Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project - July 2014

It's the second month that we're joining in with Me and Mine and what a lovely month July has been!! The weather has been absolutely beautiful and we FINALLY visited Peppa Pig World! I say it like that because I've been so excited to take Ethan there ever since I found out that the place existed!

And then there's all the garden days, the picnics, the days in the park - summer is just such an amazing time of the year, isn't it?

And so, our family photograph from July is this one of us in the garden on what was a very hot sunny day. Ethan loves splashing about in his paddling pool and I took the opportunity to try out my new tripod to capture this family pic of us all!

Oh and I'm going to be crafty and add another one in, but that's okay right?

It's this one from our day at Peppa Pig World.. Look at Ethans smile.. he's always such a happy little guy!

I'm a very lucky person! :)


  1. Lovely photos - so relaxed and happy. We've been to Peppa Pig World a couple of times and my little ones loved it - Ethan looks like he enjoyed it to from your photos :-)

  2. What gorgeous pictures. Ethan is so smiley! :-)

  3. Aw that first pic is lovely! :) xx

  4. Goregous happy photo :) Amazing how much joy can be derived by a paddling pool isn't it! x

  5. These are adorable. You always take such gorgeous light photos. I am in awe of them all the time. And your family is so picture perfect. I love Life's A Beach today too. haha Put as many me & mine photos as you want love seeing them all each month. I always have a few! lol Gorgeous! #me&mine

  6. Beautiful family photos. I love summer too, there's just so much fun to be had when the weather is sunny and warm :) #meandmine

  7. Such gorgeous happy photos, and it's totally okay to add two, I always share three because I can never narrow it down to just one. I'm happy to hear you've had such a lovely July, life is so much nicer in the summer isn't it? x