How would I spend a Spare £100?

Today I am working with TSB on one of their new campaigns, all about the TSB Plus Account, which has just turned one year old! (Happy Birthday TSB Plus Account!). I've been tasked to write a post about what I would do with a spare £100 (which is what you could earn in interest from having one of these accounts)! 

Now, I could well opt for the sensible (boring) answer and say that as we're saving up for a loft conversion, so that we have enough room in our house for baby #2 and my Husbands warehouse study, I would put my spare £100 away! But really - that's a little bit boring and is probably not what I would do! 

So if I suddenly happened to have a spare £100 laying around what would it go on?.. I think, in all honestly, it's got to go towards doing one of my most favourite things.. spending time with my family - cheesy, perhaps, but true! Now that we've been getting a bit more of the nicer, warmer weather here in the UK (though, it's looking a little grey out there today!!) and being that Ethan, Adam and I are all happiest when we're out and about.. it would definitely have to go towards a fun family day out somewhere for us! 

Our sort of thing is taking a trip to somewhere where we can watch Ethan have an absolute blast, our trip to Paultons Park home of Peppa Pig World for Ethans birthday this month is the exact sort of thing I'm talking about. He loves nothing better than being outside and exploring new places and of course being around everything-Peppa! And Adam and I love nothing better than being able to spend time away from the chores and everyday routines, and just exist  as a family with nothing bothering our heads and just watch our little boy enjoy himself. So that's most definitely what our spare £100 would go towards. What would you spend the money on? 

Talking of earning interest on bank accounts.. here's a bunch of other things that alongside earning interest on an account also improve over time! 



  1. I think I would put it towards a day out or a weekend away or something too - we don't often have spare money, what a luxury that would be! x

  2. I would probably spend my £100 on Ben! Although he has had a lot of new things recently, from birthday presents, to clothes & shoes. I would probably do the same as you! We are off on holiday so would use it for us to go on a nice trip there, or maybe a trip to the zoo - as he's never been!