Things That We Want To Change In Our House - Home Decor Plans

I feel so fortunate that Adam and I have over the years been able to do so much to our house to turn it onto the perfect space for our family. We've added on a loft conversion to give us another bedroom and an ensuite. We've also added on a side front extension which made one of the boys' bedrooms bigger as well as our kitchen/dining space. We've added on a porch and completely modernised our back garden. And we've changed our kitchen, had our driveway done and updated and painted pretty much every room in our home. It's been a busy few years since we've moved in and although it's often been stressful to go through each stage, it's been so worth it. We love it. 

I think we're addicted to finding little projects, we love making things the best they can be. And we've got quite a few things still on our list that we'd like to change and do to the house. And so today I thought I would share a few of our upcoming and potential future projects with you for anyone that loves home related posts and updates as much as I do. 

Something that Adam and I are talking about a LOT at the moment is changing our flooring downstairs. We have real wood floor in the living room, which has been there since we moved in. We don't hate it, but it's not to our taste. In the kitchen we have a Quickstep vinyl - we absolutely love the colour but unfortunately, our floor is uneven underneath (a poor job by the builder that did it) and it's very noticeable because vinyl hugs more than laminate does. So we've been looking for new laminate flooring to flow through both our downstairs rooms. As you can see from the laminate planks above we really like the grey/brown/white stained colour. We haven't 100% decided on what we're going for just yet, but we do really like the above. 

Next on our list is a new sofa! Our sofa has served us so well over the years, but I now really like the look of grey sofas and I've got my eye on a couple at the moment - one from Next and another from DFS, so we're just choosing between them and then hopefully we may be updating our living room sofa and armchair.

Another thing we've always wanted is a water fountain/feature in our back garden. We love the sound of running water, it's so calming and so we have decided to finally get one and we're going to put it this planter here (we'll move a couple of the artificial plants already in there). We've actually just had it delivered today and Adam's installing it now. Come and follow me on Instagram to see which one we've chosen. 

I've wanted to update the frame we had above our TV for ages, it really didn't suit the living room at all and I finally found a picture I love. I bought this yesterday in Next for £40 and Adam's going to put it up today. 

When we do our downstairs flooring we really want to get the skirting done. We didn't get a choice with our skirting when we had our kitchen done, it was just putting in and we really dislike it. We want to go for taller, thicker skirting and I honestly can't wait to replace it as despite it only being a small part of the room I think it'll make a big difference. 

Another plan is to replace the stairs carpet - we have to do this every five years or so as we have four cats and they like to scratch the stairs up when we're not looking. It doesn't look too bad in the photo but there are a good few patches where it's super noticeable. We are thinking of going for grey carpet next time. 

Something else on the list is updating this bathroom! We've not changed it since we moved in and so it's not to our taste, although it's certainly not old fashioned. We use our ensuite upstairs in the loft conversion to shower, but we'd still really like to give this bathroom a really nice makeover and make it more modern. 

Something else we've talked about is potentially updating our internal doors, we LOVE the look of the wooden doors with the vertical lines on them. But I've put it off because I also don't mind the white internal doors that we already have in our house. We had a lot of them replaced when we had our loft converted as we have to have fire doors, so they're not exactly that old. But the wooden doors are something we've been considering. 

Lastly, something else we've talked a bit about is maybe replacing our back windows and doors. I absolutely LOVE them and they were a huge draw to me when I was first looking at this house because I love all of the natural light that they bring in and the fact that both doors open up to the garden. But I absolutely love the look of the black bi-fold doors that open all the way up, I think they're so modern and would be amazing full open in the summer!

So those are some of our home decor plans. I love making goals for the house and having projects to work on and I'm so excited to get started with them to improve our family home.

Have you got any home projects or improvements planned? 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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