I am the Blogger who..

A while ago I wrote this post about what type of Mum I am (thank you to Joanna from My Little rays on Sunshine for tagging me to do that via twitter). Today I am writing about what type of blogger I am..

I am the blogger who although shares much of her personal life online for anyone to read, is in fact probably the worlds biggest introvert.

I am the blogger who doesn't use the best grammar, doesn't always spell things correctly and even sometimes doesn't re-read what she has written.

I am the blogger who thinks it's perfectly fine to host sponsored posts and it is perfectly fine for other blogs to do so too. It's nice when a hobby can bring in a few pennies too. :)

I am the blogger who is grateful to have met some amazing people through writing her blog. People that I speak to daily.

I am the blogger that feels very lucky for all of the wonderful opportunities that come my way, but does not appreciate it when people say that when I work with a company they send me to places for 'free' or give me things 'free' of charge. Companies always expect a honest, well-written, well photographed review or feature and that takes quite a lot more time than it sounds.

I am the blogger who sometimes gets caught up in comparing my blog to other bloggers blogs but then remembers that I am proud of my little space on the web and that it is my own place to be me and not anyone else.

I am the blogger who never expected to get so sucked into the blogging world, it's sort of addictive and I love it.

I am the blogger who loves to look back at my own old posts to see how much my life has changed or how much Ethan has grown. Or even how much my photography and writing has changed.

I am the blogger who can spend hours redesigning my blog but then will put it all back to how it originally was (doh)!

I am the blogger who loves reading other blogs that inspire me.

I am the blogger who isn't organised at all and writes posts on a whim.

I am the blogger who gets so excited to see that I have new comments awaiting moderation. I read them all and am so grateful for every single one!

I am the blogger who notices every time I get a new follower.

I am the blogger who takes around fifteen of the same photos just to get 'the one'.

I am the blogger who would like to think that she will still be blogging for years and years to come!

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  1. A few of them are so true in what I do. Taking lots of photos to get 'the one', I have done that many times. :-)

  2. I love this post, I am pretty much the same blogger as you although I am pretty anal about spelling but hardly ever re-read a post before publishing! x

  3. I'm so like you in terms of blogging! Especially the unorganised part! I've followed your blog ever since you began and am so happy for you to see how well you've done. I love your little space too! :) xx

  4. Haha this is a great post- I can totally relate to all of these! I love reading your blog- Bump to Baby was one of the first blogs I read and am so grateful that you took time to email me personally when I wanted some newbie blogging advice, mwah xx

  5. Ah love this post- I can relate to many of these too! xx

  6. I can relate to so many of those too.....Fab post!! x

  7. Love your list - this is an awesome idea :) I am the blogger who loves lists ha ha! PS I love your blog design so I can see why you didn't change it :) Mim @ www.mamamim.com

  8. Love this so many similar to to particularly the spelling I get to excted press publish re read an then I'm like aw damn! X

  9. Great post - I come via a link on Fb & I have now subscribed to you on Bloglovin x

  10. Oh sweets I absolutely love this and sounds like we are very similar bloggers indeed not saying our blogs are similar but the way we go about them. If you know what I mean. Love this little list and what a great idea to write what kind of blogger you are. You should be so proud of your space its' amazing and beautiful. I am in awe of it every time I stop by!

  11. Aw this is a fab post and most of those points are me x

  12. I've only just started blogging but I imagine I will be pretty similar. Who has the time to worry about perfect grammar?

  13. Agree with lots of these, I've been tagged to do this post ages ago and should really get round to doing it soon! I especially love looking back through my blog to see what's changed!
    Lauren | Belle du Brighton xx

  14. I feel EXACTLY the same about my blog. Every single word! Great post x

  15. I love this post! It's uplifting and far nicer to read than the 'This is the type of blogger I can't stand' type ones. You sound like the kind of blogger who blogs for the right reasons and loves doing it :) x