How to Create a Family Calendar to Keep Track of Things

A big family is a blessing, but there's no doubt that day to day it's extremely busy as well. There are just too many things happening at once, too many things you have to keep in mind and too many things get sometimes forgotten or neglected. How can you possibly keep track of all events and organize your household efficiently?  Hey, looks like you need a calendar.

And not just any calendar. Store-bought options might not be nice to look at. Online-ordered ones take forever to ship. That’s it’s easier, cheaper, and more rewarding to create a custom calendar yourself. It would feature all your favourite pictures, highlight important events, and just look really cool. No, you don’t need to be a professional designer to make such a calendar. In fact, the only things you need are a few of your pictures, a pinch of inspiration and a suitable program.

We would recommend going with Photo Calendar Creator. This personalized calendar maker is packed with 250+ custom calendar templates, has tons of tools for personalization and decoration, and is just really fun and intuitive to work with. You can use it to create a planner for your family, a birthday tracker, or a nice gift to your friends and relatives for holidays. The calendar you can design with Photo Calendar Creator will have your signature aesthetics and feature all the important dates, birthdays, and recurring events that wouldn’t be able to fit on a regular store-bought planner. Want to see how to create a unique time management tool all by yourself? Then let’s dive in.

  1. Pick the Template and Add Your Photos

Once you run this custom calendar maker, pick a calendar type - poster, desk, spiral-bound, booklet - and choose a suitable template. Then, set the starting year and month and add your photos to your calendar. You can decorate your photos with frames, masks, or cliparts - the software has vast collections of all these elements. Don’t use just one image per page? Then create a lovely collage right within the program and customize it to your liking - change the spacing between the photos, add a border and a shadow. 

  1. Customize Your Calendar

Want to change the way the month grid looks? It’s easy. You have two options. First off, you can pick any month grid from a library of ready-made styles. Alternatively, you can create a style of your own. Change every aspect of the month grid - the font, size, color of the letters and the grid itself. Want to give your calendar a unique look? Then change the background for a color or texture of your choice. You can even go with a whole new image if you please. 

  1. Add Your Holidays and Events

Photo Calendar Creator comes with a built-in holiday database for tons of countries. All you need is to find the holiday list you need and check it - and all the holidays will be highlighted within the cells. You can even create holiday, birthday, and event lists of your own. Once you do, make sure to decorate the corresponding cells with either photos of the birthday celebrants or other pictures. Finally, you can either save or print your custom calendar. If you plan to use the same design for the upcoming years, make sure to save your project as a template. And that’s it! Your personalized calendar is ready.

Well, wasn't that easy? Just a few simple steps, and you’ve created a one-of-a-kind calendar that serves not only as a cool time management tool, but a sweet home decor as well. Want to know what other kinds of calendars you can design with Photo Calendar Creator? Then have a look at these examples that can hopefully boost your inspiration. 

Now you know how to make a custom calendar with minimum effort and maximum satisfaction. Once you have that nice planner on your wall, your desk, or your wallet, you’ll never forget another birthday, miss an important event, or be late for a class or sports practice. 

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