How To Keep Your Home Clean As A Busy Parent

Do you feel like you’re never on top of your cleaning? If you’re a parent, many of us feel this way. In fact a 2018 report revealed that most parents have 14 hours less free time each week than people living alone. With so many less available hours in the day, it’s not surprising that parents find it hard to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. This article will share some tips on how to keep your home clean as a busy parent.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

If you have the means to do so, professional cleaning services can save you time and money as a busy parent. This might mean hiring a cleaner to assist once a week or fortnight. If you really feel weighed down with the volume of mess in your home, why not arrange for a rubbish removal team to help shift some of the items? 

As busy parents, it might not always be as simple as investing as a professional cleaner. Read on to find out some more cost-effective ways to keep your home clean.

Get Rid Of Distractions

It's easy for our mind to wander when we’re cleaning. But getting rid of distractions can help you to complete the job faster. As a busy parent, you might have hours where your kids are at home, and realistically no cleaning will get done. Try to block off core hours during their nap or school times, and even before they wake up and after they go to bed. Leave your phone in a different room and put it on silent for the block of time you’re cleaning for.

Train The Kids Up

Assign your older kids chores. If you don’t have time to run around after them keeping the home spotless, teach them some responsibilities. Setting up a cleaning rota is actually a good way to do this. Have core days where the kids will sweep the floor, wash the dishes or make the bed. In the long run, you’ll be raising self-sufficient individuals that will be able to manage these tasks themselves as adults.

Declutter While You Clean

As you clean up, take the time to put away toys that are laying around the house. Focus on removing items from floors and surfaces in whatever location you are currently cleaning up. Ultimately, this will save time as it stops you from returning to the area to clean up again at a later point in the day.

Final Thoughts

It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself as a parent. You aren’t perfect, and all you can do is try your best. Putting the kids on a chore rota is a good way to save you time, while cutting out distractions and decluttering while you clean is also helpful. If you do have the means to do so, hiring a professional cleaning service is a good way to carve out that free time in your day. A rubbish removal service can also help you start afresh if you’re overwhelmed with the amount of rubbish in your home.

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