Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project - June 2014

I'm (very) late to the party on this one, but this month I've decided to join in for the first time with the Me and Mine family portrait project. 

On the last day of every month, I will now be sharing a family photograph that we've taken some time throughout that month.

I'm pretty excited to be taking part, as it does seem to be such a rarity that all three of us appear in one photograph together. Seriously.. Family selfies are not easy!

So here is our photograph for June 2014.. 

We are at the beach in West Bay, Dorset at the end of our second day of our holiday. We'd just eaten lots of chips! (Simply because sitting on the beach eating masses of chips just has to be done!) And we'd had lots of fun been splashing our feet around in the sea. It was Ethans first proper time at the beach and he was so excited. This picture makes me smile and miss our holiday every time I see it.
dear beautiful


  1. What a gorgeous photo and it is a great project to get involved with. x

  2. Such a lovely idea, I will be joining this too! Likewise, it's impossible to get a picture of the three of us, but this will give me a nudge to make sure we take at least one every month! Beautiful picture of ye 3! X

  3. Such a beautiful photo of you all Alex. Any photo involving a beach is a winner for me, and you guys are just so cute!
    So glad to have you joining in with Me and Mine. I'll look forward to seeing next months. x

  4. Stunning photo of you guys. I love how the little man is grinning up at his Daddy x

  5. I'm joining in for the first time this month too! I took my photo last month and forgot to post it lol.

    I love that it prompts us to get in on the photo, as we're so often the ones behind the camera....

    Such a lovely photo! Ethan looks like he's having a ball


  6. Beautiful family photo. I have linked up for the first time too. I love the way Ethan is looking at daddy :) x

  7. Such a beautiful photo, I love the seaside background x

  8. Welcome to Me and Mine, it really is such a fab project.
    I love your photo, it's so summery. Did Ethan grab the sunglasses after this was taken?? xx