Ways to De-stress and Relax After a Long Day

You’ve had a long day and it’s time to relax… but how? When your heart rate is up and your nerves feel shattered, finding a way to de-stress isn’t always easy. Built-up tension needs to be countered with relaxation techniques. The following ten tips can slow your breathing, reduce anxiety, and help you relax. 
One - Listen to Music
Listening to relaxation music is known to have a calming effect. Soothing sounds lower your blood pressure while slowing your heart rate. Music helps you relax and get a decent night’s sleep by filling your brain with dopamine, a feel-good hormone. Another thing that helps to de-stress is to try hypnosis for relaxation
Two - Kiss!
Yes, that’s right. One of the best ways to relax is with a kiss. According to WebMD, when you kiss and cuddle your partner, our brain releases endorphins.  According to one study, couples who kissed spontaneously once or twice a day, apart from lovemaking, were much less likely to experience depression and chronic stress!
Three - Go For a Short Walk
Go for a walk. A ten to twenty minute walk de-stresses by increasing endorphin levels. Find a path through the local park or along a tree-lined street. In addition, moderate exercise produces a mild-meditative state.  
Four – Meditate or Do Yoga
There are many forms of meditation that are terrific stress busters. Breathing exercises, yoga, and visualization are popular methods that help drop blood pressure and reduce stress. 
Five - Turn Off Electronic Devices
Take a break from your computer and cell phone. Talking on the phone, reading the news, and following updates can increase your stress level. Scientific studies have shown that excessive use of the computer, particularly at night, can increase anxiety levels and cause problems with sleep. 
Six - Watch a Comedy
Watching a romantic comedy is a pleasurable way to slow down and take a break from the world. Laughing helps to increase endorphins and stimulate the muscles, heart and lungs. The increased oxygen levels, resulting from laughter, help you relax. 
Seven - Indulge in a Healthy Treat
Sip a cup of herbal tea and indulge in a healthy snack such as mixed-nuts or a small piece of chocolate. Take the time to really enjoy what you are eating. Potassium in bananas, avocados, and potatoes will help to control blood pressure. And, a sweet treat can help curb the production of stress hormones. 
Eight - Get Active and Dance! 
Dancing around the lounge room is a wonderful way to exercise and shake off the stress of the day. Forget yourself for a few minutes, twist, jump, and shout! Or, find another ‘get busy’ activity to take your mind off your day and unwind.
Nine - Enjoy a Hobby 
A favourite hobby such as knitting, crocheting, or needlepoint can provide relief from a stressful day. The use of colours and textures, plus the repetitive motion, is pleasant and restful. 
Ten - Spend Time with Your Best Friend

Spending time in the evening with your best friend is another fabulous stress buster. Invite your BFF over and enjoy relaxing music, strolling through the park, or crafting together. However, if you’re looking for a quiet retreat, curl up on the sofa and read a great novel! 
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