Our Top 3 Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations

As I'm getting older I am realising more and more how important experiences are. We're only here on this planet for a short time and the years seem to pass by so quickly, I want to make the most of the years I'm here with the people I love and for me that's making sure I experience things. From days out, to family holidays, to moments just sitting by the lake in the sunshine with my Husband and my kids with a picnic - whatever it is I love nothing more than making memories!

Being able to see more of our amazing world is incredible and we think personally that putting money when we can, towards travel and holidays is completely worth it, especially so whilst we have this precious time with the kids whilst they are young. When I think of what my perfect family holiday looks like, it involves good food, a big pool, sunshine and the ability to switch off for a week without routine! We've been lucky enough to have enjoyed some amazing holidays so far with our boys and today I thought I'd share a recap of my top 3 favourite family holiday destinations!

Greece is one of my all time favourite family holiday destinations as for us, it ticks all of the boxes that we love from a family holiday. Greek food is amazing (and even so for us vegetarians), the sun is always shining when we go and there are always amazing pools and places to visit! We've been to Rhodes, Crete and Cyprus and each holiday was amazing! I love it there so much in fact, that I am actually looking up the cost of a holiday for next year to Greece as I write this post. From luxury hotels in Greece, to family-friendly resorts, we personally think that Greece offers it all!

Another family-friendly holiday destination that we love is Spain, which is where we went last year in October. We stayed in a big Spanish villa as a family of 10 of us and it was absolutely amazing! I'd never stayed in a villa before and I really loved it. We had a gated pool and a gated property so it gave us great peace of mind when it came to the boys safety and it was just incredible having the place to ourselves - no rush for sunbeds, no having to be at dinner at a certain time, we could play music as loud as wanted as we were quite secluded and so it wouldn't bother anyone. And the views from the villa were absolutely breathtaking too! We LOVED it!

Back in 2016 we went on the most incredible family trip to the Walt Disney World in Florida! It was my first time there and it was as amazing as I'd hoped! The parks were so much fun and I loved the water parks too! I definitely got lost in the magic of it all. Ethan was 2 and Logan was just 7 months old when we went and we've been waiting for the right time to not only take them back to WDW but to experience more of Orlando including Universal and the other attractions there. Our plan is to go as a big family with the boys grandparents and stay in a villa there possibly in 2024. Obviously it'll be a huge trip and we are going to need to save hard for it, but we made the most amazing memories in WDW in 2016 and we think we will make even more incredible memories with the boys being older and us doing the other parks too! 

So those are my top 3 family-friendly holiday destinations. 
Where have you been with your family and loved?

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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