I'm entering the Carpetright Bed Competition and submitting the one and only Charlie Beans (aka catdog) as my #petstolemybed entry! Not only does Charlie steal my bed - he stretches his legs and his little cat toes right out as far as they can go, just to take up as much room as he possibly can!

The thing is though, that I really just don't mind, how could I? He looks so snuggled, happy and utterly content! And that makes me very happy to see! See, Charlie's start to life wasn't a great one, you can find out what happened to him and also understand why he's known as 'catdog' by clicking here. And so (if you read it) you'll understand why he can take up as much room as he likes and it will always be more than fine with me!

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Is your pet stealing your bed? Have you witnessed a bed thief in action? If so, get in touch, with Carpetright on twitter - they want photographic evidence. Report your nuisance bed bandit to @Carpetright with the hashtag #PetStoleMyBed for a chance to upgrade to king size. 

The owner of the most notorious pet picture will be selected by Carpetright to win a well-deserved upgrade to their bed! 

CLOSING DATE: 13th August 2014 11:59AM

Oh and then head over to here for a live feed of evidence of pets who steal beds! It's actually rather hilarious!!

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  1. Ha you should see my three, they all sleep on my bed x