x

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  5. Such a beautiful wedding day and story, great day to get married *cough* its my birthday! :D

    I loved the way you shared your pregnancy with the speech, what a way to announce it :)